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7th Sea roll and keep
« on: December 11, 2008, 02:52:00 AM »
i have been running MERP for my group lately, and i can't seem to get back into the swing of role master.  i really like the style of the R&K system that AEG uses (used) for 7th sea, as opposed to L5R's.  if anyone here plays/played it i would like a critque of the way i was thinking of doing magic.  i will be using the spell law book for spells so everyone can keep their lists.

Spellcraft: Cantrip, Ritual, Counter, Craft, and Grimoire knacks

Cantrip: Resolve+Cantrip TN(spell level x5), number of actions to cast (6-Cantrip ranks), may raise to reduce actions down to min. 1
Ritual: Resolve+Ritual TN(spell level x2), extended action to gain successes equal to level of spell, raises as normal to reduce successes needed.
Counter: Wits+Counter TN(normal TN of spell), use Held/Interrupt action to counter a spell, counts as a cantrip.
Craft: the ability to make magic items, scrolls (mastery level 1/craft 1 rank), potions (ML 2/ craft 4 ranks), items (ML3/ craft 5 ranks)
Grimoire: Finesse+Grimoire TN(new number of know spell lists x mastery level) to learn a new spell list, may have (GrimoirexMastery level) in known spell lists, may cast any spell on a known list.

Apprentence: may cast a number of spells equal to (Resolve+Grimoire). any beyond this limit inflict flesh wounds equal to spell level, the ability to scribe scrolls.
Adept: casted spells equal (Resolve+Grimoire)x2, brew potions.
Master: casted spells equal (Resovle+Grimoire)x5, craft items.

a scroll reduces the casting TN by the mastery levelx5
a potion does not require a casting roll when used.
items (discuss with gm)