Author Topic: Help with epic gestalt cleric needed  (Read 6511 times)

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Re: Help with epic gestalt cleric needed
« Reply #40 on: February 18, 2009, 07:16:06 AM »
2) From purely statistical reasons, I totally expected it to die within one combat.  Every epic campaign I've seen (now about mid-teens) has died.  Every epic gestalt game I've seen before this one folded before the first combat.  And this DM's power rules suggested to me that care was not being taken.
Having completely over the top character sheets doesn't mean you can't play a fun campaign. [snip]

Absolutely.  But I've just never seen it work.  As my Grandpappy Stonebender used to say:

"The race ain't always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong - but that's the way to bet."


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Re: Help with epic gestalt cleric needed
« Reply #41 on: February 18, 2009, 08:01:33 AM »
Hmm, I think I've had fun so far.

What I can recount to you (I'm only listing the epic battles):
ECL30 campaign, initially two characters + DMPC (duh, I know):
Lvl 26 Lich DreadNecro+self-written PrC (me)+Lvl25 cohort DMM cleric (not yet)
Lvl 30 Frenzied Berserker beatstick, still effective in first fight or so, BADLY built to get Devastating Crit
Shapechange Cleric with pre-errata shapechange, i.e. he always runs around as a 60HD equivalent Force Dragon (DMPC) (The show-stealer, and has me continuously fighting to catch up. Well, it's the only epic campaign far and wide, and by NOW I think I've one-upped him :)).

We smacked up four Infernals as a test run for epic battles. My character was pretty ineffective, especially as the DM transferred the learning spell immunity from one infernal to ALL of them. So after one spell it wouldn't work a second time. The DMPC and the zerker did most of the work.

I rebuilt after that to turn my cleric cohort into a viable buffed beatstick, and that worked like a charm. (Although the cohort dies every fight.)

After that we were joined by a Wilder/Sorc/Cerebromancer/Yuirwood/Whatever mess, who is basically untouchable by anything except a hefty dispelling attack, and dishes out damage either with metapsioniced Shards in a dual-action form or by shapechanging into something to hit stuff.

Next fight we attacked a CR58+ Paragon Primal Elemental. The zerker couldn't hit it. My cohort died to a devastating crit after dishing out two rounds worth of damage. The necro continuously tried to Avasculate it, but couldn't penetrate its SR of whatever much. That was before I could get Assay Resistance or True Casting on him. DMPC did most of the work. The DM thought he could somehow cast Wraithstrike on the zerker, but of course that didn't work. After that we all got Wraithstrike items.

Then we hit Asmodeus himself. Well, he fought like a retard, but he had 258HD and 10000HP, so it took a few rounds to wear him down (twice). Again, DMPC and my cohort did most of the damage, with the Wilder and the zerker drawing about even, but one of my puny minions, an ECL~20-22 chameleon delivered the killing blow with his 1000+ sneak attack damage. The DM thought that Asmodeus didn't need immunity to crits, duh. On the downside, again I tried penetrating SR, but couldn't, so no magic :(. This fight was heavily jury-rigged in our favour. The DM only let the Big A powerattack for +60 or so, and he used his rod in one hand. He allowed the Blasphemy to be countered by my Ring of Spellbattle (which clearly doesn't work, due to being an SLA). He only tried dispelling once, and that got stuck in everybody's Effulgent Epuration. Or rather, he dispelled one Epuration I think, because you can unfortunately target that directly. He lost due to not having any minions and only have one FRA to our ~10 or more. As usually he only whacked my cohort out of the fight.

After that we got 10 levels worth of XP, and haven't fought since. If I faced that same Asmodeus now I would take him down in two rounds, by myself, due to finally getting feats on my custom PrC minion monster, which now can hit 7000-8000 damage in round two, due to Combat Brute. It's also got neat skills now, like a +170 or so spot check :).