Author Topic: Buidling a "Mounted" PsiArtificer//Warlock. "level 15"  (Read 698 times)

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Buidling a "Mounted" PsiArtificer//Warlock. "level 15"
« on: June 07, 2011, 03:20:50 PM »
Okay, looking over the Mechonomicon, gave me the idea to search for more information about the 3 Draconomnomnomnomicon's golems. Which then from there I saw a the Easy Rider, which lead me to this: Sardorian Golem.

A large, 30HD golem, with 30ft movement, and 60ft fly speed, with 6 natural attacks, 26 natural armor, a 18d6 breath weapon, half fire/half force that blinds for 1d4 rounds on a failed save. But the real benefit of the golem is True magic immunity. Unlike the other golems, (except the ones in the Draconomicon), who still can be hit by spells that don't allow saves, and fold over to supernatural effects, these Dragon golems laugh at the face of magic. It also has psionic immunity, but only the PR=infinite variety, but that does allow us the benefit of using psionic items to buff the golem even further.

So the objective is to build a level 15 PsiArtificer//Warlock able to turn these thing into a true monster of destruction.
The base price to make is Cost 95,000 gp + 6,400 XP., but of course we are taking the -25% gp, and -25% exp feats, so 71,250 gp + 4,800gp to start with. Can we make it lower?

Psi Artificer level 14, and Warlock 12(for imbue item) is the levels that have to be taken. The not used level can be used for other classes, or exp for building items(both psionic and magic)