Author Topic: Help with a Lumi and a Rainbow Warmage  (Read 873 times)

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Help with a Lumi and a Rainbow Warmage
« on: May 18, 2010, 10:53:11 PM »
OK, last session ended with a TPK to a red dragon who toasted us all. We're restarting with a whole new party. I'm trying to help out a couple other players with their builds.

The party:
1 (Me) Binder 6/Celestial Bloodline 2 (Bought off as LA)/Knight of the Sacred Seal 1/Scion of Dantalion 2
2 Fighter? Archer..
3 Unknown
4 Wants to play a Lumi (MMIII). Has tended towards casters in the past, but I was thinking Swordsage might work here?
5 Wants to play either a Warmage or a cleric. I was thinking we might be able to combine the best of both worlds with a Rainbow Servant build, but a lot of those seem to rely on flaws, which we do not have access to.

Build guidelines:
ECL 10, LA buy-off allowed, most sources allowed, FR setting, partial BAB/Saves, Alignment fluff is mutable. No Flaws or traits. Characters must be Good-aligned, though that can change once play has begun.

Sketch #1
Lumi HD 2/LA 1 (1 bought off)/Swordsage 1/PsiWar 2/Swordsage +3
Racial abilities: +2 STR +4 CON +4 WIS -2DEX, Outsider Type, Darkvision, good saves + skills, minor SLAs

BAB: +6/+2

Racial: Improved Initiative
3 Adaptive Style
SS1 Weapon Focus (Discipline)
PS1 Power Attack
PS2 Psionic Meditation
6 Psychic Renewal?

Psiwar powers: Expansion, Precognition, Offensive
Swordsage Maneuvers - probably focusing on Diamond Mind.

Is this viable? what sort of feats might I want to fill in the gaps with? What about maneuvers? Desert wind seems thematic with the Light-orientation of Lumis. Diamond mind is great. Shadow Hand is probably out of the question. White Raven is awesome for the rest of us, but the player might not enjoy it too much. Is the Psiwar dip silly? Would a 1-level Cleric dip be good (Probably limited to Sun, Good, and War domains. Maybe Pride, since it's pretty thematic for Lumis.)

Sketch #2