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Prettier Posts
« on: June 18, 2008, 08:57:42 PM »
You guys ever look at a well formatted, color coordinated, tabular & quoted post and say
"Man, I wish my posts looked that good."

Lets get some success stories on bbcode formatting here,
and some solutions to headaches encountered.

I'll start with 3 headaches I wouldnt mind some help with:

  • When pasting in text from other boards, I dont want to mention any names so lets call them Mages onthe Shore or whatever  :P...
    I copy a section of CODE formated text (like a PrC Table), and try to just paste that into CODE here.  The Tabs convert to junk & the formating condenses down to ugliness.
    What have you guys been doing to preserve the Cut&Paste formatted text from Mages onthe Shore

  • TABLE tags: are there any options for Borderlines or Backgrounds? 
    If not, has anyone messed with HTML tagged html table drop-ins?

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And anyone have any luck making this look less .... yucky.
I have half a mind to put all my quotes in inside TABLE just  to control the quote block shape a little better.
And CRIKEY! Could we get an even smaller default fontsize

Quote from: PrettyPoster
By using a table I can indent & cut the width of the uberhuge quote block.
Sure it can be done, but it is a lot more involved than just hitting the QUOTE button

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