Author Topic: What would make Combat Techniques viable?  (Read 7706 times)

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Re: What would make Combat Techniques viable?
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And, further, a lot of the other stuff that you (NachoFan) are talking about isn't so much "creating an opportunity" so much as "not being a dick."

I agree.  It's Dickish of the DM to constantly hose PCs and not ever allow them to do anything creative or fun.  Disallowing said Combat Techniques constantly is dickish.  That's all I'm saying.

Nachofan99 you're right about this and I say that all the time. In fact that line about not countering peoples powers is in the dmg.

 However... the problem is not with the dms but in the disparity of of usefulness in the manuevers.

  Further, the op asked what would make people use these manuevers as much as maybe people used "trip" now I do believe that people should have to invest in the power being maxed out or whatever. Seriously though LOOK at trip/imp Trip, and all it does compared to the next over manuever.
  Improved Trip: Attacks touch ac (making it a great improvement vs regular melee vs some monsters), Stops movement if succesful (a huge boon sometimes), gives you a prone target (granting a plus 4 to hit), and adds 2 or more damaging attacks.
The first when you uses improved trip, the second when they inevitably provoke you trying to get up.
 So of all the manuevers that one the clear winner.
 The only reason bullrushing had any late game(and I mean in the game of 3.5) mention was because of Dungeon Crasher. . . which gave more options, now you could do as you suggest and shove people off cliffs when its available, but use bullrush to damage people by slamming them into objects.
 Thats awesome because what it did was allow you the player to have more scenarios in which you could use bullrush (even if you had a dickish dm, like you said) I conceede that while you're correct about some of those situations.

 You'll agree that there is SOME disparity in how much a character who takes tripping will be able to use it more and really more effectivlely that the character that takes disarm especially if we start at level 1.

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