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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #40 on: July 25, 2008, 03:58:50 AM »
Gaming Experience: Been gaming 3.5 for maybe 2 years now.  I'm a COholic, so...
Average level interested in playing: Any.
Favorite System(s): 3.5 is much prefered to 4.0 (just don't like it).  I'm open to non-D&D systems.
Favorite Setting(s): DM generally matters way more than setting.
Style of play: I can min/max with the best of them.  Posts longer than a page in word or shorter than a paragraph tend to irk me.
Favorite Game Type: I'm pretty open.
Favorite Class Type: I play just about everything.
Favorite Class: See above.
Favorite Prestige Class: See above.
Average Posting Rate: If I'm not sleeping or partying I can be expected to post at least once every three hours.
Currently DMing: None at the moment.  I'll get a game running soon though.
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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #41 on: July 29, 2008, 08:20:43 AM »

Gaming Experience: I've played DND for about 2 years now
Average level interested in playing: lower/mid-range levels. I'm not great at making characters, and playing higher level characters is something I have no experience doing... I'd rather gradually get there (or have someone walk me through it step by step...) 
Favorite System(s): 3.5
Favorite Setting(s): Homebrews... Or anything. I'm not picky. 
Style of play: I love roleplaying. Fighting can be fun too, but I especially love roleplaying
Favorite Game Type: World exploration, interaction between different races, graphic details, etc.
Favorite Class Type: Divine casters
Favorite Class: Druid. That's pretty much the only thing I'm ABLE to play. Even when I don't play a druid, I find myself wishing I could be one. I've given up trying to be diverse. I play low level druids. I rock at them. :P
Favorite Prestige Class: I've never even looked at those. Those are something that SURVIVORS get. 
Average Posting Rate: Right now BG says I'm around 2.8 a day.
Currently playing: I'm currently playing in a campaign that aftercrescent is DMing IRL, but once a week (sometimes even less than that) sessions are just not cutting it for me. Plus, I like trying new things. I've never done this sort of thing before.

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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #42 on: July 30, 2008, 10:17:51 AM »
Gaming Experience: Sporadic, I played for a little bit with my older brother when I was about 8 years old, back in the day of AD&D.  I played a little bit of 2nd Edition when I was about 14 and got into 3rd edition near the beginning.  Been playing steadily more often since then.
Favorite System(s): D&D 3.5e or 4th E, really interested in playing some 4th E.
Average level interested in playing: Pre-Epic for either system.
Favorite Setting(s): Forgotten Realms or Homebrew.
Style of play: D&D
Favorite Game Type: D&D
Favorite Class Type: D&D
Favorite Class: Probably have to say Ranger, but only because D&D doesn't make sense.
Favorite Prestige Class: Stuff I can use.
Average Posting Rate: I can post too often to be considered healthy, but typically I only post when I want my character to do something or the DM needs a combat action.
Currently Playing: One 4e VTT game.
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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #43 on: August 02, 2008, 08:39:53 AM »
Gaming Experience: 3-5 months worth of experience on core.
Average level interested in playing: Any.
Favorite System(s): D&D 3.5 (It's the only one I know, but I'm interested in how a lot of the other ones sound)
Favorite Setting(s): PLANSCAPE, FAERUN
Style of play: Lean toward Min/maxing... about 65%/35%
Favorite Game Type: The more element, the better
Favorite Class Type: I prefer casters(read: options)
Favorite Class: Wizard, Cleric, Psion, Crusader
Favorite Prestige Class: Malconvolker, Dwomerkeeper, Ruby Knight Vindicator
Average Posting Rate: 3-5 a week, if needs arise, can and will post relentlessly(highest post count on another form in 1 day: 74)
Currently DMing: None.
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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #44 on: August 03, 2008, 01:05:56 PM »
Gaming Experience: 4 years of play, as much as I can.
Average level interested in playing: Mid to high. I've played low lvls so many times in campaigns that never really got that far
Favorite System(s): D&D 3.5, WHFRP
Favorite Setting(s): Eberron, Faerun, Planescape
Style of play: Combat/RP 50-50
Favorite Game Type: Planeswalking
Favorite Class Type : Casters, casters and only casters.
Favorite Class: Batman Wizard.
Favorite Prestige Class: Archmage
Average Posting Rate: Few times/day
Currently DMing/Playing: DMing Savage Tide AP; Playing this guy in a finished Red Hand of Doom campaign and now I'll join an ongoing Shackled City AP.
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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #45 on: August 04, 2008, 05:30:45 PM »
Gaming Experience: 6 years
Favorite System(s): 3.5e and 4e D&D
Preferred Levels of Play: Any in 4e, 9+ preferrable in 3.5e, 15+ is even better provided it's not loaded down with AC 60+ cheesy-assed characters.
Favorite Setting(s): Forgotten Realms (3.5e only, hate the 4e crap), Eberron
Style of play: 60% roleplay, 40% rollplay. I like big numbers, but I like cool characters more.
Favorite Game Type: Forgotten Realms High Fantasy, Eberron Noir/Dark Fantasy. When I play FR I like the standard nostalgia-inducing good vs. evil, medieval style stuff. Eberron I prefer a darker story with characters  that either triumph over evil or succumb to it themselves. I like interparty interaction, games that are 70% story, 30% combat, 10% big baddies monologuing before the final showdown.
Favorite Class Type: Tracker, Mage, Tank, Devout, Face in that order in most cases.
Favorite Class: Ranger, Druid, Beguiler, Warlock.
Favorite Prestige Class: Telflammar Shadowlord, anything dragon-based.
Average Posting Rate: once per day at least, not always able on mondays or sundays.
Currently DMing: 2 on plothook, 1 on gleemax.
Currently Playing: 1 on gleemax, 1 on plothook


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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #46 on: August 07, 2008, 11:25:29 AM »
Gaming Experience: 1 year (tried to get a group together back in 8th grade six years ago, but setup took too long). I've been playing, solely through play-by-post for the past year.
Average level interested in playing: I like games that begin at least somewhat low (5th level and lower usually).
Favorite System(s): D&D 3.5, Paranoia
Favorite Setting(s): Homebrew (gritty, realistic settings), Eberron
Style of play: Combat/RP 30%, 70% (This is part of why I'm attracted to the lower levels.)
Favorite Game Type: <Not Sure>; would love to see someone DM the following: Chrono Trigger (3.5), a romantic fantasy (3.5) wherein the characters would have to travel across the universe (across the stars), any game of Paranoia, benevolent Computer!
Favorite Class Type: Melee and Skill primarily, but widely varied in exact methods
Favorite Class: Either Factotums or Barbarians probably
Favorite Prestige Class: Iaijutsu Master
Average Posting Rate: Widely varied; increases to fit the pace of the game, increasing as others post more frequently; I make sure to view my games 1/day at the least though (with few exceptions, which warrant prior notice).
Currently DMing/Playing: Will be playing Skies of Arcadia shortly (BrilliantGameologists); playing Eberron: Legacies (Myth-Weavers)
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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #47 on: August 23, 2008, 03:46:06 AM »
Systems I have books for: 2E, 3.5E, 4E
   2E: About 4 months, tooling with BG2
   3.5: Approx. 3 years
   4E: None

Preferred level: 3+

Favourite setting: Not too picky

Play style: Combat oriented, modest RP

Play skill: Strong Op. modest RP

Game type pref: Gritty, epic

Current games: None worth mentioning :(
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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #48 on: August 27, 2008, 05:13:05 AM »
Gaming Experience: I have been playing D&D 3.X for almost 4 years now.
Average level interested in playing: Any.
Favorite System(s): D&D 3.5,3.75 and 4th
Favorite Setting(s): I prefer homebrews
Style of play: Mixture of role-playing/combat... about 60%/40%
Favorite Game Type: Heroic...slay the monster and save the princess;
Favorite Class Type: I like to break some bones (Big Stupid Fighter).
Favorite Class: One that wields a big weapon!
Favorite Prestige Class: Ha?
Average Posting Rate: 5/day (but not here yet)
Currently DMing: None here...yet
Currently Playing: See above.
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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #49 on: August 27, 2008, 05:44:20 AM »
Gaming Experience: I have been playing D&D 3.5 for almost 5 years now.
Average level interested in playing: 6-14 or Epic
Favorite System(s): D&D 3.5/3.X
Favorite Setting(s): Any setting With Mystra
Style of play: Mixture of role-playing/combat... about 60%/40%
Favorite Game Type: Town/world exploration with a mix of dungeon delving.
Favorite Class Type: Casters/ToB
Favorite Class: To many to decide.
Favorite Prestige Class: To many again.
Average Posting Rate: Somewhere between 2-20/day
Currently DMing: None but keep a lookout for a RHoD, very soon.
Currently Playing: None here, Always looking though.


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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #50 on: August 27, 2008, 06:34:07 AM »
Gaming Experience:  18 years or so of Playing/DM/Storytelling tabletop/LARP/Some PbP in the days of the BBS's before the interwebs.

Average level interested in playing: Whatever.

Favorite System(s): D&D 2.5 & 3.5, White Wolf 3rd Eddition & Abberant, Cyberpunk.

Favorite Setting(s): Homebrews.

Style of play: Character-centric games. Lots of roleplaying and character development. Amount of action depends on the system. In
                   D&D and Cyberpunk, I like LOTS of action. In White Wolf it depends on the style of game.

Favorite Game Type: Just about anything, as long as the players are not duchebags.

Favorite Class Type: In D&D I like Rangers, Druids... wilderness based characters best. Otherwise I like skilled characters that acomplish
                            great things without the need of magic. I'll play arcane casters when it fits the group, but they are not my fav.
                            I play just about anything, I have roleplaying MPD.

Favorite Class: Depends on the game and the character. In 2.5 I like Rangers. In 3.5 I'm digging Warlocks lately.

Favorite Prestige: See Above. I've liked Eldritch Theurge and Disciple.

Currently DMing: Nothing. :(

Currently Playing: Nothing. :(


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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #51 on: August 29, 2008, 05:42:13 PM »
Gaming Experience: quite a bit mostly D&D 3.0 and 3.5 but also good deal CoC, and splashes of lots of differet systems
Favorite System(s): D&D, D20 in general. I read Wheel of time and liked it but havent had the opportunity to play yet
Favorite Setting(s): homebrew postapocalyptic D&D setting I played a while ago.
Style of play: I like party centric games. Games too focused on what the individual is doing tend to derail and leave some people on the sidelines, might be better in PbP though.
Favorite Game Type: I'm game for mostly anything
Favorite Class Type: Anything with varied tactics, mostly druids and artificers recently.
Favorite Prestige Class: Shadowcraft mage
Average Posting Rate: I should be able to make atleast 1 a day most days.
Currently playing:


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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #52 on: September 01, 2008, 03:57:25 PM »
Gaming Experience: I have been gaming for 10 years now, but came to D&D 3.5 later. I've been playing it for over 2 years now.
Average level interested in playing: Any except 1.
Favorite System(s): D&D 3.5, Shadowrun 3, In Nomine Satanis/Magna Veritas (French version), Vampire 2nd Ed., Warhammer FRPG
Favorite Setting(s): Any.
Style of play: On a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being "disposable" and 5 being ultra-important: Roleplaying 5, Combat 4, Social situations 3, Investigation 3, Puzzle-solving 2
Favorite Game Type: Any.
Favorite Class Type: Any. I've played a lot of things and am eager to try some more.
Favorite Class: See above.
Favorite Prestige Class: Nightmare Spinner, Eternal Blade, Fatespinner, Sacred Fist
Average Posting Rate: Average 1/day
Currently DMing: An INS/MV game on RPoL
Currently Playing: A whole lot of things on RPoL, almost exclusively DnD, the only exception being a solo Shadowrun adventure.


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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #53 on: September 24, 2008, 01:12:53 AM »
Gaming Experience: About 5 months of DnD 3.5
Average level interested in playing: <1, I liked levels 5-9 in playing this Druid I had, so 5 is probably my favorite start point.
Favorite System(s): 3.5e
Favorite Setting(s): I love Eberron, Ravenloft, and Homebrews.
Style of play: Much combat, along with loads of scary description and exposition.
Favorite Game Type: Planar horror
Favorite Class Type: Big. Stupid. Fighter. Although I prize versatility over all, hence Druid and RKV.
Favorite Class: DRUID. Also dig Duskblades.
Favorite Prestige Class: Ruby Knight Vindicator, Dervish, Seeker of the Song.
Average Posting Rate: More often than not.
Currently DMing: Only an actual tabletop game.
Currently Playing: Ruby, a *surprise* Ruby Knight Vindicator in my own campaign and Dru Berrymore, a Druid in my friend's campaign.


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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #54 on: September 24, 2008, 06:21:03 AM »
Gaming Experience: Began playing about a year ago, started with D&D, (obviously), and recently began reading some other d20 stuff.
Average levels interested in playing: 1 through 20.  I've never had a game that lasted more than a few sessions, so I'm really looking for an epic adventure that I can stick with for a while.
Favorite System(s):3.5 D&D and d20 Modern
Favorite Setting(s):Bring 'em all on.  I'd be willing to try anything.  I really like the flavor of Ghostwalk, but practically no one has even heard of it, let alone run games in it.  Seriously though, pretty much anything.
Style of play:  Most of my playing has been very combat oriented, and I definitely see that as as important, but I would really enjoy playing something with more balance between crunch and fluff.
Favorite Game Type(s): Any, really, but I'd love to play an espionage/infiltration type game, and I have been struck with a desire to play in a completely magicless world.
Favorite Class Type: Striker-type melee characters with a lot of skill points.
Favorite Class(es): Rogues, Rangers, Beguilers, Duskblades
Favorite Prestige Class: Depends on character concept really, most times I build my characters around some concept or Prestige Class, and go from there.
Average Posting Rate: I'm new to these boards, and tend to lurk more than post, but in a PbP game, I would post fairly regularly, and at least once per day, maybe more.
Currently DMing: Nothing.  Actually, I've never DMed before.  But I might be up to some PbP DMing
Currently Playing: Nothing.  Hence the PbP.
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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #55 on: November 03, 2008, 02:04:46 AM »
Gaming Experience: About 3 years now
Average level interested in playing: levels 9+ but can enjoy a good low-level game
Favorite System(s): D&D 3.5 (Just got my hands on D&D 4th edition)
Favorite Setting(s): Any, but Eberron has something that calls me
Favorite Game Type: A mix of roleplay and tactical combat
Favorite Class: Archivist, Bard, Beguiler, Cleric, Crusader, Druid, Psion, Warblade, Wizard
Favorite Prestige Class: no particular choice
Average Posting Rate: Most of the time once or twice on weekdays and once during the weekends
Currently DMing: nothing
Currently playing: nothing


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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #56 on: November 03, 2008, 05:08:28 AM »
Gaming Experience: Going on 30 years.  Started with a Halfling in Keep On the Borderlands and the Red Box Set.
Average level interested in playing: through 16th or so in 3.X D&D; 9th level spells make fundamental changes to the game
Favorite System(s): 3.X D&D, Rifts, Shadowrun
Favorite Setting(s): in order - Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, Dark Sun
Style of play: High action with plenty of roleplaying; combat shouldn't be the only option, but it should always be an option
Favorite Game Type: High fantasy, saving the world
Favorite Class Type: Gish or Skillmonkey
Favorite Class: Scout, Ranger, Psychic Warrior, Dread Necromancer
Favorite Prestige Class: Fochlucan Lyricist
Average Posting Rate: 2-5/day
Currently DMing: Nothing
Currently Playing: Irgus, Swordsage/Mo9//Bard gestalt in AndyJames' EphemeraRIP Ephemera
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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #57 on: November 04, 2008, 01:43:20 PM »
Gaming Experience: 3.5 for about 2,5 years as well as 4th, World of Darkness, Iron Heroes, SWsaga, Marvel (the TS version with the cards)
Average level interested in playing: mid to high
Favorite System(s): 3.5 and interested in playing other non-D&D systems.
Favorite Setting(s): no favorites, although all of the campaigns I've played were either custom or Faerun
Style of play: depends on the campaign and the character
Favorite Game Type: I'm open to everything
Favorite Class Type: same as above
Favorite Class: same as above
Favorite Prestige Class: same as above
Average Posting Rate: 8 hours a day (while working  :) ) and unless I'm playing tabletop rpgs I've got access to internet and an understanding gf
Currently DMing: custon setting mid to high lvl powergaming campaign
Currently Playing: a Faerun campaign and a Star Wars Saga campaign
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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #58 on: November 04, 2008, 02:01:36 PM »
Gaming Experience: Introduced to RPGs via Palladium's TMNT and Other Strangeness back in 1989
Average level interested in playing: Anything, particularly low-mid level (the d20 system tends to break down once you get around level 15 or 16).
Favourite Systems: d20 Modern, Star Wars Saga, D&D 3.5
Favourite Setting (d20 Modern): "Real" Earth, Shadow Chasers, Post Apocalyptic (a la Fallout), etc...
Favourite Setting (D&D): Dark Sun
Style of play: Stealthily kick in the door
Favourite Game Type: Investigative RP mixed with good ol' fashioned Hack'nSlash.
Favourite Class Type: Versatile/Skill Monkey
Favourite Base Class (d20 Modern): Fast or Dedicated.
Favourite Base Class (D&D): Ranger, Battle Sorcerer, Elven Generalist Wizard.
Favourite Base Class (Star Wars Saga): Scoundrel
Favourite Advanced Class (d20 Modern): Shadow Hunter (Urban Arcana)
Favourite Prestige Class (D&D): Abjurant Champion
Favourite Prestige Class (Star Wars Saga): unsure...
Average Posting Rate: Several times daily
Currently Playing: Star Wars Saga: KotOR, d20 Modern - The Artifact: Prologue
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PbP Games
The Artifact (prologue) as Dr. Henry Loder, Mayan archaeologist


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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #59 on: November 07, 2008, 04:59:09 AM »
Gaming Experience: Strategy games for about 10 years now, but less than a year of RPG experience
Average level interested in playing: 10ish for D&D, not sure for other games
Favorite System(s): d20 in general, especially Modern
Favorite Setting(s): Rifts (hate the game though), Pathfinder Chronicles
Style of play: Tactics & strategy are where I'm at home, but I do get into the fluff
Favorite Game Type: Hack'n'slash
Favorite Class Type: Just about anything
Favorite Class: Cleric
Favorite Prestige Class: Eldritch Disciple
Average Posting Rate: Normally not often, but I'd post a lot more often if in a game.
Currently GMing/Playing: Nothing yet
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