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NPC List
« on: September 29, 2011, 05:08:40 AM »
Serranian Government

Dragomir Stefanescu Sheriff and local badass barbarian.

Sasha the Pig Strangler Heavily muscled amazon whose thighs could crush granite.  Also a local performer who works part time for the Sheriff.

Joe Lizardman ranger who retired from killing.  Sort of.

Leroy Human, Deputy Sheriff.

Nervous Bob Incredibly twitchy Goblin dungeoneer.

Serranian Citizens

Tohr Grigovakis Massive minotaur, former people eater, current bar owner.

Rosa Grigovakis Athasian halfling, former cannibal, currently married to Tohr.

Nina Grigovakis Simple minded daughter of Tohr and Rosa cursed with supernatural strength, and the mind of a young girl who loves cute things.

Tina Grigovakis Studying to be a warrior.

Dina Grigovakis Brightest heir of the Grigovakis family and somewhat greedy.

Sophia Grigovakis Cursed woman who never leaves the kitchen as she is too uncontrollable near men.

Mr. Hooey Baby owlbear adopted by Nina.

Fred Awakened Dire Ape employed by the Grigovakis as a night watchman and bouncer.

Dorin and Norin Toecrusher Well known dwarver weapon/armor smiths.

Bjudr Anthropomorphic Mouse Barbarian cursed with prophecy.

Serranian Locales

Arrival Local Inn renowned for being the starting place of many kidnapees, and for it's hermaphroditic elven maids.

Joe's Used Pets Petshop and Guild run by Joe the lizardman, specializing in animals, magical beasts, and similar problems.

Broken Kneecap Pub and Inn run by Tohr and Rosa's family.  In poorer part of town called the Laborer's Quarters.

Street of the Gawds Odd street somehow holding a massive temple to every known Gawd.  May be a tesseract.

The Sewers Filled with Otyughs, giant worm things, and undead (particularly Wights).

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