Author Topic: Killer Barkeep (Need build advice)  (Read 3526 times)

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Re: Killer Barkeep (Need build advice)
« Reply #20 on: May 30, 2010, 07:25:45 PM »
IMO, a iconic barkeep would pull out a shotgun when things got really rough. Give him a crossbow and greater manyshot/a way to mimic greater manyshot.


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Re: Killer Barkeep (Need build advice)
« Reply #21 on: May 30, 2010, 08:03:49 PM »
Dang it, I just realized: Mr. Barkeep has to be Human Paragon. Or at least Barkeep Paragon (Homebrew ahead!).

Plus, he needs to have some sort of cudgel of Shileleigh under the counter.
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On a strange note, would anyone be put out if we had a post about people or events we can spare a thought for, or if its within their creed, a prayer for? Just a random thought, but ... hells I wouldn't have known about either Archangels daughter or Saeomons niece if I didn't happen to be on these threads.
Sounds fine to me.
probably over on "Off-topic".
might want to put a little disclaimer in the first post.

This is the Min/Max board. We should be able to figure out a way to optimize the POWER OF PRAYER(TM) that doesn't involve "Pazuzu, Pazuzu, Pazuzu".

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Re: Killer Barkeep (Need build advice)
« Reply #22 on: May 30, 2010, 08:32:57 PM »

Barkeep should be a dungeoncrasher2/Psionic Warrior 1Goliath. Can you say "get the fuck out?"