Author Topic: Sugestions Needed: C.Cleric + Robilars (Gestalt)  (Read 1049 times)

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Sugestions Needed: C.Cleric + Robilars (Gestalt)
« on: June 28, 2011, 01:01:16 PM »
The game is Faerun based going to be following Tempus or Tyr as it stands, looking for advice on race (non-human drops 2 feats and +2 stat mind you)/feats/what to advance into.

Alternative to fighter? BAB+1 Base class with Good ref save? TWF and Combat Reflexes could be taken as my two open human feats and weapon specialization dropped completely to squeeze all of the DMM and Robilars Feats into the build just fine if the class didn't provide any freebies.


House rule of note: No more than 2 unfinished PrC's at a time (meaning if I start a new PrC I HAVE to finish it or Divine Oracle 10, before taking a 3rd.) Also prevents me from taking PrC's that could be entered at level 2 or 3 for the cleric side if I want to take divine oracle for armored evasion+domain


Str 1 + (Dump, )
Dex 1 + (High, )
Con 1 + (Mid, )
Int 1 + (Dump, )
Wis 1 + (High, )
Cha 1 + (Mid, )

Level Progression:
 1: Crusader / Cloistered Cleric - Two Weapon Fighting, Extra Turning - Domains: War / Knowledge Devotion /  ??? (Traded for Divine Magician?)
 2: Crusader / Cloistered Cleric -
 3: Crusader / Cloistered Cleric - Skill Focus (Knowledge: Religion)
 4: Crusader / Cloistered Cleric -
 5: Crusader / Cloistered Cleric -
 6: Crusader / Divine Oracle - Oracle Domain, Combat Reflexes
 7: Crusader / Divine Oracle -
 8: Crusader / Cloistered Cleric -
 9: Ordained Champion / Crusader - Planning Domain (Extend Spell), Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Persistant Spell
10: Ordained Champion / Crusader - Double Hit
11: Ordained Champion / Human Paragon -
12: Ordained Champion / Human Paragon - Robilars Gambit, Divine Metamagic: Persistant Spell
13: Ordained Champion / Human Paragon -

War Domain, grants weapon Focus in deities favored weapon qualifying for Ordained Champion, which then grants a free domain since you already have war.

Divine Magician at first level for the third domain, Trade the Oracle Domain power for Improved Two-Weapon Fighting.

Double Diehards @ level 10 w/ ordained champions allowing a bonus feat instead (double hit)

Fierce Weapon Enchantments A&E p96

CL: 12, BAB: 13, High Fort/Will, Low Ref
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Re: Sugestions Needed: C.Cleric + Robilars (Gestalt)
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2011, 02:07:57 PM »
Go crusader instead of fighter, you get very nice maneuvers that would help you survive in direct melee combat. Your domain extra choices should be undeath or planning as you would gain extend spell or extra turning as a bonus feat from those domains. You should just drop two weapon fighting, you do not have enough free feats to support it. Also drop weapon spec, you get much better bonuses out of knowledge devotion, which you can get for free by swapping the free knowledge domain you get from cloistered cleric.


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Re: Sugestions Needed: C.Cleric + Robilars (Gestalt)
« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2011, 01:33:27 PM »
Thanks, I don't personally own ToB (although the DM does so we've got it in our group) so wasn't familiar with Crusader.

The primary idea was to be making double hits off of AoO's granted by Robilar's so giving up the TWF wasn't really on the table without an alternative? (Again not familiar with Crusaders ins and outs yet should be fun to play and learn.)

Shifting the levels around, and dropping the unnecessary feats, by giving up one caster level I can garner another feat out of ordained champion from Die Hard at ordained champion 2 since crusader 10 can give me the feat first, allowing me to get all of my "key" feats still.

Thoughts on what to do for 14-20?