Author Topic: Finishing the theurge classes with dignity  (Read 812 times)

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Finishing the theurge classes with dignity
« on: December 01, 2009, 06:24:35 PM »
Most of the theurge classes seem to suck, 'cause you lose several caster levels to enter the class. You effectively trade broader spell selection for less powerful spells (CL and spell level).

With some optimization you can overcome some of the drawbacks, but not all.

And just when you get the impression, you almost caught up on the single-class caster, your PrC ends, leaving you out in the open for the remaining levels before epic.

My question: are there PrCs out there (3rd party stuff is welcome) to finish a theurge with dignity?

1) Mystic Theurge (i.e. cle3/wiz3/MT10 needs 4 levels)
2) Ultimate Magus (i.e. sor1/wiz5/UM10 needs 4 levels)
3) Cerebremancer (i.e. wiz3/erudite3/cere10 needs 4 levels)
4) Psychic Theurge (i.e. cle3/ardent2/psyth10 needs 5 levels).

Are there any good PrCs out there to fin ish the theurge classes? I know of the druid's specialty (arcane hierophant and mystic theurge give you up to 17/17 instead of the "ususal" 13/17 there).
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Re: Finishing the theurge classes with dignity
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2009, 06:37:17 PM »
It depends on what you're looking for.  There are a few classes that overlap, like Mystic Theruge and True Necromancer, although you take even more hits with TN, so you don't ever bother.

As for the Sorcerer 1/Wizard 4/Beguiler 10 combo, assuming you've used Practiced Spellcaster (and possibly are an illumian) to trick the class into keeping your wizard levels maxed, I'd simply finish with five levels of anything that advances wizard casting.
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