Author Topic: Help with Wizard build, No metamagic reduction  (Read 5361 times)

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Re: Help with Wizard build, No metamagic reduction
« Reply #20 on: February 12, 2011, 05:22:26 PM »
Thanks for the advice Lycan. I have always wanted to check out Psionics, but most games I have played in the DMs have flat out said, "no psionics". This is a new DM, and I haven't asked him yet, so he may be fine with it. However, I am not familiar with them at all, because no one has ever let me play them. If this was a beginning game, I would go ahead and try it and I may still, take a look at giving it a shot. But starting at 17th level, trying something comepletely new like that might be hard. Still....

Lycan, some day I'll have to compile your almighty psionic wisdom in one big book. Now I want to play a psion blaster :P.
The most difficult thing about a psion blaster is lower mid-levels. At level 1 you've got Psionic Shot, which helps deal extra damage and assists considerably. At level 7 you've got gemstone breath, which allows you to fire off a breath weapon every 2 rounds (and works wonderfully with metapsionics and metabreath feats both). At 13 you've got energy conversion, and so far I've managed to get 8 shots per round which chain to hit dozens of opponents, but requires some finagling.

The problem is between about levels 3 and 7, when it's difficult to blast effectively without running dry.

Anyone know of a way to turn swarm of crystals into a breath weapon? That could do it.
As Unbeliever said, if you can wrap your head around a wizard, a psion should be just as easy (if not easier).

Also, could you maybe type your replies AFTER the posts you're quoting? That's pretty well standard modus operandi around here.
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