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Moved from Min/Max: Yea, it's a homebrew feat, whatever.
« on: October 10, 2010, 10:09:21 AM »
Prerequisites: Caster Level 15th, Reserves of Strength (DLCS), Ability to become a Circle Leader (Circle Magic).
When leading a circle of casters, you may utilize the circle bonus levels to increase the maximum caster level for any spell beyond it's normal maximum, to a maximum of Caster Level 40th. This use deals 1d8 points of damage per caster level exceeding the normal caster level cap of the spell modified in this fashion to the participants of the circle, at the time of the spell's casting, divided up however the circle leader sees fit. This ability overlaps (does not stack with) the ability granted by the feat Reserves of Strength.
Normal: You cannot exceed to maximum caster level indicated in the spell description.


Does this work how I want it to, or is the language such that it could be used to fuel another route to Pun-Pun? (Ignoring the fact that it could probably be used to fuel a Pun-Pun even if used as intended.) The specific use in mind is to be able to cast a Break Enchantment at CL 40. For the record, Polymorph style spells will be result in application of a metal folding chair, so I'm not afraid of it being used for a Gibbering Orb or ...y'know, whatever. EDIT: Also, as noted in the Min/Max forums, Reserves of Strength is badly worded enough to arguably allow complete uncapping of spells. That won't fly in my game.

Perhaps this would be more appropriate in the homebrew section, but, well, this is where the activity is.

Ok, so now it's where it belongs, i guess.