Author Topic: Rolled crap stats - how can I optimize this "Primal" character?  (Read 1134 times)

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4th Edition game starting at Level 3. Annoyingly the DM made us roll 4D6 and choose lowest. Now my friends are incredibly lucky and have rolled +6 to +8 characters with maybe one negative stat at -1 involved. Whereas I am always unlucky and have only rolled a piffly +5 character, and I have no high stat and a really crap stat.

14 , 14 , 14 , 12 , 10 , 6

Honestly how can that turn into a decent Primal character? It looks likely that I'm going to play something from the Primal Power book. Most likely a Barbarian or Shaman depending on what my mates choose but I haven't ruled out Druid.

Now I know it's only Level 3, but out of those Primal classes I mentioned, going for most likely a Striker or Leader role is there any way I can optimize my character given those poor stats? Everyone else is heading out with multiple +'s and 18's and I can at best get a 16. :-(

In terms of other characters, one guy is definitely being a Dragonborn Pit Fighter, the other is likely to be a Wizard, and the third hasn't decided but he at first went with Cleric, but I think suddenly the Avenger has caught his attention. If he goes Cleric, chances are I'll end up as Barbarian for high damage striking, but if he goes Avenger then a leader shaman for healing/buffing would be nice.
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