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Knight of shadows (Migration)
« on: May 23, 2008, 12:48:57 PM »
It suddenly dawned to me that it was possible, using shadow pounce and Ruby knight vindicator, to get a full attack action for every 3 turn undead attemps you have. I'm sure everyone is aware of that, and i'm sure i'm gonna get my ass laughed at me for this, but heck, i'm going to post it anyways. EDIT: after having seen the metus somnambulus (what a weird name) I'm convinced i can at least try to do better, and the metus is based on 11 nightsticks, mine will be based on 1, since the multiple nightstick stacking is doubtful at best (It's unnamed, but coming from the same source)

Cleric 3/Swordsage 1/Crusader 1/Crinti Shadow Marauder 5/Swashbuckler 1/Ruby Knight Vindicator 7/Swordsage +2

Race: Human
Alignment: True Neutral

Ability scores:

18 [12+6 enhancement]
32 [16+6 enhancement +5 inherent +5 level]
16 [10+6 enhancement]
16 [10+6 enhancement]
18 [12 +6 enhancement]
22 [16 +6 enhancement )

Belt of Magnificience and battle +6 218, 000 gp
Cloak of resistance +5 , 25 000 gp
Ring of protection +5, 50 000 gp
Bracers of armor +8, 64 000 gp
2 +5 Shadow hand Deadly precision Short swords, 196 000 gp
Tome of quickness in action +5, 137 500 gp
Boots of Speed, 12 000 gp
Nightstick, 7200 gp

739 700 gp total.

Hit Points: 154
Move Speed: 30 feet.
AC: 37 10 [10 base, 8 armor, 5 deflection, 11 dex, +4 wisdom, -1 flaw]
Full attack Action: + 35/+30/+25/+20 [main hand] +35/+30/+25/+20 [off hand]
Damage: [assuming assassin's stance] 1d6 + 23 [main hand] 1d6 +21 [off hand] (+4d6 +20 if sneak attacking)
Flaws: -1 to AC, -2 to ranged attacks
Domains: Undeath, Magic
Turn attempts: 29
BAB: 16
Saves: Fort +19 Ref +26 Will +21
Crusader Initiator Level: 13
Swordsage Initiator Level: 15
Initiative: +12(+17 with sign)

Feat Progression:
1-Cleric 1: Extra turning (domain), Two weapon Fighting, Mounted combat (Human), Stealthy (flaw), extra turning (flaw)
2-Cleric 2
3-Cleric 3: Extra turning
4-Crusader 1
5-Swordsage 1: Weapon Focus (Shortsword)
6-CSM1: Shadow Blade
8-CSM3: Ride-By Attack (bonus)
9-CSM4: Improved two Weapon Fighting
11-SWB1: Weapon finesse (bonus)
12-RKV1: Greater Two Weapon Fighting
15-RKV4: Craven
18-RKV7: Extra Turning
19-Swordsage 2
20- Swordsage 3

1-Cleric 1 IL1
2-Cleric 2
3-Cleric 3
4-Crusader 1: : Stance: Martial Spirit Maneuver's: Crusader's strike, Minotaur's Charge, Stone bones, Vanguard strike, Dousing the flames
5-Swordsage 1: : Stance: Island of Blades Maneuver's: Burning blade, Burning Brand, Shadow Jaunt, Cloak of deception, Flashing sun, Clinging shadow strike
12-RKV1:Stance: Assassin's Stance (to swordsage)
13-RKV2: Maneuver: Divine Surge (to crusader)
15-RKV4: Maneuver: Shadow Stride (to swordsage)
17-RKV6:Stance: Aura of Chaos (to crusader), Greater Divine Surge (to crusader)
19-Swordsage 2: Stance: Fiery assault Maneuver: Inferno Blade
20- Swordsage 3: Maneuver: Shadow Blink

Round starts: You win initiative (highly probable)
Free Action: Activate boots of speed
Swift Action: Initiate Inferno Blade
Standard Action: Shadow Jaunt, you gain a full attack action
Divine Impetus, gain a swift action: Activate Belt of battle, another full attack action
Move action: Shadow stride Full attack Action
Divine Impetus, Gain a swift action: Shadow Blink, Full attack action

We are now down to 27 Turn undead attempts.

We will perform the following actions 9 times
Divine impetus: Gain a swift action
Divine Recovery: Use swift action to recover shadow blink
Divine Impetus: Gain swift action, use shadow blink

For a total of only 13 Full attack actions. BUT, my attack actions have 8 attacks in them, and deal more damage. Each attack that connects deals 8d6 +58 (assuming the creature is not immune to fire).
1d6 Shortsword, 3d6 inferno blade, 4d6 sudden strike/sneak attack
+8 sword, +15 inferno blade, +20 craven, +4 strenght, +11 dexterity

So i have 66 main hand attacks at 8d6 +58
and 39 off hand attacks at 8d6 +56

assuming all of them hit that's: 8868 damage And 104 attacks, wich is 11 behind the 115 that metus somnabulus gives you, and without the nightstick cheese ( i could buy 3 more with my remaining cash and burst that bubble)

I therefore pronounce my Madly pouncing RKV to be better in most standards than the preceding one.

Can someone tell me if i'm wrong? Oh and what's the CO record for most attacks in a round? With the 3 aforementioned nighsticks added, i'm pretty sure i can burst it (it would raise me to 128 attacks)