Author Topic: Advanced/Eclectic Learning for Beguiler Swiftblade! Name some great spells!!  (Read 1930 times)

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So I've got this pretty dang cool Beguiler that i'm going to start down the Swiftblade path.  This is my all Haste level.  Actually Beguiler 7/ Shadow Adept 1. 

Given the Swiftblade direction and the fact that the DM is letting me use Eclectic learning is there any significantly better spells or possible spells for me to choose aside from Shadow Conjuration?

The DM is even letting me postpone the spell selection so I could even put off picking until I could choose a 5th or even 6th level spell.  Postponing certainly could be a VERY nice option to get an even better spell. 

But what spell?

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Hard to go wrong with one of the Orb spells. Beguiler doesn't have a lot of direct damage options, being able to smack someone for a no-save, no-sr bunch of damage could be useful.


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Wraithstrike is almost essential for any kind of gish. Polymorpth is pretty much a win spell if your DM allows it.


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It always seems like the barrels around here have something in them.


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As for a 6th level Enchantment, Freezing Glance is never a bad idea. But don't delay stuff like Wraithstrike/Polymorph/Draconic Polymorph for it.
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