Author Topic: Holy Word Bomb (Help Maximize CL)  (Read 1391 times)

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Holy Word Bomb (Help Maximize CL)
« on: August 08, 2008, 01:33:00 PM »
Wow.  I just read that spell.  So I need some help understanding stacking CLs.

Build Stub: Spellthief 1/Wizard 7/Nar Demonbinder 1/Ultimate Magus 9

Master Spellthief lets your caster level in all arcane classes stack.
Nar Demonbinder put Holy Word on your spell list and sets your ND caster level eqaul to your ND level plus your level in any other class.
Ultimate Magus dual-advances both.

I have no idea what the result is.

Here's where I'm stuck (CL - Caster Lv, HL - cHaracter Lv, LL=cLass Lv)

HL 1 - Wiz CL 0 (Spellthief 1)
HL 2 - Wiz CL 1 (Wizard 1/Spellthief 1)
HL 6 - Wiz CL 6 (Master Spellthief Feat) (Wizard 5/Spellthief 1)
HL 8 - Wiz CL 8 (Wizard 7/Spellthief 1)
HL 9 - ??? (W 7 / ST 1 / Nar Demonbinder 1)
Nar Demonbinder CL = ND LL + Wiz LL.  Wiz CL = Wiz LL.  But then the feat says that caster levels stack, so Wiz CL = Wiz LL + ST LL + ND LL & ND CL = ND LL + Wiz LL + ST LL. 
(So ND CL 9, Wiz CL 9?)
HL 10 - ??? (W 7 / ST 1 / ND 1 / UM 1)
Ultimate Magus adds 2 to the Wiz CL and 1 to the ND CL.  But what does Master Spellthief do with that?
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Re: Holy Word Bomb (Help Maximize CL)
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2008, 06:00:06 PM »
The Wish and The Word (google) included exactly what you want to do.
Just doesn't have the more updated stuff.
Sublime Chord sometimes gets used this way. Ur-Priest for a dip.

Psiotheurgist from Dragon #349, lets a psi/magic dual caster add both sides of CL+ML to just one discipline/school connection.

And Consumptive Field (iirc ~greater) can jack it up too.


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Re: Holy Word Bomb (Help Maximize CL)
« Reply #2 on: August 08, 2008, 08:48:34 PM »

That's a little over-optimized (The Wish & the Word, anyway)

Consumptive Field's a good call - [Evil], but still probably workable.

I'm still lost on how to count caster levels for Master Spellthief Ultimate Magi.  It's either the easy way (Essentially your caster level = sum of all arcane class class levels = your character level (ideally)), or the complicated way (Your Caster level = sum of all arcane class caster levels) - problem is the second doesn't make sense to me. Imagine "Your class level for all your classes is set to the sum of your class levels in each of your classes."  Doesn't that seem recursive?