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Opinion Objectivity Subjectivity
When people start comparing games and systems there are a few words that get tossed around.

The first two we will look at are Fact and Opinion

Both of these words have a number of definitions and that confuses things.  For example the word factOpinionmakeObjective and Subjective.

In the most esoteric use objective refers to the state of truth and reality, whereas subjective refers to the state of the mind observing reality.  Pompous windbaggery.

The most commonly used definition of Objective is : not influenced by personal feelings, interpretations, or prejudice; based on facts; unbiased
The most commonly used definition of Subjective is: pertaining to or characteristic of an individual; personal; individual: a subjective evaluation.

Going back to the concept of values, if you define something using a value, that is subjective.  If you define something without using values, that is objective.

You cannot wish something objective or subjective.

Another valid use of Subjective and Objective is that of evidence:

Subjective Evidence - is evidence that you cannot evaluate -- you have to simply accept what the person says or reject it.
For example, Fred says "My foot hurts a lot."  Is he lying?  How much is "a lot"?  What is Fred's idea of "pain"? ... a sharp, stabbing pain, or just his foot "fell asleep"?
Harry says "That was a hard test!"  Compared to what?  Did he study?  Is this just a subject he finds particularly difficult?
Bill says "Boy, that was a great football game!"  Compared to what?  Who was playing? ... his son, the team he coaches, him, two pro teams?
Objective Evidence - is evidence you can examine and evaluate for yourself.
If Fred walks in with a cane, and a knife stuck in his foot, you can make a decision without hearing Fred's opinion!
If  you read the test Harry talked about, you can decide for yourself whether it's hard.
If you see a video of the football game, you might see great plays, high scores, a last-minute win, etc.

Can you be completely objective?
Maybe, maybe not.  But the idea that you should never try because you might not be 100% perfectly objective is shlock.

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