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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #60 on: November 16, 2008, 07:00:53 PM »
Gaming Experience: I haven't been playing for very long, and never online, but wants to try it soon
Average level interested in playing:Any.
Favorite System(s): D&D 3.5
Favorite Setting(s): I haven't played so much before that i know... anything I suppose...
Style of play: I do like combat very much, but want to try roleplaying more.
Favorite Game Type: Dungeon fighting with a mix of other things.
Favorite Class Type: I prefer skillmonkeys and Arcane casters.
Favorite Class: Factotum, or the custom class on the WoTC forums, Sanguine Master.
Favorite Prestige Class: Haven't tried any of those yet...
Average Posting Rate: I'm probably on this once or twice per day, in 30min to 2 hours each time...
Currently DMing: Nothing on Internet
Currently Playing: Nothing on Internet


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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #61 on: November 21, 2008, 02:53:32 PM »
Gaming Experience: I've played all versions of D&D (starting when I was 7).  Optimized, non-optimized, etc.  Until recently I also spent a lot of time playing other systems, recently (last 5 years or so) been focused on current-version D&D mostly due to time constraints.
Average level interested in playing: Any
Favorite System(s): D&D 3.5
Favorite Setting(s): Compelling micro-campaigns.  After that, probably Eberron.
Style of play: Depends on the character
Favorite Game Type: Any
Favorite Class Type: I do not like prepared casters ... I like classes where you plan your choices ahead of time (ToB, spontaneous casters, etc.)
Favorite Class: Soft spot for the Warmage and Favored Soul
Favorite Prestige Class: Ruby Knight Vindicator, Divine Crusader, Mindspy
Average Posting Rate: I'm probably on this once or twice per day, in 30min to 2 hours each time...
Currently DMing: Nothing on Internet, some
Currently Playing: Fil's game on DnDO, one semi-regular 3.5 game currently
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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #62 on: December 04, 2008, 07:37:33 AM »
Gaming Experience: Several years of WoD LARP (mostly Vampire, some Mage and Werewolf), BESM/Tri-Stat, D&D 3.5, some Shadowrun.
Average Level Interested in Playing: I'll play any, but I'd love to get in on a low-level game.
Favorite System(s): D&D 3.5, oWoD LARP (I don't own nor have I ever really played WoD TT).
Favorite Setting(s): Eberron looks amazing, though I've never played in it.
Style of Play: Depends on the character. I tend to enjoy dabbling in evil-ish character archetypes more than I do playing Paladin-style characters, although the mighty-thewed barbarian hero can be a blast to play sometimes.
Favorite Game Type: I love the words "Roll Initiative", but it takes decent RP to really get me into a game. I'd say about 50% RP/50% combat, with an emphasis on exploring exotic dungeons/planar locales.
Favorite Class Type: I like utility/git-er-done characters. Sometimes I enjoy being the bruiser, though.
Favorite Class: Wizard, Totemist, Crusader ... I can't pick! The Binder has been looking awesome lately.
Favorite Prestige Class: Shadowcraft Mage
Average Posting Rate: I have pretty constant computer access, and I spend a good deal of time online.
Currently DMing: Nothing.
Currently Playing: A couple on-going oWoD LARPs. My former D&D group sorta broke up when the DM went back to school.
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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #63 on: December 04, 2008, 09:09:31 AM »
Gaming Experience: I started playing D&D about 20 years ago, and have played quite a few other RPGs, as well as DMed several games and written one supplement.
Average level interested in playing: Any. Epic and 1st are less appealing, though.
Favorite System(s): D&D 3.5
Favorite Setting(s): Any
Style of play: Mixture of role-playing/combat... about 70%/30%
Favorite Game Type: Convoluted plots of evil betraying evil, hidden agendas, men (or monsters) behind the curtains, etc.
Favorite Class Type: Sneaky spellcasters.
Favorite Class: Wizard (Cloistered Cleric is a close 2nd)
Favorite Prestige Class: Shadowcraft Mage
Average Posting Rate: Frequent. I'm very busy IRL, but drop in here throughout the day to blow off steam and/or take a break.
Currently DMing: nothing
Currently Playing: Gabriel, an Ur-Priest possessor in Dispatching the Message; Thraxis, a dragonborn warforged psiwarrior in Arhosa; Hergeirr, a binder//ranger in Mythic Sagas; Eddie, an undead psychic possessing an airship in Death of an Artist; Khas, a human shield in Parsing Gnomes; and Planewalker Greth, an ardent archer in Insipid Darkness (all on these boards).
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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #64 on: December 09, 2008, 02:00:31 AM »
I normally play Binders, though I thought about trying some psionics or incarnum based classes or a rogue with telflammar shadowlord(OA).  I like challenging games and enjoy combat most.  I tend to use LA races with LA buyoff from UA.

system(s) you play: 3.5 have books for 4th never played

average level you like to play: 10+(3.5), 1st(4th)

favorite setting(s) Any setting

style of play/post, game-type you'd like, and any characters you are playing/games you are GMing:  I like to play in any type of game but if it's going to be a "good" game I'd like to know (ie a paladin in party so playing a rogue sucks).  I like xp.

(Note) the internets down and won't be back up for a few weeks so I'm posting from my phone and can't view spoiler hidden text. 
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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #65 on: December 19, 2008, 05:01:58 AM »
Gaming Experience: I've played 3.5 for almost a year.
Average level interested in playing: I like games that start at lower levels, but quickly get to higher ones. I define low as below level 10.
Favorite System(s): 3.5, because it's the only one I know how to play
Favorite Setting(s): Home-brew mostly, though I've been aching to play in a World's Largest Dungeon.
Style of play: It honestly depends. Some days I may want to slaughter some orcs, others I may want to roleplay my butt off. It depends.
Favorite Game Type: One with an evil DM who's not afraid to really challenge his players.
Favorite Class Type: Whatever I can get by grubby little hands on and turn into a powerhouse.
Favorite Class: See above.
Favorite Prestige Class: See above.
Average Posting Rate: 100000 million posts a day, besides Fridays and Saturdays. I recharge my batteries then.
Currently DMing: Many Things Dealt to You.
Currently Playing: This fun little Ebberon game that I don't even know the name of. I hate my character, though. Plan on killing him off and bringing in a new one.

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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #66 on: January 23, 2009, 05:44:55 AM »
 Gaming Experience: I have been playing D&D 3.5 ever since it came out. Stopped for a while. Was active on the CO boards for a bit as Rashomon, then realised I couldn't keep up.
Average level interested in playing: Higher levels, 12+ or so.
Favorite System(s): D&D 3.5 & Heavy Gear / Silhouette.
Favorite Setting(s): Eberron is always good, but I don't have any favorites.
Style of play: Probably more roleplaying than combat, though I always like combat.
Favorite Game Type: Epic adventure!
Favorite Class Type: Fighter-types and fighter-magician types. I have a soft spot for archers too.
Favorite Class: Oooh, toughie. Probably Ranger, though it's hard to choose.
Favorite Prestige Class: Also a toughie. Though Abjurant Champion is definitely one of them.
Average Posting Rate: Over 9000
Currently DMing: N/A
Currently Playing: N/A
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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #67 on: February 01, 2009, 10:54:07 PM »
Gaming Experience:Been playing D&D for 2/3 of my life
Favorite System(s): D&D 3.5 & Star Wars: Saga Edition
Favorite Setting(s): They're all cool with me
Style of play: I'm like most styles pretty well.
Favorite Game Type: Hard to say.
Favorite Class Type: Casters, skill monkeys, and mobile melee guys.
Favorite Class: Wizard, Rogue, Factotum, Bard
Favorite Prestige Class: Really depends on what I'm playing.  I've had great fun with a beastmaster/Halfling Outrider.  Fatespinner is pretty cool.  Again, it really depends on what I feel like playing.
Average Posting Rate: About 1 post a day generally, though I have been know to do more
Currently DMing:A bunch of stuff in real life.  Nothing online as of yet.
Currently Playing: A bunch of stuff in real life and a couple of games over on the GitP boards


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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #68 on: February 01, 2009, 11:17:52 PM »
Gaming Experience: Three or four years of D&D and about a year or so of SWSE.
Average level interested in playing: Mid to high levels, probably anywhere from 8 to 15.
Favorite System(s): D&D 3.5--the system that hooked me--followed closely by Star Wars Saga Edition.
Favorite Setting(s): Eberron struck a chord with me, but I'm good with whatever.
Style of play: I like a nice mix of roleplay and combat...too much of one isn't good for you.
Favorite Game Type: Anything goes.
Favorite Class Type: Multiple-strength characters/support characters.
Favorite Class: Ooh, hard to say. Factotum is one of my personal favorites, even if I'm not that great with them.
Favorite Prestige Class: And this is an even harder decision...Dervish, I think. There are others, of course.
Average Posting Rate: I'm active fairly often...Moderate to frequent.
Currently DMing: Death of an Artist, a music-based Eberron game.


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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #69 on: February 02, 2009, 07:59:30 AM »
Gaming Experience: Been playing D&D from 2nd edition on up for around ten years now.  Have also played various other D20 games.
Average level interested in playing: Any.
Favorite System(s): D&D 3.5
Favorite Setting(s): Any, though I've been leaning towards homebrews.
Style of play: Do more role-playing than combat, but combat is fun too.
Favorite Game Type: Any really
Favorite Class Type: Skillmonkey/ anything versatile.
Favorite Class: Rogue
Favorite Prestige Class: Magelord, though I've never had a high enough level one to see if it is as nice as I want it to be.
Average Posting Rate: Minimum of one a day if it's my turn to post.
Currently DMing:N/A
Currently Playing: Arhosa, Daeardy Chropia, In the Movies, Modern-Day Monsters, Rituals in Winterhaven, Verold (will be in dark campaign when it starts)
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My babies - A thread of random builds I've come up with over the years.
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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #70 on: February 08, 2009, 05:52:26 AM »
Gaming Experience: Been on 339 and here for at least a year or two now, played in two games, DM'ed one.  Two of those ended prematurely, the other is ongoing, but I'm no longer able to play after the meeting spot moved across a mountain range.
Average level interested in playing: I prefer games where i can have a charcetr that does stuff i want it to.  I love to RP, don't mistake me, But RPing as a commoner4/Rogue3 just isn't as fun as RPing as a Beguiler 6.
Favorite System(s): D&D 3.5  I've taken a gander at D20 Modern, SW Saga, and Exalted, but the last hurts my head. A lot.  Also read up on Unisystem for Buffy.
Favorite Setting(s): I'm partial to Eberron, and while I generally dislike the Reams, I loved the Baldur's Gate games.  The Alpha Complex is cool too, not that i'm likely to ever game there.
Style of play: I have most of my fun making up crazy builds and cracking jokes both in game and out.  D&D the way i play it is 75% humor, and 15% story, and 10% mechanics.
Favorite Game Type: Taking on missions out of a central Base is a good way of running things.  Saves a lot of work.
Favorite Class Type:  Skillmonkeys are always good.  I like skills.  I'm also very big on divination magic/psionics.  Win the intelligence battle, win the war.  Melee-ers don't much appeal to me, though I do want to play a Shadow Sun Ninja someday.
Favorite Class: BARD!
Favorite Prestige Class: Iaijutsu Master (If only they would let me play it) and Unseen Seer are favs.  Divine Oracle is also a fun dip, as is Paragnostic Apostle
Average Posting Rate: I'm on quite a lot.  Don't post so much tho.
Currently DMing: Nada.  I stopped DMing my game because I left college and went home (Different state; far far away).  *Sigh*
Currently Playing: Technically I'm still in that Reality-Hopping game my buddy Kantolin (who is a FANTASTIC GM) is running, but I can't get to game sessions anymore.  Waaaah.


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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #71 on: February 09, 2009, 09:37:27 PM »
Gaming Experience: On and of for a few years now...what is it? 4-5 years I'd guess.
Average level interested in playing: Depend on what I want to play, but then again I base what I want to play on starting level. Can start at lvl 1 without problem, prefer to start around 5-6. Not higher than 9-11, I'm inexperienced with those levels and prefer to work my way up to them instead of beeing assumed that I can handle it.
Favorite System(s): Well, that would be D&D 3.5, with nWoD taking second place and nothing comming third. I'm not familiar with any other system, basically.
Favorite Setting(s): Eberron. Failing that, tasty homebrews. Greyhawk/Forgotten Realms I can play, but I prefer Eberron by far.
Style of play: Varies. IRL I'm often the silent guy, hence why I like PbP where I can actually play a character with quick wits, fast mouth and lots to say, instead of sitting tounge-tied and getting my party thrown into jail.
Favorite Game Type: Any, as long as it contains at least a bit of fighting. Dungeon Crawls are fun, if the dungeons are intricate and diverse. Outrageous locations also are nice. Volcanoes, Icebergs, Airships, fey-infested forrest maze... anything goes. Stuck in one and the same place is boring if it's not enviromentaly exotic, not much of an adventure even if something does happen. World's Largest Dungeon excused, since it's technically the same place but big enough to be different from place to place. I'm not all into the "Epic-Save-The-World-Only-You-Can-Stop-It-You-Are-The-Chosen-Ones" type games. The superlativity overwhelms me.
Have a soft spot for "Unbroken" Gestalt campaigns, as I love the system. You can take fun PrC that you wish to play but can't since they would die in the challenging campaigns you enjoy, since you can pick something mechanically strong on the other side.
A golden example is the Storm Sentinel from Dragonmarked. I love it, but it's not very good.
Favorite Class Type: That's a hard one. Depends on starting level to be honest. Prefer tricksy multi-characters over one-trick ponies, unless it's a stand-of adventure that's not going to be so long. Prefer arcane casters over divine ones. Prefer Spontaneous casters over Prepared ones.
Favorite Class: That's also a hard one. I haven't got so much a favourite class as I have favourite builds for each class.
So, I'd say Sorcerer, in the context of a Sorcerer 6/Fiend-Blood 10/Fatespinner 4.
Or Bard, in the context of a Bard 11/Swiftblade 9
The only class I cannot narrow down to one favourite is the Wizard. I blame CharOps for that, giving me too many ideas.
Favorite Prestige Class: That, however, is an easy one. Swiftblade. :love
Average Posting Rate: Once a day on average, maybe twice one day and none another.
Currently DMing: Nothing, IRL it happens I DM some kind of Eberron campaign sometimes.
Currently Playing: Lesse... Games Active:
Arhosa, Assassin: A Stab in the Back (oh wait, was it Cloak and Dagger?), Mythic Sagas
Games Inactive:
Scarlet Blades, Ephemera, Emmissary's Evil Game
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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #72 on: February 11, 2009, 07:08:52 PM »
Gaming Experience: Warhammer when I was younger, dnd 3.5 for 2.5 years. Some Dnd 4.0 and vampire the masquerade. Also played in a custom d100 campaign.
Average level interested in playing: Any.
Favourite System(s): D&D 3.5
Favourite Setting(s): I like the look of eberron. I also like home brew settings.
Style of play: I enjoy both role-playing and combat. Equal amounts of each.
Favourite Game Type: city based campaigns. Dungeon crawls. Anything really.
Favourite Class Type: casters. I love the cleric and dread necromancer. Minions and spells. Best things ever.
Favourite Class: cleric
Favourite Prestige Class: dry lich. Nothing says cool like turning up the heat.
Average Posting Rate: always by the computer in the evenings. During the day not so much.
Currently Dming: home brew setting involving a world of demi planes instead of different countries.
Currently Playing: none.

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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #73 on: February 11, 2009, 10:22:52 PM »
system(s) you play, average level you like to play, favorite setting(s), style of play/post, game-type you'd like, and any characters you are playing/games you are GMing.

Systems I Play: Been playing 3.5 for three years now, played one 4.0 campaign, bit of Vampire and that's it.
Average Level I Like To Play: Anything but epic.
Favorite Settings: Homebrew/Forgotten Realms/Eberron. In that order.
Style Of Play/Post: RP and combat in about equal proportions.
Favorite Game Type: Anything not too pulp-ish.
Characters Currently Playing: None
Games DMing: Campaign involving a world being invaded by Demons and Devils (could explain it, would take too long). Homebrew setting.
Favorite Class: Wizard

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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #74 on: February 12, 2009, 05:01:23 AM »
Gaming Experience: Played sporadically in one-shot adventures and short lived games for about 5 years now. Currently, am active in a number of pbp's somewhere in the low-teen double digits...
Average level interested in playing: Starting through 15, never played higher than that, but might like to. Prefer 5 or higher.
Favorite System(s): D&D 3.5 4e (less proficient), d20 Modern/future, Mutants and Masterminds
Favorite Setting(s): All homebrews, though I'd be interested in anything.
Style of play: I like roleplaying, but I also like the combat. 50/50 lowest, usually more rp, up to 80/20.
Favorite Game Type: Mainly Urban/City, or town based with a sort of kingdom traveling feel. I like gestalt a lot.
Favorite Class Type: I try and make skillful melee, though sometimes I just HAVE to go arcane-mixes/gishes or ranged. Need to try out a cleric...
Favorite Class: Usually combine classes, both for power and for that customized flavor of an original character, no cookie cutter.
Favorite Prestige Class: See above; I'm more prone to take 1/2 to full prestige classes, because the class will define my charrie a lot.
Average Posting Rate: I get on around 5 pm PST and check in routinely through midnight, sometimes later, and post when I need to. Usually gone saturday/back sunday.
Currently DMing: Not quite ready to just yet, but I can help.
Currently Playing: Uuuuuh, list to come, though I usually try and put as many in my sig as possible.
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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #75 on: February 19, 2009, 01:50:26 PM »
Gaming Experience: I got my first taste 28 years ago with the D&D basic set. I've played a couple of dozen systems since then. I've GM'ed several games but more often I'm a playah
Average level interested in playing: 12-epic mostly (but I'm currently in a lvl 2 and gestlat 5 game)
Favorite System(s): Amber was the bomb, but I mostly do 3.5 and Hero
Favorite Setting(s): Ideally transdimensional stuff
Style of play: Both roleplying heavy political intrigue and killing things make me happy
Favorite Game Type: Machiavellian plotting using kewl powers
Favorite Class Type: casters
Favorite Class: Psion
Favorite Prestige Class: Fiend of Possession
Average Posting Rate: Moderate. I check a few times a day but only post enough to not hold things up.
Last game I DM'ed: Eschaton (, thinking about rebooting it here
Currently Playing: Death of Dragons and Wildwood over at ENworld, Hex High (a FtF Hero game), and several PbP's that are on hiatus.


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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #76 on: February 19, 2009, 11:51:48 PM »
Gaming Experience: First started with AD&D-2nd Edition, years ago. I always played a Half-Elf Ranger or similar archetype. So glad to have a broader taste these days. Tried 3.0 when it first started, but couldn't get into it. Subsequently stopped RPing, then found 3.5 and all was right with the world. :)
Have played: primarily, all D&D editions from 2nd Ed through 4th; some d20 Modern/past/future, GURPS, Star Wars d20, Shadowrun (2nd), Serenity RPG, Mutants & Masterminds, WoD
Average level interested in playing: 5+. That's the sweet-spot, and everything from there is gravy. :D
Favorite System(s): D&D 3.5, 4E, and d20 modern
Favorite Setting(s): Eberron
Style of play: I love both playing into a Race's strengths and against stereotypes when possible; Combat and RP are equally important
Favorite Game Type: Epic quests with major plot twists
Favorite Class Type: Sneaky
Favorite Class: Beguiler
Favorite Prestige Class: Shadowcraft Mage or Warshaper (what can I say, a little cheese goes great with anything :D)
Average Posting Rate: As much as time allows. Frequent, when I'm involved in a game.
Currently DMing: The Maker's Crown, a PbP 4E Eberron campaign; also more or less the same game for a group while I'm at School.
Currently Playing: PbP: 'Fall of Pun-Pun', 'The Hunter, The Hunted', 'In Shadows of Kingdoms', 'Dungeon Star', 'City of the Spider Queen' (off-site), 'Jester's Realm'; RL: Wednesday evening 4E campaign over Ventrilo/Maptool.
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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #77 on: March 11, 2009, 06:01:41 PM »
Gaming Experience: I've been playing RPGs for about 7 years or so
Have played: I've played mostly D&D 3.5, a bit of 2nd Ed, a bit of 4th Ed, some StarWars d20/Saga Edition, some GURPS 4.0, a smattering of Palladium/Rifts.
Average level interested in playing: I'll play most any levels, though my favourite tends to be between about 5 and 15
Favorite System(s): D&D 3.5
Favorite Setting(s): Homebrew
Style of play: somewhere between 70 roleplay / 30 combat and 50/50.
Favorite Game Type: I'm not a big fan of large dungeon crawls, I like something that I can sink my teeth into, and get involved in.  Something dynamic where the PCs can have a real impact on the game world.
Favorite Class Type: Sneaky/Skill monkey types - not a big fan of one trick ponys
Favorite Class: Rogue Gish types
Favorite Prestige Class: Though I've not yet actually played one, I think Unseen Seer would be it.
Average Posting Rate: Frequently if I'm involved in a game.
Currently DMing: Some Lich Greyhawk (Living Greyhawk brought back to undeath) online.
Currently Playing: F2F Shackled City campaign, some Lich Greyhawk
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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #78 on: March 30, 2009, 02:33:17 PM »
Gaming Experience: I have been playing D&D 3.5 since it came out. Although I had played 3.0 a little before that, I never really took to it outside of games such as Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale. I have some years of experience with Warhammer Fantasy and Dark Heresy also, and other games like new and old WoD and Amber.
Average level interested in playing: Any, preference towards a level where I have a HP in double figures or more.
Favorite System(s): D&D 3.5 & Warhammer Fantasy/Dark Heresy, they're basically the same system.
Favorite Setting(s): Eberron, Faerun, 40k, Homebrew.. so long as it's interesting it's a-ok.
Style of play: Mixture of role-playing/combat... i'm not too particular.
Favorite Game Type: Anything so long as it's interesting.
Favorite Class Type: I enjoy casters more than fighters, at least until I read ToB. Now they can both be fun but I still prefer a good Archivist.
Favorite Class: Archivist or Cleric
Favorite Prestige Class: Incanatrix, FoP/FoC, Spelldancer.... lots?
Average Posting Rate: I'm almost always near my computer, and I look here a few times a day or more.
Currently DMing: Nothing, but i've plenty of experience DMing over IRC/Forums and in RL campaigns.
Currently Playing: Three 3.5e games, one Eberron, one Faerun and one based on WoW all with people I know in real life.


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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
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Gaming Experience: I've been playing 3.5 off and on for about 5 years. I've never been in a game that lasted for more than 10 or so sessions. Kind of a bummer, really. But that's college for you. I've got no pbp experience, however.
Average level interested in playing: Any.
Favorite System(s): D&D 3.5
Favorite Setting(s): Any.
Style of play: Mixture of role-playing/combat... about 60%/40%
Favorite Game Type: Town/world exploration with a mix of dungeon delving.
Favorite Class Type: I've always been into the arcane casters. Lately I've been wanting to explore psionics and psychic warrior.
Favorite Class: Wizard.
Favorite Prestige Class: Incantatrix... >.>
Average Posting Rate: I'm always near my computer, and I'm here frequently.
Currently DMing: None.
Currently Playing: James's Insipid Darkness.
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