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Playing a Mindbender
« on: May 25, 2010, 10:36:03 PM »
So I was told I could no longer play an artificer because they are too awesome. Never mind that I was a complete Bufficer, and did nothing to make myself awesome, the DM just got tired of all the awesome things I did to the other players. So I had to make a new character. Knowing that my DM has a soft spot for bards, and he thinks they suck, I was pretty confident that if I rolled one up, he would let me play one. He told me to make a character that "isn't good, but doesn't suck either". So I made a Inspire Courage bard. After watching me play it, he now feels sorry for me, seeing as how in his mind boosting other party members is boring. So he told me to play something I would enjoy. I kinda enjoy being a bard, but I must confess I have always had a soft spot for Mindbender. I know it isn't the greatest class, but I like the flavor of it a lot.
  He is letting me use the caster level boosts of the Spellgifted trait, Spell Thematics and a reserve feat powered by Precocious Apprentice to qualify for the caster lvl requirement of Mindbender, and he let me have Intimidate as a class skill, again because I think he feels bad for me now or something. Now I come to the real reason for this topic: How can I optimize Eternal Charm besides Charisma Optmization. I am playing an Unseelie Fey, and my DM rolled randomly to see what I got out of the template, including it's Season Power. He rolled Winter Chill for my season power. Which is pretty cool. It gives a morale penalty to saves equal to my CHA bonus. Our party always scouts ahead, either through me, our swordsage, or the wizard, so I've got a pretty good chance of finding someone to Fascinate, then trying my Eternal Charm on them while standing next to them.
  I am 6th lvl, with two flaws, and a CHA score of 23. I am wondering if anyone had any ideas as to how to optimize this character. I don't think the DM will let me use anymore Dragon Material, but Campaign Settings, the Completes, pretty much everything else non-third party is good.
Thanks for any replies.
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Re: Playing a Mindbender
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2010, 12:07:15 AM »
Well, if you're -already- in Mindbender, you might as well take Mindsight from Lords of Madness as soon as possible. It lets you sense anything with an intelligence above 3 within 100' of you, along with their type and class (if applicable).  This effect is not blocked by walls or intervening terrain as far as I'm aware.


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Re: Playing a Mindbender
« Reply #2 on: May 26, 2010, 11:21:19 AM »
Any non-mindless, detects type (maybe even race, I'll have to check) and Int score.  Also pinpoints location (although they still have total concealment unless you can otherwise see them).
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Re: Playing a Mindbender
« Reply #3 on: May 27, 2010, 10:55:18 PM »
Hood - My first answer to all your build questions; past, present, and future.

Speaking of which:
Don't even need TO for this.  Any decent Hood build, especially one with Celerity, one-rounds [Azathoth, the most powerful greater deity from d20 Cthulu].
Does it bug anyone else that we've reached the point where characters who can obliterate a greater deity in one round are considered "decent?"