Author Topic: One-Shot Premise (Feel Free to Steal)  (Read 1144 times)

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One-Shot Premise (Feel Free to Steal)
« on: October 30, 2010, 08:02:13 AM »
So I figure it's time to share this. About a year ago, I started running the occasional one-shot D&D 3.5 session over IRC, as I find myself completely incapable of running a full-fledged campaign. I think I just can't take notes properly, or something.

Anyways, after a little too much GTA4 (You'll see the link soon), a few too many shots of vodka, and a desire to run a one-shot, I cribbed together a small group of people and ran them through this. Here's the basic premise, with a few sample encounter hooks to throw to them.

The hottest show in Sharn, coming direct to your Solid View Crystal!
Setting: Eberron, but really, you can adapt this to any campaign setting that features gnomish artificers and magewrights that are curious enough to push the boundaries of magic on a daily basis. I just thought it fit well to Eberron.
Background: A couple of years after the end of the Last War, a small group of Zil gnome artificers came up with the idea of home entertainment. They designed the Solid View Crystals, which are basically modified crystal balls one can adjust to certain wavelengths to view whatever's being seen through a Recording Crystal broadcasting on that wavelength. So, yeah, television. They're in every home in Sharn, and the pubs, inns and what have you even adopted them, because they tend to keep down the barfights over random incidents - and start barfights based on whoever wants to watch something else.
The Premise: A small group of gnomes (no more than five), under the effects of a 2E Sanctuary effect that lasts several hours at least, follow around a small group of the Sharn Watch as they kick in the doors and bring criminals to justice.
The Camera Crew: They speak in heavy Jamaican accents and smoke a highly addictive substance they refer to simply as 'ganja', which has the added effect of making them paranoid.
Starting the Episode: The DM must sing or play the song "Bad Boys" by Inner Circle at the start of the episode. The group of Watch are gathered before their Commander, receiving information on the most recent criminals they must bring to justice.
Ending the Episode: The DM must sing or play the song "Bad Boys" by Inner Circle and have the gnomes argue about who's not passing the ganja properly as the scene fades to black.

Sample Criminals
A group of kobolds have been terrorizing the citizens, intent on bringing Sharn's Towers down. They're kind of stupid, and probably couldn't do it, but put a stop to them anyways. (Leader should be a White Dragonspawn Dragonwrought Kobold Sorcerer who curses about his imbecilic minions.)

An Oozemaster in the sewers has been trafficking in weapons and, well, oozes. Put a stop to him.

A highly dangerous Drow warrior has escaped prison and is currently hiding somewhere in the city. Find him and bring him to justice. (Fighter/Wizard/Abjurant Champion)

A group of LAWRs (pronounced 'lawyers'; Live Action War Reenacters) are disturbing the populace. Convince them to hold their LAWR sessions elsewhere, or arrest them for disturbing the peace.

We've received reports of domestic disputes amongst a warforged couple that always ends up in the two of them warring with each other up and down the streets. Find a way to end their disputes. (Insert appropriate Warforged insanity here; possible ties to Lord of Blades; for maximum hilarity, make it two female-personality warforged and watch your players try to figure that one out.)

Anyways, feel free to run this if you want, it could probably use some polishing up.
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Re: One-Shot Premise (Feel Free to Steal)
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