Author Topic: My DM Just Banned Psychic Reformation  (Read 42058 times)

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Re: My DM Just Banned Psychic Reformation
« Reply #140 on: April 06, 2011, 06:33:46 PM »
Congratulation about Niece :)

About original Topic. If he want you he will call you. otherwise It's only playing Good Uncle Ben for the rest of the Party.

I also agree about creating a Hero. The character you want, without any Mechanical minuses.
The GM is the world. He can ALWAYS call bigger and stronger opponent to the table. Of course I(Player) have responsibility to the Game like GM but I never understand to not allowing Players playing what they want. When I'm em GM I can handle Artificer+Erudite+Druid in team. No problem.

If other party member, buy their choice, are weaken then I=GM will ask you alone thou you have any against giving Grimuar of Constitutian to barbarian... or Bow=Artifact to the Mystic archer. All that so they have something to have Fun. Why taking Good player down when GM should pushing bad players up? Other make a appointment and disgust witch players how they can by more powerful.
For my now problem witch total Retraining character. Loosing the Rogue Lvl for Cleric or Cleric to Rogue...

They are many option for GM to make weaker player stronger.
Item, Gift from God, Special Tattoo, Dragonmark(From eberron) Template, Grimuar... Unique elixir that grand special power.... The legendary Mentor ho teach one of them Extra Feat... or Manoeuvre.
Why GM almost always chose to take down Good player? (I meant powerful) Ho just try and give allot from himself?
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[spoiler]It bears saying: if up against a logic-impervious DM who thinks Core is balanced and Psionics*  isn't, then the most powerful way to disprove that is to play a C.o.D. (Cleric or Druid). Noncore material will not be necessary unless you are going for pure overkill (Draconic Wildshape? Divine Metamagic?). So by all means, if you must win that argument, take you C.o.D. to town. Annihilate the opposition. Make the NPCs and other players scream "Oh no, it's C.o.D.zilla!!!!!" in badly dubbed English. Breathe radioactive fire. Knock down buildings. Then stomp out of the burning Tokyo that is the ruins of the game and swim off into the ocean, seeking a DM with some basic cognitive functions. [/profile]

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Re: My DM Just Banned Psychic Reformation
« Reply #141 on: May 04, 2011, 09:05:27 PM »
Yeah it is tough sitting there knowing your child is under the knife. It is important that they have trust in her doctors, without that they will constantly dwell on the "what ifs" and wonder if the doctor screwed up or has her best interest at heart (1). The best advice I can give for when they are freaking out over things is to ask themselves "is there anything I could have done to make this better?" if they answer honestly the response will almost invariably be no. Once as a parent you come to the realization that there isn't anything more you can do and you need is to have faith that it will turn out alright you are a lot less stressed.

@Awaken DM I won't take the prize. I have a happy and wonderful baby girl that lights up everyone's day. To the point of the nurses in the cardio ICU wanting to take her home with them, they became an extended part of our family. So while it may occasionally throw a curve ball, life is still good.

Yeah, they're coming to terms with the fact that there was nothing they did to cause this, nothing they could have done to prevent it, and that they're doing all that they can do and it's the very best that any parent could do.

My wife and I have had several conversations with them about their guilt. They were kicking themselves quite a bit at first, because in the weeks leading up to my niece going into the hospital, she wasn't sleeping but for around 12 minutes at a time. She'd wake up bawling and be nearly inconsolable. They said it got to the point where they were letting their feelings show in front of her. Of course, they were exhausted, so it was a very human response. However, I can understand feeling guilty when they found out that the reason why she wasn't sleeping was because the tumor was pressing against her insides. But they didn't know. If they had known then they would have acted entirely differently.


Quote from: Rebel7284

This thread has grown to be about so much more than Psychic reformation.

It's still about Psychic Reformation.
You can't play D&D all the time.
Especially if Real Life has some serious stuff going on.
And besides ... everyone needs a "Skill Focus: Heal" bonus of +3 every now and then.

note --- any attempt to keep skill focus heal after a psychic reformation, is at users risk only.