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Requesting the Ulgurasta or the .....century worm(EWWWW)


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Level BAB Fort Ref Will Feature
1+0+0+0+2Ulgurstata body,  Improved Grab,  Acid breath, +2 Str
2+1+0+0+3Tendrils, Incorporate Magic, +1 Str
3+1+1+1+3 Growth, Swallow Whole, +1 Str
4+2+1 +1+4 Maggot Flesh,  Acid Maw,  +1 Str
5+2+1+1+4Spawn Skeleton,   +1 Str
6+3+2+2 +5Growth, Acid Spit +1 Str
7+3+2+2+5 Necromantic Acid, +1 Str
8+4+2+2+6Consume Memory,  Corrode,  +1 Str
9+4+3+3+6Growth , Devouring Maw,  +1 Str
10+5+3+3+7Acid Coating, Necrobolism, +1 Str
11+5+3+3+7Putrid Assault, Kyuss Legacy,  +1 Str

2 Skill points+Int mod per level, quadruple at 1st level. Class skills:

Proficiencies:its own natural weapons only.


Ulgurstata Body:
The Ulgurstata loses all other racial bonuses, and gains the following Undead traits.
*  No Constitution score.
    * Darkvision out to 60 feet.
    * Immunity to all mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, and morale effects).
    * Immunity to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, stunning, disease, and death effects.
    * Not subject to critical hits, nonlethal damage, ability drain, or energy drain. Immune to damage to its physical ability scores (Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution), as well as to fatigue and exhaustion effects.
    * Heals naturaly.
    * Immunity to any effect that requires a Fortitude save (unless the effect also works on objects or is harmless).
    * Uses its Charisma modifier for Concentration checks.
    * Not at risk of death from massive damage, but when reduced to 0 hit points or less, it is immediately destroyed.
    * Not affected by raise dead and reincarnate spells or abilities. Resurrection and true resurrection can affect undead creatures. These spells turn undead creatures back into the living creatures they were before becoming undead.
    * Undead do not breathe, eat, or sleep.

It is a medium sized undead with a bite attack dealing 1d8+1,5 Str mod and base speed 40 feet. It is unable to speak or peform fine manipulation of any kind, altough it can perform basic body communication with its flexible body.

In addition, it gains a bonus to natural armor equal to 2+Str mod and resistance to acid and cold equal to its HD.

Improved Grab: If an Ulgurstadta hits an opponent with a bite attack, it deals normal damage and can attempt to start a grapple as a free action whitout provoking an attack of opportunity.  Thereafter, the Ulgurstasta has the option to conduct the grapple normally, or simple use its bite to hold the opponent (-20 penalty on grapple check, but the ulgurstasta is not considered grappled). In either case, each successful grapple check it makes during sucessive rounds automatically deals bite damage.

At 7 HD the  Ulgurstatsta ignores Freedom of Movement effects with Improved Grab.

Acid Breath: An Ulgurstadta's stomach is filled with powerfull acids, giving it four Acid charges per HD. As a standard action, it can vomit part of them, affecting a cone of 5 feet plus 5 feet per HD (so 10 feet at first level) that deals 1d6 acid damage per four Acid Charge spent. Reflex save DC 10+1/2HD+Str mod for half. The Ulgurstadta recovers Acid Charges at the rate of 1 per  HD every round.

Ability Increase: An Ulgurstadta gains +2 Str at first level, and then +1 Str at every other level of this class, for a total of +12 Str at 11th level.

 Tendrils: At 2nd level the millions of pores on an ulgurstata's body provide it with a deadly defense. Each pore contains a coiled, hair-thin tendril with a length equal to the Ulgurstadta face size.  As an immediate action, the Ulgurstata can extend them to their ful range and make them whip about in a frenzy. This storm of tendrils grants a bonus to the AC  of the Ulgurstasta's equal to twice its HD against ranged attacks, even magic ones like rays and orbs. In addition natural 20s on ranged attacks no longer automatically hit the Ulgurstata.

In addition, creatures on the range of the tendrils take 1d4 slashing damage every  and a -1 penalty on attack rolls from the endless flaying of the tendrils every round. At 5 HD, and again every other five HD, this damage increases by an extra 1d4 and the penlty increases by an extra -1.

The DC of Concentration checks to cast spells/SLAs defensively,  or other actions that demand concentration or a skill check (like tumble) increases by an amount equal to the HD of the Ulgurstatsta while they're on the tendril area.

Puting the tendrils back in is another immediate action. Notice this affects allies as well.

Incorporate Magic:  At 2nd level as a fullround action the  Ulgurstatsta may eat an unatended piece of magic equipment, in wich case it is destroyed and it's essence incorporated into one the  Ulgurstatsta's body granting the full benefits of the normal item. Magic weapons absorbed transfer their magic enanchments to the bite attack of the  Ulgurstatsta in the form of extra exotic teeths. Magic armor appears on the form of extra scales. Any other equipment manifests on the form of exotic tendrils that clearly stand out from the rest. As usual equipment, bonus of the same type don't stack, and any penalties the item confers apply to the  Ulgurstatsta as well. So assimilating an armor would give the armor's skill penalty and encubrance of said armor. Neither can the  Ulgurstasta use this to bypass the normal magic item slot limitations (count it as having the same slots as a normal humanoid).

Basically, this ability allows the  Ulgurstatsta to use equipment whitout it actually equiping it.

The incorporated items can be sundered/dispelled as normal magic items but cannot be disarmed. They can however be pulled off forcibly by suceeding on a touch attack that causes attacks of oportunity and winning a Strenght check against the  Ulgurstatsta. Once ripped off, their magic essence can be easily be harvested back, meaning they're worth the same value as the original magic item.

Growth: At 3rd, 6th and 9th level the  Ulgurstatsta grows one size category. Its bite attack reach is always equal to the size of its face. If all Ulgurstatsta levels were taken, it grows again at 12 HD. Notice it is not a long creature, having face/reach 10 at large, 15 at huge, 20 at gargantuan, 30 at colossal.

Swallow Whole: At 3rd level an  Ulgurstatsta can swallow a single creature that is at least one size category smaller than itself by making a successful grapple check, provided it already had that opponent in its maw. Once inside the  Ulgurstatsta, the creature is bathed in digestive fluids dealing 1d6 damage per two Acid Charges the  Ulgurstatsta has remaining. A successful grapple check allows the swallowed creature to climb out of the stomach and return to the  Ulgurstatsta's maw, where another successful grapple check is needed to get free. In alternative, the swallowed creature may try to cut its way out with either claws or a light piercing or slashing weapon. Dealing at least 3 damage per HD to the stomach (AC 10+1/2HD) in this way creates an opening large enough to permit escape. Once a single swallowed creature exits, muscular action closes the hole, thus, another swallowed opponent must cut its own way out. An  Ulgurstatsta's stomach can hold 2 creatures one size category smaller than itself, 8 two sizes smaller, 32 three sizes smaller, 128 four sizes smaller and so on.

At 7 HD the  Ulgurstatsta ignores Freedom of Movement effects with its Swallow Whole ability.

 Maggot Flesh:At 4th level, the  Ulgurstatsta gains DR/piercing and magic equal to 1/2 its HD, and SR equal to 11+HD. It may lower or rise its SR as a free action at any time even if it isn't its turn.

Acid Maw: At 4th level, when it hits an oponent with its bite attack, the Ulgurstatsta may spend one Acid Charge as a free action to deal an extra amount of Acid damage equal to its HD to the target.

Spawn Skeletons: At 5th level, the Ulgurstasta's digestive acids start to develop necromantic properties. Creatures killed while inside the  Ulgurstatsta stomach receive the Skeleton Template if aplicable and are automatically under the  Ulgurstatsta's control. The skeletons remain dormant inside the  Ulgurstatsta stomach untill regurgitated. To do this, the  Ulgurstatsta must use its acid breath weapon as a fullround action, wich allows it to place any skeletons it had dormant anywhere inside the cone area. They act on the following round attacking the nearest creature other than the  Ulgurstatsta itself, unless they receive other orders. They automatically understand the  Ulgurstatsta intentions just by its body langugage.

The skeletons are also covered in acid when regurgitated, so for 1d6 rounds they deal an extra 1d6 acid damage with their attacks. The skeletons are immune to acid themselves, and may ride over the Ultragulsta if they're at least one size category smaller.

The  Ulgurstatsta may also produce skeletons by swallowing  corpses that had already been killed. The   Ulgurstatsta may control up to 6 HD of skeleton for every HD it has itself. Any excess skeletons blindly attack anything on sight, including the  Ulgurstatsta itself.

Acid Spit: At 6th level, as a standard action, the Ulgurstatsta may spend any number of Acid Charges to spit a blob of acid has a ranged touch attack. This attack has a range of 10 feet for every Acid Charge spent and deals 1d6 Acid damage, plus 1 Acid damage for every charge spent beyond first, plus entangling the target for 1 round. Flying creatures drop five feet for every Acid Charge spent. The blob of acid lingers on, forcing creatures hit  to make a Reflex save at the beginning of each of their turns with DC 10+1/2 HD+Str mod or be entangled for the next round as well, plus taking the initial damage and droping from the skies again.

Necromantic Acid: At 7th level the  Ulgurstatsta's acid becomes even more potent. Instead of dealing Acid damage, the  Ulgurstatsta may choose to deal 1d6 Con damage for every 12 Acid Charges spent. Creatures swallowed automatically take 1d8 Con damage per round. Even creatures immune to ability damage take half this damage, unless they don't have a Con score at all.

In addition, skeletons regurgitated when Necromantic Acid is used deal 1 Con damage with their attacks for 1d6 rounds instead of the acid damage.

Consume Memory: At 8th level, the Ulgurstatsta becomes able to absorb memory fragments from the creature it consumes. When a creature dies while on its stomach, the Ulgurstatsta gains one skill point the creature had, and that skill becomes a Class Skill for the Ulgurstatsta. This doesn't allow to bypass the normal limit of skill points of HD +3 on a single skill. The Ulgurstatsta cannot gain more  extra skill points this way than 6*(HD+3) total.

In addition, for every twelve creatures from wich the Ulgurstatsta consumes memories, its intelegence increases by 1. This increase can provide retroactive skill points unlike normal Int increases.

Corrode: At 8th level, when the Ulgurstatsta uses its breath attack, spit Acid or hits with a bite attack, it may release corroding acid to lower the target defenses by spending any amount of extra Acid Charges as a free action. Targets hit by the attack take a penalty to their AC and saves for 1d12 rounds depending on the attack used and the number of charges spent

Bite=> -1 for every 3 Acid Charges spent.
Acid Breath=> -1 for every 10 Acid Charges spent.
Acid Spit=> -1 for every 6 Acid Charges spent.

Devouring Maw: At 9th level, the Ulgurstatsta may try to eat several  creatures at once. When targeting a creature smaller than itself with its bite attack, the Ulgurstatsta may also target any adjacent creatures to the first target that are also smaller than the Ulgurstatsta. Roll only once for all the targets. Creatures hit can be subjected to improved grab, swallow whole, acid maw and any other abilities that may trigger with the bite attack.

Acid Coating: At 10th level the Ulgurtatsta becomes completely immune to acid and cold. It may expend a number of Acid Charges up to its HD as a swift action to either gain +1 enanchment bonus to Str or +5 feet enanchment bonus to all movement speeds for each Acid Charge spent this way for 1 round.

Necrobolism: At 10th level as a free action the Ulgurstasta may double its Acid Charges regeneration rate for 1 minure, but after that it becomes unable to recover Acid Charges for 1 hour.

Putrid Assault: At 11th level, when the Ulgurtstatsta regurgitates skeletons and places them adjacent to other creatures in the cone area, the skeletons may immediatily make one attack against a creatures and count as charging for that attack.

In addition,  for 1d6 rounds (roll only once for this and the extra acid/Con damage)  the regurgitated skeletons benefit from all benefical magic effects affecting the Ulgurstatsta itself, including those from Incorporate magic.

Kyuss Legacy:


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Requesting the xixecal, the giant cold mountain  :) always been a personal favorite of mine.
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This will be my first creation. So please have patience.

Kython Viscerator

Prerequisites: To become an Kython Viscerator, a player must fulfill the following conditions.

-Must be an adult kython with no levels in another kython prestige class

Level   BAB   Fort   Ref   Will   Special
1st    +1      +0   +2     +2     Aerial Form, Wings, Enhanced Bone Shard Crossbow, +1 dex       
2nd   +2      +0   +3     +3     Shadow Shell, Flexible Senses, +1 con           
3rd    +3      +1   +3     +3     Versatile Poison, +1 dex,         
4th    +4      +1   +4     +4     Stealthy Shot, +1 con       
5th    +5      +1   +4     +4     Focused Poison, +1 dex,       
6th    +6      +2   +5     +5     Toxic Cloud, +1 dex, +1 con 
Skills: 4+ int mod. A Kython Viscerators class skills are Balance, Climb, Hide, Jump, Listen, Move Silently, Survival, Swim, and Tumble

Proficiencies: a Kython Viscerator is proficient in its natural weapons

Aerial Form: Upon starting down the path of the Viscerator the kython regains it's tail (that now does size appropriate damage) and grows a set of wings

Wings: Kython Viscerators gains a fly speed of 15 feet per 2HD, with clumsy maneuverability. The maneuverability increases one stage for every even level in this class.

Enhanced Bone Shard Crossbow:  Range increment is doubled and the weapon also deals one point of damage. At level 3 in this class increase crossbow damage to 1d3, at level 5 1d4+1. Using the Bone Shard Crossbow a Kython Viscerator may as a standard action and at a cost of 5 hp make a ranged tough attack with a Mucus Pod.

Shadow Shell: The exoskeleton of a Kython Viscerator becomes better suited for stealth, granting the Kython Viscerator a bonus on hide and move silently checks equal to 1/2 their HD. (copied this from Kython Impaler)

Versatile Senses: The Kython Viscerator may change the shape of its blind sight into a focused cone. The cones length is equal to 4 times its radius. This change is a full round action, at level 4 it's a standard action and at level 6 a move action.

Versatile Poison: The Kython Viscerators natural poison decreases by one die size. When ever the Kython Viscerator uses its poison it may choose which stat to effect. If you choose Con the damage is halved.

Stealthy Shot: Kython Viscerator can make one ranged attack from hiding as a full round action without taking a -10 penalty on its Hide check.

Focused Poison: The Kython Viscerators poison DC increase by 1 ever 5HD it has. Kython Viscerators poison now bypasses poison immunity, but they get a +5 on there save. 1 per day per HD, whenever changing the damage to one that targets a mental stat the target must make a will save instead of a fort.

Toxic Cloud: The Kython Viscerator may create poison that evaporates into a localized toxic cloud. The poison DC lowers by 1 per 3HD. The cloud has a radius 5ft per 3HD. Creates partial cover 20%. The poison evaporates at the end of your turn. (May only be used once per turn.)

While not as strong as there brethren they make up for it with cunning and wisdom. They tend to stalk there prey, gathering information before attacking. They like to create the perfect strategy of attack. Usually involving tactics that weaken and demoralize there prey, causing fear and mayhem. They often use trickery and deception. They enjoy watching there prey in fear and confusion, becoming more and more paranoid as either there comrade or themselves get weaker by the minute not knowing when or where they'll be attacked next... or by what.

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Requesting the Assassin Devil. Mighty sexy work you've got going on here.


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owenkendel:Ok, let's see what we've got here.
-Why good will saves? You say they have strong willpower, but whitling enemies from afar doesn't seem specially brave.
-You can already tumble while flying by default. Otherwise I like the scaling maneuverability with levels, representing the kython developing his flight ability.
-Put a clause in versatile poison that if you pick Con it only deals half damage. Because damaging Con is much more devastating than any other stat.
-Poison cloud really original but a little unclear. You should state right away that it evaporates in a cloud. And what conditions makes it evaporate? Plus does it block vision? Anyway I may even borrow this one for some future monster! :D
-Finally, class a little empty. You gain stuff every level wich is very good, but some of those abilities are kinda passive. In particular focused poison only increases DC when you're a 10th level character. Some extra stuff here and there would be nice. You said they were suposed to be scouts, so perhaps they develop eyes (as other kythons are blind)? Bigger blindsense range?

So overall a pretty good start, but needs work. Also try to find some image that represents your concept to add to the class, even if it doesn't fit perfectly.


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I wasn't increasing willpower to show bravery I was trying to show cunning. I couldn't think of any other way to show it. The description I made doesn't do it justice. I need to rewrite it. It's not just long range, it uses tactics that let it cripple and demoralize the enemy all while keeping its self out of harms way.


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Requesting the Puppeteer, XPH p. 209.

Also please see here for discussion:



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owenkendel:Pretty cool image you got there!
-Nitpick, but the original shard crossbow can already be enchanted. Could you remove that clause from your class to avoid confusion please?
-Why stop geting enanchment bonus at 17th level? Geting +6 at 20 HD won't break anything.
-Hmm, I like the new focused poison. Specially usefull against dumb brutes, targeting their weaker will saves and smaller mental stats. Also fits well with the monster's theme.
-Again I remind you that Kythons have quite limited "view" range. At 11 HD that's 130 feet blindsense and 110 feet blindsight. And they can't see anything beyond that at all. The improved shard crossbow has 80 feet range increment, so they can't really fire anything beyond the second range increment (160 feet). Thus if you want your monster to be sniping and observe them from afar, I strongly advise you to give it some enanched senses. Like if they suceed on a listen check as a immediate action they know the exact oponent's position.

So overall I believe once you take care of the above it should be ready. Good job!

Everybody else:
I noticed your requests, but I'm taking of them by order. So first will be the epic glacier, wich with 36 levels will take some time to finish.


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Level Bab Fort Ref Will Feature
1 +0+2 +0 +2 Glaciar Body, Breath Weapon, +1 Str, +1 Con
2 +1 +3 +0+3Glaciar Skin, Rend,+1 Str, +1 Con
3 +2+3+1+3 Ancient Senses, Winter Companion +1 Str, +1 Con
4 +3+4+1+4 Growth, Cold Magic,+1 Str, +1 Con
5 +3+4+1+4 Freezing Cold,+1 Str, +1 Con
6 +4+5+2+5Fast Healing, Winter Magic, +1 Str, +1 Con
7 +5+5+2+5Glaciar Endurance, Wasting Cold, +1 Str, +1 Con
8 +6+6+2+6Growth, Eternal Glaciar, +1 Str, +1 Con
9 +6+6+3+6Glaciar Magic,  +1 Str, +1 Con
10 +7+7+3+7Dire SnowStorm, +1 Str, +1 Con
11 +8+7 +3+7 Unholy toughts, +1 Str, +1 Con
12 +9+8+4+8Growth,  True Sight, +1 Str, +1 Con
13 +9+8+4+8 Stomp, Regeneration,+1 Str, +1 Con
14 +10+9+4+9 Ice Mountain Magic, Channel Winter, +1 Str, +1 Con
15 +11+ 9+5+9 Dire Winter, Ice Plates,  +1 Str, +1 Con
16 +12 +10+5+10Growth, Eternal Glaciar, Crushing Trample, +1 Str, +1 Con
17 +12 +10+5+10Ice Break, Crushing Blow, +1 Str, +1 Con
18 +13 +11+6+11 Apocalypse Magic,  +1 Str, +1 Con
19 +14 +11 +6+11Glaciar Wrath, +1 Str, +1 Con
20 +15 +12 +6+12Topling Mountain, Abomination, +1 Str, +1 Con
21 +15 +12 +6+12Glaciar Power, +1 Str, +1 Con
22 +16 +13 +7+13Glaciar Aegis, +1 Str, +1 Con
23 +16  +13 +7+13Dragon Roost, +1 Str, +1 Con
24 +17 + 14 +8+14 Walking Mountain, +1 Str, +1 Con
25 +17 + 14 +8+14 Icicle Fall, +1 Str, +1 Con
26 +18 + 15 +9+15 Perfect Freeze, +1 Str, +1 Con
27 +18 + 15 +9+15 Diamond Blizzard, +1 Str, +1 Con
28 +19 + 16 +10+16Living Mountain +1 Str, +1 Con
29 +19 + 16 +10+16Frost Columns+1 Str, +1 Con
30 +20 + 17 +11+16Wither Away+1 Str, +1 Con
31 +20 + 17 +11+16Minus Kelvin+1 Str, +1 Con
32 +21 + 18 +12+18Moving Glaciar+1 Str, +1 Con
33 +21 + 18 +12+18White Portal, +1 Str, +1 Con
34 +22 + 19 +13+19Freeze Atmosphere, +1 Str, +1 Con
35 +22 + 19 +13+19Great Crusher, +1 Str, +1 Con
36 +23 + 20 +14+20Living Glaciar, +1 Str, +1 Con
Skills:2+int modifier per level, quadruple at firt level, Class skills are: balance, concentration, spot, listen, search, climb, swim, jump, diplomacy, intimidate, knowledge (any).

Proficiencies:Its own natural weapons.

Glaciar Body: The Xixecal loses all other racial traits and becomes a medium sized outsider with all the related traits (basically darkvision 60 feet). It's a medium sized creature with base speed of 40 feet.  An Xixecal has two natural claw attacks dealing 1d6+Str damage each and a natural bite attack dealing 1d4+1/2 Str damage.
The Xixecal has the Cold subtype, making  it immune to cold but taking 50% more damage from fire. In addition, the Xixecal gains a bonus to Nat armor equal to 2+ Con modifier, and is under effect of a permanent NonDetection effect with a Caster Level equal to its HD.

Breath Weapon: The Xixecal can breath a cone of cold with 10 feet per HD, dealing 1d6 cold damage per HD. It must wait 1 minute before using it again. A sucessful Fort Save with DC 10+1/2HD+Con mod halves this damage.

Ability Score Increase: The Xixecal gains an extra +1 to Str and Con at every level, for a total of +36 Str and +36 Con at 36th level.

Glaciar Skin:Rend: Ancient Senses: At 3rd level, the Xixecal gains Blindsense with a range of 15 feet per HD and telepathy with twice that range.

Winter Companion: At 3rd level, the Xixecal is visited by a white dragon that entrusts it with a dragon egg. If the Xixecal keeps it close to its cold body for 1d12 days, it hatches into a White Dragon that's utterly loyal to the Xixecal as long as treated with respect. This White Dragon quickly grows with the Xixecal, starting at level 1 (use the White Dragon class), and then gaining one more WD level for each extra HD of the Xixecal, up to 20th level when the Xixecal reaches 22 HD.

Should it perish, in one month's time the Xixecal is visited by another white dragon that entrusts it with a new egg that hatches on the same time, and then the new wyrmling quickly grows at the rate of 1 level per day until it reaches the apropriate level. Alternatively, should he meet another White Dragon of a level suitable to it, the Xixecal may befriend it to become its Winter companion. This befriending demands beating the White Dragon in single combat. Sucessful or not, the Xixecal doesn't gain exp from such a duel.

Growth: At 4th level the Xixecal grows one size category, its natural armor increases by 1 and its base speed increases by 20 feet. At 8th, 12th and 16th level it grows another size category, each time its natural armor increasing by another 1 and it gains a +20 enanchment bonus to its land speed only (multiple size increases from Xixecal levels stack with each other but not with other enanchment bonus).

Cold Magic: At 4th level the Xixecal can use Desecrate, Hold person, and Invisibility 1/day per HD. Save DCs are 10+1/2HD+Con mod.

Freezing Cold:
At 5th level any oponent hit in melee by the Xixecal must make a Fort save with DC 10+1/2HD+Str mod or be affected as a Slow spell for 1 round per 4 HD. This effect ignores any immunity besides Cold Immunity. At 10 HD even creatures immune to cold can be affected by it, but they get a +5 bonus on their saves.

As a swift action, the Xixecal may power up his Breath Weapon with this effect, or any thrown weapon it uses it uses untill the end of turn.

Fast healing: At 6th level the Xixecal gains Fast Healing equal to half its HD.

Winter Magic: At 6th level the Xixecal can use Haste, Wall of Ice and Dispel Magic as SLAs 1/day per 2 HD. Save DCs are 10+1/2HD+Con mod.

At 11 HD the Dispel Magic upgrades to Greater Dispel magic.

Glaciar Endurace: At 7th level the Xixecal becomes immune to Energy Dragin, Ability Drain and Ability Damage.

Wasting Cold: At 7th level the Xixecal melee attacks deal 1 point of Con Drain unless the oponent suceeds on a Fort Save with DC 10+1/2 HD+Str mod. A Rend attack or Critical hit deals double the Con drain. The Xixecal heals 5 HP for each point of drained Con. Should he gain excess HP this way, the extra are kept as temporary hit points, but multiple drains don't stack for temporary HP. The Xixecal cannot heal more times in a round than his Con modifier.

At 12 HD this ability ignores immunity to Con Drain, but oponents with such immunity still gain a +5 bonus on their saves.

Eternal Glaciar: At 8th level the Xixecal becomes immune to polymorphing, petrification and any other effects that would alter its form.

Glaciar Magic: At 9th level the Xixecal can use Cone of Cold, Hold Monster and Improved Invisibility as SLAs 1/day per 3 HD. Save DCs are 10+1/2HD+Con mod, and the Cone of Cold has no caster level limit. As a swift action the Xixecal can add the Freezing Cold ability to its Cone of Cold SLA when using it.

Dire SnowStorm: At 10th level as a swift action the Xixecal can start a snowstorm affecting a circle with a radius of 1 mile per 5 HD. The DC of any saves created by this snowstorm are 10+1/2HD+Con mod. The Xixecal is fully immune to all the effects of this snowstorm. It can keep it up for any amount of time, and end it with another swift action.

While the snowstorm rages, as another swift action the Xixecal can further intensify this snowstorm for 1 round,  blocking all planar travel in or out from inside the snowstorm area. Ethereal creatures are exposed and made vulnerable as if they were material by the snow and ice, being shunted out from inside any object they were hiding. Creatures whitin 30 feet per HD of the Xixecal take 1d6 cold damage for every 5 HD.

The Xixecal may nominate any number of creatures as its allies. They're magically unnafected by the storm as well. The Xixecal may revoke this protection at any time as a free action.

Unholy Toughts: At 11th level the Xixecal becomes immune to mind-affecting effects, and it can use Blasphemy and Word of Chaos as SLAs 1/day for every 4 HD it has. Save DCs are 10+1/2HD+Con mod.

True Sight: At 12th level the Xixecal is under a permanent True Sight effect.

Stomp: At 13th level the Xixecal gains a natural Stomp attack dealing 2d8 Damage+1/2 Str mod.

In addition, whenever the Xixecal attacks, it may choose to simply smash the area with its massive limbs! With this option the Xixecal targets an area two size category smaller than itself instead of a single target. Creatures inside the affected area must suceed a reflex save with the DC equal to the attack roll or take the damage. So a Gargantuan Xixecal could affect a 10 feet square, a colossal could affect a 15 feet square and so on. When using this option, the Xixecal ignores miss chances from oponents two or more size category smaller than itself.

Regeneration:  At 13th level the Xixecal gains Regeneration equal to half its HD which is bypassed by Lawful weapons. This regeneration stacks with the fast healing. However the Xixecal now also takes double damage from burning or fiery weapons (this already takes in acount the Xixecal's natural vulnerability to fire).

Ice Mountain Magic: at 14th level the Xixecal can use Unholy Aura and Temporal Stasis 1/day per 5 HD. Save DCs are 10+1/2HD+Con mod. The Xixecal can choose to entomb a creature inside its own body with the Temporal Stasis, as long as it is smaller than the Xixecal.

Channel Winter: At 14th level whenever the Xixecal hits an oponent in melee, it may as a swift action cast Blasphemy, Word of Chaos,  Temporal Stasis, Cone of Cold or Greater Dispel Magic targeting the enemy struck in melee.

Dire Winter: at 15th level the Xixecal can surround itself in a mighty storm of ice, snow and cold death! This works like the Dire Snowstorm ability, except the weather can now be turned into a Blizzard, and the cold damage inflicted every turn is doubled.

Ice Plates: At 15th level the Xixecal's DR is doubled, and its SR increases by 4.

Eternal Glaciar: At 16th level the Xixecal is just so massive that the strongest blows only chip away at his rocky skin. The Xixecal has 20% chance of simply ignoring any attack from any oponent smaller than itself. Characters with Greater Cleave and at least as many HD as the Xixecal ignore this chance with physical melee attacks.

Crushing Trample: The Xixecal sheer body mass allows it to simply walk over others. At 16th level the Xixecal may move up to its speed and trample its oponents as a move action. It can enter the space of any creature of its size category or smaller. Whenever it does so, it deals 3d6+1,5 Str mod to that creature (the base damage increases with size). You can only deal trampling damage to a creature once per round. You must move into every square a creature occupies to trample it. Oponents can either atempt an attack of oportunity against you or a reflex save with DC 10+1/2HD+Str mod to avoid half of this trampling damage.

Crushing Blow: The Xixecal attacks can simply crush the oponent with its sheer bulk. At 17th level whenever the Xixecal  deals damage equal to double the Con score of the target or more, the target must make a Fort save with DC 10+1/2 HD+Str mod or be destroyed by being reduced to a fine paste. If the attack was a sucessfull critical hit, the DC is 10+HD+Str mod instead.

Ice Break: At 17th level, at the end of each of the Xixecal's turns, one harmfull effect currently affecting it is automatically ended whitout need of any action. This cannot bring the Xixecal back to life.

Apocalypse Magic: At 18th level the Xixecal can cause giant fiery rocks to drop from the skies 1/day per 5 HD as a standard action. One meteor is produced by every 5 HD of the Xixecal and they have no range limit, being only limited by line of sight. If used in an enclosed space, they burst from the Xixecal's own body.

Each meteor deals 5d6 fire and 5d6 bludgeoding damage on a 40 feet-spread, reflex save DC 10+1/2HD+Con mod for half.  If a creature would be damaged by multiple meteors, count all the damage as coming from one source for resistance and save purposes (so a creature in an area of 3 meteors would take 15d6 fire damage and 15d6 bludeoding damage).

The Xixecal may combine this attack with Freezing Cold by expending an extra swift action, in wich case the targets are partially covered by molten rock.

The Xixecal may also choose to aim at specific targets and use the meteors as ranged touch attacks. If they hit the oponent isn't allowed the save for half damage. Even if the ranged touch attack fails the meteor still explodes over the target.

Glaciar Wrath:At 19th level whenever the Xixecal is harmed by an oponent it may use one of its SLAs as an Immediate action.

Topling Mountain: At 20th level the Xixecal grows even more! Its face, reach and height all increase by 10 feet, its natural armor increases by an extra 1, its natural weapons increase one die size and its base speed increases by 20 feet.

In addition the Xixecal gains one extra Swift/Immediate action per round.

Abomination: At 20th level the Xixecal no longer fails saves or attacks in a natural 1, and its DR now can only be bypassed by epic, good and adamantine weapons.

Glaciar Power: At 21th level the Xixecal may use its SLAs any number of times per day.  Any limits on Caster Level are removed.

Glaciar Aegis: The ice and rock crust surrounding the Xixical become even ticker. At 22th level the Xixecal Eternal Glaciar ability is improved to 50% chance of ignoring any attack. Characters with Greater Cleave and at least as many HD as the Xixecal just have 10% chance of seeing their melee physical attacks blocked. In addition its Wasting Cold ability now inflicts 2 Con Drain per melee hit.

Dragon Roost: At 23rd level the Xixecal's white companion atracts a mate. The Xixecal now has two great wyrm white dragons following it! For every 4 HD from here, the Xixecal gainss another loyal Great Wyrm white Dragon.

Walking Mountain: At 24th level the Xixecal grows even more! This works as Topling Mountain, except that now the Xixecal can choose to ignore any harmfull area effect that fills an area smaller than the Xixecal itself.

Icicle Fall: At 25th level the Xixecal can choose to deal the  damage from an Intensified Dire Winter in all the whole area of the effect, and the damage is doubled again.

Plus Wasting Cold now deals 4 Con Drain per melee attack.

Perfect Freeze: At 26th level the Xixecal may enter a Perfect Freeze mode as a fullround action, wich lasts for 1 minute. During it, creatures being dealt cold damge from the Xixecal must suceed on a Reflex save with DC 10+1/2 HD+ Con mod or be frozen in a block of ice, unable to take any actions! They may atempt a new save every round to get free, but if they do so, there's a 1/3 chance they shatter themselves. If the Xixecal strikes them with a melee attack while they're frozen, they shattered in little pieces anyway.

Once used the Xixecal must way 1 hour before using this again. Both during the activation and the duration the Xixecal and its ice attacks glow specially brightly with mysterious forgoten runes.

In addition the Xixecal now fully ignores cold resistance from oponents, and enemies immune to cold still take half  damage.

Diamond Blizzard: At 27th level 1/round as a free action even if it isn't its turn, the Xixecal may summon a massive hail of snow crystals in response to an enemy attack, blocking it and dealing  1d12 cold damage per HD to the fool that dared to attack it.

Living Mountain: At 28th level the Xixecal keeps growing. As Topling Mountain, and the Xixecal may use Earthquake 1/turn as a free action as long as it moves. Save DC 10+1/2HD+Str mod. The Xixecal is immune to is own earthquake.

Frost Columns: At 29th level the Xixecal may as an immediate action rise giant blocks of ice from any nearby surface whitin view. Any number of columns may be created, as long as they total volume is not bigger than 100 cubic feet per HD.  While the Xixecal lives, this ice won't melt naturally, and it has double the hardness, HP and break DC of a Wall of ice of the same size. The Xixecal may sculpt fine detail on the columns as it wishes, and even make them hollow to create refined instant houses/fortresses, but this doesn't allow for extra creation volume. The columns cannot be created over things already there, but may be created around them. Creatures that would be entraped are allowed a reflex save with DC 10+1/2HD+Str mod to get out in time. This ice doesn't deal area damage.

If a creature is adjacent to an ice column when the Xixecal uses Earthquake, that creature is affected by the Earthquake as well.

Wither Away: Just being close to the Xixecal is bad to your health. At 30th level any creature whitin 30 feet of the Xixecal automatically has its Max HP reduced by 1d20  at the begginning of its turn, multiple turns stacking. (creatures whose max HP is reduced to -10 die) This effect doesn't demand line of sight or effect or the Xixecal being aware of the creature. The Xixecal may will any allies it wishes to be immune to this ability whitout need of any action, or to reverse their HP back to normal.

Once affected by this once, geting away won't do the enemy any good. They'll keep withering slowly every turn, unless they manage to slay the Xixecal, or they present it with an offering that satisfies it. Either way, they recover their max HP once they get away from the Xixecal. Geting nearby again resets the effect.

In addition, the Xixecal's fast healing and regeneration are doubled, and it gains another extra swift/immediate action per round.

Minus Kelvin: At 31st level as a fullround action the Xixecal can lower the temperatures so much for a moment that even the laws of magic colapse. Whitin the Dire Winter area  all magic effects whitin the area are dispelled (even epic ones),  all magic items stop working for 2d6 rounds and all creatures are exhausted for 1d8 rounds (even if they're immune to exhaustion). The dispelling and magic item nullifying affect even the Xixecal and its allies, but not the exhaustion.

No immediate or free actions may be used in answer to this ability.

Moving Glaciar: At 32nd level the Xixecal just doesn't stop growing. This works as topling mountain, but now the Xixecal has  90% chance of ignoring attacks from those smaller than it (wich is pretty much everybody but other Xixecals of same level or higher). This stacks with glaciar aegis, but Characters with Greater Cleave and at least as many HD as the Xixecal have the chance of their physical melee attacks being blocked to just 20% (still stacks with glaciar aegis).

White Portal: at 33th level the Xixecal may let a reality-defying  howl as a fullround action, wich causes a portal of its own size to open in mid air, linking the plane where it is in now and one other of the Xixecal's choice trough a massive arc of indestructible rock and ice. This includes personal planes and even deity-personal planes.  The portal has no time limit but the Xixecal may only have one such fissure open at a time. Creating a new one ends the other. Slaying the Xixecal ends the portal as well.

Any creatures and terrain features in the area of the portal when it is created when they're created are utterly destroyed, being completely erased from existence whitout recovery possibility in any known way. Creatures being allowed a Fort, Reflex and Will save all with DC 10+HD+Str mod. If they suceed all three saves they manage to survive.

Freeze Atmsophere: At 34th level the Xixecal can lower temperatures to new absurds as a swift action.  For 1 round all whitin the Dire Winter area must make a Fort save with DC 10+1/2HD+ Fort save or only be able to take a move action. Even if they suceed they can at best take a standard action. The Xixecal can exclude any allies it wishes from it.

Great Crusher: At 35th level as a standard action the Xixecal may create a massive block of ice in mid air filling a 100 feet cube and drop it over any area whitin view,  automatically dealing 2d12 damage per HD and traping  any caught under it, rendering them unable to act. A sucessfull reflex save with DC 10+1/2HD+Str mod halves the damage, and the enemies are just Slowed for 1d4 rounds. They must still get out from under the Cube somehow, each  5-feet section having double the HP, hardness and Break DC of a wall of ice of the same size.

No immediate or free actions may be taken against a Great Crusher, neither any automatic no-action defensive abilities like contigency trigger.

Living Glaciar:


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Powerful! Nice work Olescamo, that thing could wreck most shit its level easily


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36 levels? Wow. Among the monsters you've done, that thing has got to be the strongest.
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[spoiler]Tier 6: A cartographer.
Tier 5: An expert cartographer or a decent marksman.
Tier 4: An expert marksman.
Tier 3: An expert marksman, cartographer and chef who can tie strong knots and is trained in hostage negotiation or a marksman so good he can shoot down every bullet fired by a minigun while armed with a rusted single-shot pistol that veers to the left.
Tier 2: Someone with teleportation, mind control, time manipulation, intangibility, the ability to turn into an exact duplicate of anything, or the ability to see into the future with perfect accuracy.
Tier 1: Someone with teleportation, mind control, time manipulation, intangibility, the ability to turn into an exact duplicate of anything and the ability to see into the future with perfect accuracy.[/spoiler]


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Corrected several details that somehow slipped on the Xixecal plus grammar details.

-Crushing trample is a lv16 ability, not 8th.
-Crushing Blow kills in a failed save. Before it did nothing.
-Extra swift action at 20th level and another at 30th level as it has really a lot of actions that demand them.
-Con Drain amount improved at 22nd and 25th level.


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Wither away sounds too powerful

Deity gets within 30 feet of Xixecal
Deity now has a max of 20 HP
Mook fighter cohort kills deity



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Ok, in a quick break from the classes, some general-purpose feats that have been going trough my mind!

General Monster Feats

Deceivingly Innocent Form[Monstruous]
"Oh, so cute... OH GODS SHE ATE JACK!"-random commoner

-Levels in a monster class.
-11+ Charisma.
-Must have consumed fresh flesh from an humanoid killed by yourself.

Benefit: As a fullround  action at will you can turn yourself into an almost humanoid form of medium size or smaller or back. The size you turn into, as well as minor details like hair and skin color, face, height and others must be decided when you gain this feat and cannot be changed afterwise, altough growing old, scars, make-up and other such factors may still change your Deceivingly Innocent form.

You also retain some of the characteristics of your normal monster form, be it animal ears or horns, wings at your back, unnatural body part colors or other such cosmetic effects. You can control those characteristics to some extent, like gaining fur or scaled skin if you had them before, but you cannot fully supress them. They're are enough that your original shape can still be discovered by a sucessfull knowledge check with as if you were in your normal monster form, but the DC is 10 higher. You also gain a +10 bonus on disguise checks to pass as an humanoid. Otherwise you can perfectly mix in the middle of humanoid communities whitout atracting (too much) unwanted atention just by your looks, as long as you remember to wear some apropriate clothes to the region of course.

Unlike alternate form and change shape, you retain your full abilities and stats besides your old size modifiers (your natural weapons still deal damage as if you were your previous size). Abilities demanding a certain body part adapt to your deceivingly innocent form, usually by instantly changing shape when needed and then back. So your fingers would extend itself and become razor-sharp if you had claws, your jaw could extend itself to monstruous size if you had a bite attack, and so on. You can also now perform fine manipulation and speak if you couldn't before. You retain any equiped items as long as both your forms had slots for them.

This is considered to be your normal shape as much as your monster shape. You don't change back into an anti-magic field nor does true seeing reveals your other form.


Deceivingly Innocent Tengu


Deceivingly Innocent Death Drinker


Deceivingly Innocent Green Dragon



Monster Blooded[Monstruous]

Either trough ritual, ancestry or some other event, the blood of a monster now courses trough your veins, strenghtening you.

Benefit: Choose a base monster class. You gain +1 to an ability score of your choice that the chosen monster also gains.

Special: you can take this feat multiple times, each time choosing another monster.

Monster Hybrid[Monstruous]

Your monster Blood grows stronger, now completely changing you.

Prerequisites: Monster Blooded.

Benefit: You can now take levels of the base monster class you choosed with Monster Blooded. You don't lose your old racial abilities, but if your actual creature type would change, you may choose to keep your old one or you must lose it in favor of the new one. This multiclass may be performed on the level you gain this feat, so for example if you reach 3rd, 6th or 9th level, you may pick this feat and instantly pick the chosen base monster class right away instead of another class. If you can pick monster blooded and Monster hybrid at first level, you can start with a base monster class and a race right away.

Special: This may be taken multiple times, up to the number of Monster Blooded feats you have. Each time, it applies to another monster.



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Assassin Devil (Dogai)

Level BAB Fort Ref Will Feature
1+1+0+2 +0Assassin Devil body,  Assassin's Shadow Step, Smoke Cloud
2+2+0+3 +0 Devil,  Sneak Attack +1d6,+1 Dex
3+3+1+3+1 Shadow Skin, Shadow Form
4+4+1+4+1Sneak Attack +2d6 , +1 Con
5+5+1+4+1 Spring Attack, Evasion
6+6+2+5+2Infiltrator, Sneak Attack +3d6, +1 Dex
7+7+2+5+2Dimensonal Backstab, Uncanny Dodge
8+8+2+6+2BlindSight, Sneak Attack +4d6,   +1 Con
9+9+3+6+3Assassin Drugs, +1 Dex
10+10+3+7+3Assassin Teleport, Sneak Attack +5d6,  +1 Con
11+11+3+7+3 Improved Uncanny Dodge, Death Dance
Skills: 8+int modifier per level, quadruple at 1st level, class skills are Balance,  Bluff , climb Concentration , Diplomacy , Disguise, Hide, Intimidate , Knowledge (any) , Listen , Move Silently , Search , Sense Motive , Spellcraft , Spot , Survival , Use Magic Device

Proficiencies:Simple weapons, one martial weapon of its choice.


Assassin Devil body:
The Assassin Devil  loses all other racial bonus and gains outsider traits (basicaly darkvision 60 feets). It's a medium sized outsider with base 30 feets

The Assassin Devil also gains a bonus to Nat armor equal to his Con modifier.

Assassin's Shadow Step: As a swift action, an assassin devil can turn invisible until the end of its current turn. The creature remains invisible even if it attacks. An assassin devil can use this ability at will.

Smoke Cloud: The Assassin Devil may use Fog Cloud as a SLA 1/hour per HD.

At 5 HD he may use this as a move action.

At 10 HD as a swift action.

At 15 HD as an immediate action.

Devil:At second level the Assassin Devil gains resistance to fire and and a bonus on saves against poison equal to his HD, and resistance to acid and cold equal to half his HD. Plus telepathy 40 feets plus 10 feets for each extra HD from here. Also gains the evil and lawfull subtypes and his weapons/natural attacks count as evil and lawfull for bypassing DR.

In addition, its darkvision applies to all kinds of darkness, even deeper darkness.

Sneak Attack: As the rogue ability, increases as shown in the table.

Ability Score Increase: The Assassin Devil gains a permanent

+1 to Dex at levels 2, 6, 9
+1 to com at levels 4, 8, 10

For a total of +3 Dex, +3 Con at 11th level.

Shadow Skin: At 3rd level the Assassin Devil gains DR/good equal to half its HD and SR equal to 11+HD. It may lower or rise its SR as a free action at any time even if it isn't its turn.

Shadow Form: At 3rd level as a swift action, an assassin devil can cause itself to turn into a shadowy, indistinct figure seemingly carved from pure shadow. While in this form, an assassin devil has concealment (20% miss chance) in all but sunlight or in the area of a daylight spell. In addition, an assassin devil gains a bonus on Hide checks equal to half its HD. An assassin devil can end this effect with a second swift action, and it can remain in shadow form for as long as it wishes.

Spring Attack: At 5th level the Assassin Devil gains Spring attack as a bonus feat even if it doesn't meet the requisites.

Evasion: At 5th level the Assassin Devil gains Evasion as the Rogue ability.

Infiltrator: At 6th level the Assassin Devil is under a permanent Tongues and Nondetection effects, with CL equal to its HD.

Dimensional Backstab: At 7th level the Assassin Devil can use Dimensional Door as a SLA 1/hour per 2 HD. It may still use any remaining actions it has after using it.

At 12 HD it may use this as a move action.

At 17 HD it may use this as a swift action.

Uncanny Dodge: At 7th level the Assassin Devil gains Uncanny Dodge, as the Rogue ability.

Blindsight: At 8th level the Assassin Devil gains Blindight with range 60 feet.

Assassin Drugs: At 9th level the Assassin Devil can craft a myriad of drugs in a myriad of forms like beverages, inhalable powders and pills to help it do its job.

They work basically as potions, except the Assassin Devil can craft them at 1/10th market price and doesn't need to burn exp. It counts as having a CL equal to its HD and knowing any spell needed for the crafting. Only ingestible potions may be created with this ability, not oils.

On the other hand, Assassin drugs are very bad for your health. Taking only one per day has no risks, but for every one taken after the first there's a cumulative 25% chance of an overdose, in wich case the character's max HP is reduced by 1d12 per spell level of the potion taken for 48 hours (stacking for multiple overdoses), but the potion still has effect. Trying to take more than five assassin drugs in a single day makes them give no benefit, but the reduced max HP still applies.

The Assassin Devil itself may take potions as a swift or move actions, but still causes attacks of oportunity doing so.

Assassin Teleport: At 10th level the Assassin Devil may use Teleport 1/day per 5 HD as a move action.

At 13 HD this upgrades to Greater Teleport.

At 16 HD it may use this as a Swift action.

At 19 HD as a Immediate action.

Improved Uncanny Dodge: At 11th level the Assassin Devil gains Improved Uncanny dodge as the rogue ability.

Death Dance:


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I like what you've done so far, and I think I can use these for something in the future. If I may request the Troglodyte, from the first Monster Manual?

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Oh my god. Oslecamo, you rock. Hard. I dropped in to check out the gloom, which was something I was playing with as a thought process thing, then saw the assassin devil. Beautiful work, and I love the drugs. Now I wanna gestalt the gloom and assassin devil with that monster hybrid feat really badly!

One thing, Ice Devil is written in the armor section. Just a nitpick. You've done some awesome stuff here though!