Author Topic: Dolgrim Auldaron : Halfling Barbarian Priest of Thor  (Read 1339 times)

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Dolgrim Auldaron : Halfling Barbarian Priest of Thor
« on: June 28, 2009, 03:32:50 AM »
This character is inspired by Durkon and Belkar. I'm sure they'd be furious.

The character is devoutly religious, of course. This will lead to a few "interesting" exchanges where he will try assert his god's dominance over the gods of those much larger than he and will probably end up beating the religion into them. Also expounds frequently about Asgard, Jormungandr, Valhalla, Jotenheim, Odin, Miklagaard, and Ragnarok. Especially Ragnarok. Good charisma. Ranks in Intimidate. Possibly accruing some followers.

He wields a Lucerne Hammer that is 7 feet tall, and he is 3. He insists that he be allowed to carry it with him wherever he goes. With violence.

He attempts to assert his power over other people, in spite of his small stature. He'll push his way through crowds, pick fights with people triple or quadruple his size.

Drinks entirely too much mead for a creature his size. Weighs 40 pounds, 6 of that beard. Sometimes mistaken for a dwarf toddler, because of the beard.

Doesn't wear armor, preferring to go in only a loincloth and his hair (you didn't think that halflings only had hairy toes, did you?). (Plus, he's a barbarian anyway, so his AC even with +5 armor would be about 17, before charge and shock trooper. So I can choose between -2 AC and - 21 AC? Awesome!)

Bit of backstory: Came to a church of Thor at a young age when his caravan passed by. Was left behind, and the church took him in. They thought he was 4 years old or so (he was 16), and when THAT fact came out, he endured a fair amount of ridicule from many of the faithful for about five years until he beefed up and kicked some ass. That was enough for them, and he's been a bona fide priest ever since. Thor appreciates the irony as much as anyone.

Dolgrim wasn't "left" per se, but actually was the one who did the leaving. He was sick of his family unit relying on trickery and running away. He felt that his clans ways were shameful, and he never grew out of the teenage defiance. He's been self-reliant and proud of it ever since.

Even though he's Chaotic, whenever he challenges someone to combat, he always does the whole "paladin challenge" thing.
"Stand and fight, you bastard!"
*Laughs histerically at short man with a hammer*
Of course, then the hits them with a cheap shot.

I could possibly play this character in either my 2.0 game where I'm a character (problem with that is that the group needs a wizard), or in the next upcoming 3.5 game that I can find.

EDIT: Ah crap, my browser crashed prior to this, and I was supposed to be posting this in When Inspiration Strikes.


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Re: Dolgrim Auldaron : Halfling Barbarian Priest of Thor
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2009, 11:21:08 AM »
If you where going to level 20+ then you'd want Cleric casting. If you are only going to get to around level 12 then a Barbarian/Champion of Gwynharwyf could be another solid choice. It sounds like you already have a build in mind, post it, and we'll see what we can do.


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Re: Dolgrim Auldaron : Halfling Barbarian Priest of Thor
« Reply #2 on: June 28, 2009, 05:07:48 PM »
Well that's the thing, is that I meant for this to be in a different thread. I'm quite aware of the Casters Win side of things, having played mostly Casters for a while (it was bard, bard, knight, for 1 session each, then druid, binder, bard, archivist. Also some assorted clerics). I just really really want to play a barbarian guy.

For the record the build in my mind is Barbarian 4/Fighter2/Pious Templar 4 /Frenzied Berserker 10, not in that order. I could also replace Pious Templar with a dip into Scout. I could also take Evangelist or Witch Slayer (he does have a decent charisma, though with Pious Templar I'll have to splurge for a bit of wisdom if I want to use any spells).

I know Bear Warrior would get me more strength if I took 5 levels in it, but I really want to play a 3 foot tall Thor. Not to mention that between Underfoot Combat and Supreme Power Attack I'll be doing dandy.

Stat array looks like it'll be 16 10 16 10 10 16. I'm definitely liking the Evangelist angle, and alternately, there's no real need for SUPREME power attack. At most it'll add a hundred odd damage a round. I could very easily break from frenzied berserker at 5, but I'm not sure what I'd fill the gap with. There is, of course, the Witch Slayer possibility, or that of Pious Templar.

Race: Halfling (Strongheart hopefully). Wow, this build really really really doesn't work without flaws.

Barbarian 1 Power Attack, (Extra Rage), Intimidating Rage, Destructive Rage
Barbarian 2
Barbarian 3 Persuasive
Barbarian 4
Fighter 1 Improved Bull Rush
Fighter 2 Underfoot Combat, Shock Trooper
Evangelist 1
Evangelist 2
Evangelist 3 Cleave
Evangelist 4
Evangelist 5
Frenzied Berserker 1 Confound the Big Folk
Frenzied Berserker 2
Frenzied Berserker 3
Frenzied Berserker 4 Leap Attack
Frenzied Berserker 5