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An index of sorts
« on: June 18, 2008, 08:50:16 PM »
[INDENT]Wizards of the Coast Site Links[/INDENT]

-d20 Modern Adventures Archive
-d20 Modern System Reference Document
-Bullet Points Archive
-Notes from the Bunker Archive
-Web Enhancements Archive

[INDENT]Board Links[/INDENT]

d20 Campaign Extras/Ideas
-101 organizations Redux
-Crazy IronStar's Used Car Lot
-Modern Maps and Plans *revisited*
-One-sentence adventures...
-One-sentence adventures download
-Ryltar Thamior's Arms Trading
-Sith's Holocron - Epic Level D20 Modern
-The Contents of a Certain Secret Government Warehouse (tm)...
-Writing adventure hooks without these two cliches...
-Maps-Subways, Parks, Zoos, Trains, & more...
-D20 Modern Artifacts.  
-Epic Items from Earth
-The new creepy events thread!!!!
-Stats for anything available here!!!!!
-Modern Saga (A work in progress.) added 12-13-07

d20 Classes
-Fast Hero's too fast
-The Chainsaw Knight
-Ninja Adc 12-24
-Traceur AdC 12-24

d20 Combat
-Armor Piercing Bullets: Help.
-Attacks and autofire
-Autofire and Saves...
-Boxing and Unarmed Combat and stuff...
-Brawling vs CMA
-Non-Lethal Damage
-On the Definition of "Flat-footed"
-Unreliable weaponry?
-Ranged combat is a joke... and grenades are silly.
-Why do guns suck?
-Guns, Military and Related Matters semi-FAQ

d20 Defense & Health, WP/VP, Healing, Massive Damage and Defense, Armor
-Healing in d20 Modern
-Massive Damage in d20 Modern
-Melee Touch Attack versus Class Defence
-This defense bonus is killing me as a GM!!!!
-Vitality & Wounds
-Armor as DR rule with VP/WP system.
-Melee Touch Attack versus Class Defence
-Fast Hero's too fast
-This defense bonus is killing me as a GM!!!!
-damage reducing armor

d20 Game Settings
-Library for Elysium Campaign Setting
-Metal Gear Solid D20 Campaign
-Resident Evil for Modern d20
-World War II: 6 years of Hell
-Walmart: Post Apocalypse
-Jacemachine's Badlands

d20 House Rules
-Armor as DR rule with VP/WP system.
-House Rules: What do you use?
-Proposed Purchase DC House rule
-Revised Psionics
-I want to fix almost EVERY rule about firearms
-House Rule: Skill Synergies from Knowledge
-Gamble Skill Revision 12-24
-A superhero expansion pack forn12-24

d20 People & Creature Threads
-Lackies and Villains: Advice for all GMs
-NPC's from movies, television, and books.
-OFFICIAL Zombie Horror Thread
-[NPCs] Supporting Cast Members
-TMNT 12-24
-How many of you would use themselves as a character? added 5-13-07

d20 Official Product Threads
-d20 Apocalypse Thoughts & Comments
-d20 Modern Errata
-For the New and Veterans alike: 1,000 Reason why Modern is Great!

d20 Wealth
-Cheating the Wealth System
-Profession skill
-Wealth and Living Quarters
-Wealth gains from Profession checks

-Automated Character Generator, suggestions requested.

[INDENT]Non Board Links[/INDENT]

d20 Modern Errata and FAQ
-d20 Modern Errata and FAQ

d20 Game Settings
-d20 Warhammer 40k
- Complete Mafia for D20

-d20 Modern Character Generator (The Pathology Guy)
-Free Online Graph Paper / Grid Paper PDFs
-Military Ranks
-Google Maps
-CIA World Fact Book
-Talien's Tower
-d20 NPCs Wiki
-Great modern equipment list - FREE (prices are in dollars, however)
-Vehicle Stats for d20 Modern (Fan site, 50 vehicles!)
-The Game Mechanics
-d20 Projects
-Flinns Garage
-Abandoned Stations

-Languages of the world
-Supa's Vehicle Encyclopedia
-Seventh Sanctum
-Action scenes!
-Dictionary of Names

Character sheets
-Offical d20 Modern Character Sheets
-D20 Modern:Custom character sheets
-Ema's D20 modern/future character sheets
-character sheets and SRD in word and PDF
-d20 Modern Character Sheet 2.5
-Big Bob's charcter sheet added 6-10

Community Member's Websites

EDIT: old links from the very start of this thread will be kept in itlics,while new one will be normal[/QUOTE]

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Re: An index of sorts
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2008, 09:14:06 PM »
I STRONGLY recommend that we RAPE, PILLAGE, and PLUNDER ( :fu) every damn bit of content listed here on these links as soon as Gleemax finishes having its "maintenance" period temper tantrum. I just tried to access these links and guess what? Down for maintenance. I believe that as long as we cite credit to the OP, we can get away with posting them here regardless of who gaffles the content. This is Crap!!!
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Re: An index of sorts
« Reply #2 on: June 18, 2008, 10:53:00 PM »
We need to get that Armoiure (armoure.. armoire...armwar... oh for pete's sake)

The thread that looked at Init, Readied Action, AoO of opening a cabinet & having the zombie or cat (that may or maynot be dead & alive at the same time) jump on your face.
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