Author Topic: The Divine Option. [idea + need help please]  (Read 828 times)

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The Divine Option. [idea + need help please]
« on: November 19, 2009, 09:01:04 AM »
Clerics get turn/rebuke undead. ALL clerics get turn/rebuke undead unless they are spice addicted humans -- then they get channel incarnum because it's just as good if not better for abuse. So, I've decided different deities/beliefs get different turns/rebukes/channels. All are 3 + Charisma Mod, all qualify for [DIVINE] feats and in some cases meet requirements of other things that require Turn/Rebuke Undead such as ACF, some prestige classes, other feats. So, for example, a cleric of my sun god would get not turn/rebuke undead but turn/destroy lycanthrope and a cleric of the moon goddess get rebuke/command lycanthrope; one of the artifice god gets rebuke/command construct.

But I need some help. I can't think of good options for my god of alchemy & time, god of travel & protection and goddess of martial lore & war & wanton destruction.

Here's the full listing:
  • Ardara -- goddess of death, burial rites and fate -- Turn/Destroy Undead
  • Bodo-wid-r -- deity of undead, carnage, evil and wrath -- Rebuke/Command Undead
  • Govannon -- god of artifice, souls, and life -- Channel Incarnum OR Rebuke/Command Construct
  • Anarawd -- god of magic, knowledge and preperation -- Counter Spell OR Grant Knowledge/Cause Stupidity OR Rebuke/Command Magical Beasts
  • Agrona -- goddess of martial lore, war, wanton destruction -- Bolster Attacks/Defense? Smite? Iunno.
  • Henbeddestyr -- god of travel, trade, exploration and protection -- Grant Extra Action? Bolster Defense? Iunno.
  • Caedmon -- god of the sun, fire, laws and renewal -- Turn/Destroy Lycanthrope OR Outside (Chaos) OR Rebuke/Command Outside (Law)
  • Aislinn -- goddess of the moon, chaos, mysticism and lycanthropes -- Rebuke/Command Lycanthrope OR Outsider (Chaos) OR Turn/Destroy Outsider (Law)
  • Gwalchmei -- deity of nature, weather, seasons, renewal -- Rebuke/Command Elementals OR Animals OR Plants OR Turn/Destroy Aberrations
  • Eilian -- god of time, alchemy and science (minor artifice) -- Rebuke/Command Construct OR ???
  • Naoise -- insane god of maddness, prophecy, mysticism and dreams -- ??? Iunno.
  • Gethin -- threefold god of thievery, luck, illusions and wealth -- Grant Luck/Cause Misfortune OR ???
  • Minor deities, archangels, fiendish lords, et cetera might also grant their own verisons or defer to a major god.

Grant Knowledge: Give +2 + 1/three "turning" levels as a [sacred/profane] bonus to 1 ally within 60ft to 1 skill check for 1 minute/Charisma Bonus.
Cause Stupidity: Force a Will Save (DC: 10 + 1/2 "turning" level + charisma bonus) on 1 target within 60ft. Target recieves a [sacred/profane] penalty to 1 skill equal to 2 + 1/three "turning" levels for 1 minute/charisma bonus.
Counter Spell: Expend a "turning" for the day to counter spell as if you had also cast a spell. Caster Level check is still required.
Bolster Attack/Defense: Grant a bonus to attacks/armor class equal to 1/3 your "turning" level.
Grant Action: Expend a use to grant a single ally within 30ft (other than yourself) an immediate standard or move action?
Grant Luck: As an immediate action, grant an ally within 30ft a +2 + 1/four "turning" level luck bonus on a single save or skill check BEFORE the result is determined.
Cause Misfortune: As an immediate action force a will save (DC: 10 + 1/2 "turning" level + charisma bonus) on 1 target within 30ft. Target recieves a luck penalty equal to 2 + 1/four "turning" levels on 1 save or skill check BEFORE the result is determined.

Now, what would be good "divine options" for the three I have no idea what to do with?