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So, Bayonetta...
« on: February 10, 2010, 06:39:33 AM »
As I have become progressively less prudish over the years and have lost most of my sexual hangups, I decided to give this game a rental.

You know, it seems like the programmers are trying very hard to get me to like the main character, and yet I don't.  My first impression after the first five minutes was "Damn, this looks fun.  I wish the game would let me play it".  And I'll give the game props for partial nudity, there is some sideboob and bare ass within the first couple minutes. 

However, they put too much sexualization into the main character.  Her thighs are about as long as her torso, she fellates a sucker during cutscenes, she's got generic sexy accent #47 (Can't figure out if she's supposed to be eastern european or british), too many ass and crotch shots during the cutscenes.

Granted, once I got to play the game, it was fun.  Until I got a random game over because there was a timer I wasn't aware of.  However, after that I decided not to continue and will take the game back tomorrow. 
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