Author Topic: Help me build a 7th level Cleric of Bane. updated  (Read 1796 times)

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Help me build a 7th level Cleric of Bane. updated
« on: September 15, 2008, 01:08:40 PM »
Hi, i'm gonna be changing character in my current campaign and i've been thinking about a cleric. The thing is that due to story i chose Bane as my deity, leaving me with almost crappy domains (but due to DM fiat, i get 3 instead of 2)and i'm considering Destruction, Evil and Hatred.
I'm thinking about DMM[quicken(DM is kinda wierd about persistent)] melee human cleric

(point buy 1:1 till 14  14-15-16= 2 each 17=3 18=4 sum=90)
STR  14
DEX  8
CON  16
INT   14
WIS  16
CHA  16

Feats (Including 3 DM extras at between levels) : Quicken Spell, Extra Turning, DMM(Quicken), Initiate of Bane, Leadership, Fell Animate, DMM (Fell Animate)

My Strategy till i get divine power is to cast hold person and to follow with a DMM(Fell Animate) Inflict Spell to have them follow me as my meatshield or at the end of the combat finish off the dying with DMM(Fell Animate) inflict minor wounds.

I've read the handbook a couple of times and i think i'm on the right track, any suggestions ?
EVERYTHING can change except Bane as Diety and Lawful Evil as allignment.

Also all the books are allowed

EDIT. I just learned that i'll be going in at 7th and that i'll probably face a Palladin 7/Fist of Raziel 1, any suggestions ?
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Re: Help me build a 6th level Cleric of Bane
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2008, 06:53:32 PM »
Can you be a Cloistered Cleric of Bane instead?  Flavor wise not so good but mechanically superior, especially once you get divine power.  Knowledge Devotion is win, more skills is win, Lore is win.

Why Dex 10 instead of say 8?  Could bump your Int to 14.

About Fell Animate...I personally like Fell Drain much more.

Ordained Champion and Fell Drain Spiritual Weapon is a staple in some of the games I've played.  Spell lasts a long time and each time it hits take another negative level.  Cast 2 a round (1 Swift, 1 Standard) and sit back while they do all the fighting.  That free up some feats for you IMO.  Flavor wise a definite fit for a melee cleric of Bane.

For levels 4 and 5 since you can't normally PrC Church Inquisitor is better than anything else out there.  Dunno if you can swing it for flavor reasons, just speaking on a mechanics level.

Also your strategy if you're going for Hold Person:

Step 1) Hold Person, move to them.
Step 2) Coup-de-grace with a scythe
Step 3) DC 30+ Fort save or death.
Step 4) ?!??
Step 5) Bane profits!

Other than those things (which you probably know about and/or have considered) just play whatever you want.  You're not making a mechanically shitty character, and you're not Pun-Pun, so that's the amount of optimization that has always gone well in campaigns I've been in.