Author Topic: Dragonborn Inspiring Warlord/Paladin 1-20 build  (Read 4523 times)

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Dragonborn Inspiring Warlord/Paladin 1-20 build
« on: May 31, 2008, 02:04:50 AM »
Stats :[spoiler]
Str 18 (16+2 Racial)
Con : 14
Dex : 8
Int : 12
Wis : 10
Cha : 17 (15+2 Racial)

All Stats boost are going to Str and Cha[/spoiler]

1   Solidier of the Faith      
2   Enlarged Dragonborn Breath      
4   Novice Power (Paladin)      
6   Power Attack      
8   Acolyte Power (Paladin)
10   Adept Power (Paladin)
11   Combat Commander      
12   Empowered Dragonborn Breath      
14   Devastating Critical      
16   Armor Proef (Scale)      
18   Armor Proef (Plate)      
20   Armor Spec (Plate)      


Powers [spoiler]
L1 : Viper Strike; Wolf Pact Tactics ; Guarding Attack ; Pin the Foe
L2 : Shake it Off
L3 : Warlord's Strike
L5 : Stand the Fallen
L6 : Stand Tough
L7 : Sunder Armor
L9 : Knock them Down
L10 : Defensive Rally ; Swap Defensive Rally for Wrath of the Gods (Acolyte Power)
L11 : Thunder Smite (Multiclass Paragon)
L12 : Undo Defensive Rally swap ; Gain Wrath of the Gods (Paragon Path)
L13 : Swap Guarding Attack for Entangling Smite
L15 : Swap Pin the Foe with Renew the Troops
L16 : Death Ward (Adept Power)
L17 : Swap Warlord's Strike for Hail of Steel
L20 : Righteous Inferno (Paragon Path)[/spoiler]

Skills [spoiler]Diplomacy, Intimidate, History, Heal, Religion[/spoiler]

[spoiler]Falchion, Holy Symbol, Chain mail (to be upgraded to Plate at pre-Epic Levels)[/spoiler]

Basically this guy is a great party face. Intimidating and fearless leader, he provides support for his men and lead them to victory. He is also quite capable in battle and can serve as a backup defender and with some luck even as a secondary Striker. His defenses are decent, with a good AC, Fort and Will def, Reflex is quite lacking.

Most of his Powers are Str vs AC but I made sure he can target at least Will def via Paladin Paragon Multiclassing. His Dragonborn breath allow him to drop mass of minions quickly or target a poor Reflex BBEG.

Anything you guys have seen that I've miss ? Feel free to comment :)