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Re: Hmm... Should we...?
« Reply #40 on: October 16, 2008, 06:42:14 PM »
As for the apologies- I think I may have mentioned already, but I'm mostly looking for technology apologies.  For example, we may record and then when editing I find out the dog snoring is audible.  Going back and re-recording a week after the fact isn't an option so I usually just have to make it work.  Do we apologize and say "sorry the dog is loud" or wait to see if anyone says something?

Nah, if the audio is terrible, then you may want to just clip it and place it in another episode. If it's very understandable, we have no basis for complaint, given the price.

For the swearing-- we've never used naughty language just to use it-- we've cut back from the way we normally talk quite a few times.  We swear a lot.  For the most part, we're fans of a range of vocabulary- we try not to just swear because we're lazy.  I believe a lot of words like shit and fuck convey a lot of message in a little space and honestly convey the message better than another word.

While with Meg's voice, the swearing is very cute, it was a bit labored with the 'pumpkin' stuff and it would have saved time to just have everyone swear, I can understand cutting down on purpose as it can be quite distracting at times. It connotes 'feeling' (which is many times a good part of the show and reviews) instead of 'thinking' (vis mechanics of games which is the hosts' strengths) and too much of either is possibly tiresome. That being said, I'm not asking for you to change for me, just to think about what you are saying and that, if you are on a tear swearing, make sure it is because you feel vehemently about a thing instead of having a lack of pre-show analysis about that thing. Now, this is, at times, unavoidable as you often discuss games you don't own or haven't had a chance to play or think about. In order to remain current, hearsay may be the only info available. Or you may segue into Ed Greenwood, whatever.

I'm rambling here...
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Re: Hmm... Should we...?
« Reply #41 on: March 17, 2009, 10:33:05 PM »
I don't look at it as pre-apologizing, but a disclaimer so people know what to expect.

We've done it before and I think its just being polite. "Warning, what you're about to listen to might sound like ass. There are reasons for this such as using an omni-directional microphone and having eight people in the room. If its hard to listen to, just skip it. Now, on with the show."

I just try to make sure the disclaimer is short and quick, a heads-up that doesn't take too long to get through.