Author Topic: Help me design a new cleric/Soverign Speaker  (Read 1161 times)

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Help me design a new cleric/Soverign Speaker
« on: February 07, 2011, 01:14:23 PM »
Well, our Eberron Campaign was going just *swimmingly*..  Right until the point where someone killed the Mephit.  .. the Demon Possessing said Mephit then decided (Not unwisely) to have a go at possessing the Ogre/War-hulk/Hulking hurler... and thanks to exactly the Wrong /Right rolls ;1 on the will save, 1 on the follow up resurgence re-roll, and iirc 4 natural 20's in a row on the "lets Attack the rest of the party" :-(   

Well, lets just say it's a good job the Ogre's got skill points in "Profession:Cleaner" as all that was left of three of the party members was a  greasy stain.   And the ogre's working on that right now....  Net Effect, Almost a TPK.   The only character to survive gets to spend the next few hundred years as host for a particularly nasty arch-demon. 

So.  Setting  : Eberron
Books : No Tome Of Battle, no Non-WOTC books.    Anything that's 3.0 needs approval from the GM (who's pretty good about these things..)
No Flaws. 
Cheesy backgrounds MUST be coherent, And contain enough plot hooks that the GM Can (and indeed WILL) bludgeon you with. 

Equipment wise, in the past we've tended to get a surprisingly high amount of cash from one adventure, and then basically nothing for several. So far i think we're a little above the recommendations for "starting funds for characters above First" in the DMG..  but not more than about 10-15% above that.

Stat's will be rolled (usually 4d6 drop lowest, 7 times, drop lowest).. so you can assume that they'll be better than average.

So Far i'm thinking.. 

Human.  Cloistered Cleric 5  /Sovereign speaker X /Something else Y.

Feats :
Sacred healing (phb2-89)
Domain Spontaneity (spell) (CD-pg 80)
@3rd Retreive Spell (CC pg 62)
@6th Spontanious Domains (CC pg 62)
-> Verstile Spell Caster (RotD p 101)

Starting Domains would be Knowledge, War, and possibly magic(or spell)

The General idea is :

The character is starting the adventure *straight* out of the cloister.   I mean *right* out of it.   as in 30 seconds before the compulsory "meeting a stranger in a bar" scene, he steps off of the stage coach.   

Whatever the minimum starting age is for a character ..  that's how old he is.  The best words to describe him are Geek, Nerd, Bookish.  He was the Assistant Deputy Associate Librarian at the cloister.   

for the first few level, buff and heal the rest of the party.  (AKA  Operation : Get behind the Meat Shield)

Then start to take a few hints from the meat shield and learn to hit things with a sharpened stick (Or, learn what the war domain's power is for) ..  Primarily the charater will , i think, be focused on spell casting. 
at least until we can pull off the "divine Might/HolyFavor/megabuff" combo. 

So here's the thing.   Any suggestions?  recomendations? Any way of getting MORE Spells, More Domains, More Domain Powers?   Or indeed any way of making the character MORE of a book-nerd? 

(and yes, As soon as i get the chance, I'll use a planar touchstone location, as well as trade in the knowledge domain for the knowledge Devotion feat,  when it comes time to pick up the Magic(or spell) domain.


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Re: Help me design a new cleric/Soverign Speaker
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2011, 02:29:35 PM »
Divine Metamagic?
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Re: Help me design a new cleric/Soverign Speaker
« Reply #2 on: February 07, 2011, 05:12:14 PM »
Since you're going into Sovereign Speaker this could be the one instance where choosing to be a spontaneous caster is more advantageous then being prepared. Let me explain, there is an option in the unearthed arcana that lets Clerics cast spontaneously, they know as many spells as a Sorcerer PLUS all their domain spells, which with a sovereign speaker is a lot.

Also cloistered Clerics love the feat 'Knowledge Devotion' to help in melee combat, you can either trade in your Knowledge domain or choose it with a feat. Also Divine Metamagic: Persist is ubiquitous for these type of builds, with all the domains you'll get I'm sure you'll be able to think of a spell to persist.


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Re: Help me design a new cleric/Soverign Speaker
« Reply #3 on: February 07, 2011, 07:37:50 PM »

Totally missed that one.  On the other hand, that's sort of what i was looking for...


Cloistered Cleric (UA Spontanious Caster Variant) 5, ->Sovereign speaker X.

and means that i now need to go re-pick quite a lot of feats.

(and for some reason, i've just had a mental image of the character, Wandering into battle, thumbing through a VERY battered copy of Some religious text, umm-ing, err-ing, and then going "Oh yes, Here's the passage.... <DIVINE RETRIBUTION>.  Now, where were we?")