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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #120 on: July 27, 2010, 05:47:51 AM »
Gaming Experience: While I've been playing for several years I still consider myself somewhat of a newbie in some parts of the game, for example, my usual irl group hasn't really even scratched the surface of what spells are capable of.
Average level interested in playing: Any, though I do like working our way up from Level 1
Favorite System(s):  D&D 3.5(Updated by Pathfinder, just got the Core book and it is awesome!), only one I've played and really the only edition I'm interested in, though willing to give 4th a try.
Favorite Setting(s): Homebrew, and Forgotten Realms(though only somewhat familiar). Eberron sounds interesting
Style of play: About half roleplay and half combat. I really like to be immersed into the world I'm playing in.
Favorite Game Type: Town and world exploration and dungeon crawling with plenty of plot and questing mixed in. Newbie to political intrigue.
Favorite Class Type: I do not really have a favorite class type, I have had fun playing them all(Tank, Divine Caster, Skillmonkey, Arcane Caster, etc).
Favorite Class: Ranger.
Favorite Prestige Class: Justice of Weald and Woe.
Average Posting Rate: I'm more of a lurking reader than a poster, but when playing a PBP game, I will have no problem posting regularly(usually several times per day) as/when needed.
Currently DMing: No PBP Games. In IRL, CO-DMing(we all take turns DMing sections of the Campaign) homebrew with my usual group.
Currently Playing: No PBP Games. In IRL, homebrew with usual group.

If more information than this is needed please let me know.
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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #121 on: August 05, 2010, 06:34:58 AM »

Gaming Experience: I've read bunches of books on different systems, especially DnD 3.0-3.5 and D20.
Average level interested in playing:Any, I've only ever played low-level
Favorite System(s): DnD, D20, Anima:Beyond Fantasy
Favorite Setting(s): Anima: Beyond Fantasy. I am good with pretty much everything but utter grimdark (with out even a bit of grey).
Style of play: 50/50 and RP intensive
Favorite Game Type: Any
Favorite Class Type: Support, Melee, Archer, I like playing whatever hits my mind when I make a character
Favorite Class: See above. I perfer Sorceror over Wizard though for RPing reasons.
Favorite Prestige Class: Never really gotten heavy into PrCs
Average Posting Rate: Constant
Currently DMing: None.
Currently Playing: A non BG DnD game over FGII and Skype on Fridays.


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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #122 on: August 17, 2010, 01:38:35 PM »
Gaming Experience: I have been playing D&D for about 6 years. But very much on and off, I had a trip to Ad&d and it was marvelous, but now I'm back to 3.5 Because there are more people playing it, and it isn't as bad as 4th. I've also played WFRPG a little.
Average level interested in playing: Any. Actually, I find lower level characters to be the most fun and innovative, but I also like fleshing out a wrathful level 20 character once in a while and just go crazy with all the options.
Favorite System(s): Ad&d. But I'm a big fan of 3.5 as well, I like WFRP because of the setting. Just not Modern, you should not get me started on why I hate modern, I just do.
Favorite Setting(s): Homebrew actually, But anything goes. Ebberron is immensely cool, and I LOVE Greyhawk. I do prefer it when DMs create their own worlds, because there is much more passion in that.
Style of play: I'm a roleplayer, when I take an action I usually take some time to describe it, and think of the consequences. Some people call me a "munchkin", mainly because I always attempt the hardest way possible to survive any given situation, and help my fellow players survive it. Always attempting to get the best of every situation can be annoying to some DMs but it can also be fun and rewarding.
Favorite Game Type: I can has dungeons? Actually I love a lot of settings, but dungeons just ticks my box. I love figuring out puzzles, and fighting monsters. Wilderness can sometimes do this. Also, exploration campaigns can be great fun
Favorite Class Type: Casters, mainly because of all the options they give, I have been wondering whether Tome of Battle can give me some much needed frontline fighter experience, as I have a lot of ideas for such characters, but very little patience for playing characters who run out of options in combat.
Favorite Class: Probably Wizard, I'm an option whore, so druid goes well as well.
Favorite Prestige Class: The initiate of Sevenfold veil is awesome in so many layers. I also like master specialist, and sometimes all those gish characters are great fun. The incantatrix is also great fun, but is very setting dependant.
Average Posting Rate: Well, a few times each day when I'm not on a vacation, on a vacation it becomes more once or twice a week.
Currently DMing: Actually, I'm not playing at all at the moment, which is way to little. I'm doing a homebrew world, but I want to have it feel complete before I let players run havoc in the streets.
Currently Playing: Well, my usual group is now planning on starting a dark heresy campaign, but our usual DM just started playing WHFB, which I've been playing for 8 years, and I'm tired of it, so it is very slow all those campaign he was planning on starting.
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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #123 on: September 12, 2010, 04:33:43 AM »
Gaming Experience: I have been playing D&D for about 7 years.Mostly Dming but I have played in some games too....
Average level interested in playing: While I don't have a problem with playing at any level I prefer high levels (10+)....
Favorite System(s): Dnd 3.5....
Favorite Setting(s): Ebberon ,Forgotten Realms.Dragonlance,and of course homebrew which is ussually am mix of other campaign settings....
Style of play: Well it depends on the character I play and the group I play with....Sometimes I am powerplayer and sometimes I try to roleplay more....
Favorite Game Type: Not anything in particular but I am not too crazy about dungeons......
Favorite Class Type: Well spellcasters,I guess I always wanted to do magic....
Favorite Class: Wizard....
Favorite Prestige Class: That's an odd one.Ultimate magus because I had great fun playing it.....
Average Posting Rate: Well I am not very sure it depends if I have anything to say.....
Currently DMing: Not Dming at the moment though I have a game which was put on hold.....
Currently Playing: I have just joined a group where I will play a soulknive....
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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #124 on: September 27, 2010, 06:25:51 PM »
Gaming Experience: I've figured out I've been gaming for around 12 years now with a bunch of different systems. I'm usually pretty open at conventions for games to play, but I love D&D games the most. I've dabbled in every system of the game, but I'm knowledgeable of other systems as well.
Average level interested in playing: Any
Favorite System(s): D&D 3.5, BESM 3e
Favorite Setting(s): I'm fine with whatever the DM thinks is the best setting.
Style of play: If my character can actually bring anything to the table, then I'll roleplay. Otherwise, it's combat.
Favorite Game Type: Adventuring, and heroics, with a little bit of mystery solving and intrigue.
Favorite Class Type: Not that big into casters. I have the least amount of experience with them, but I don't mind minimal casting for buffing.
Favorite Class: Ranger and variants of.
Favorite Prestige Class: Don't really have one. I rarely take a PrC unless it's something that'll really add to the base class.
Average Posting Rate: Depends on whether i need to post anything. If I'm going to find myself in a position where I'd need to post a lot, I could probably handle that, short of days I'm out of town or at work, but I'd make up for it later.
Currently DMing: Heroes Aren't Born, They're Made at Gaia Online.
Currently Playing: Nothing.
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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #125 on: October 01, 2010, 10:50:02 PM »
Gaming Experience - Gaming in different systems since about 1990-1991 if i remember the dates right.  a lot of 2nd ed and 3.x plus white wolf and a lot of scratch gaming.
Average Level of Play - any
Favorite System - the D20 system in general
Favorite Setting - Homebrew but i do enjoy the relms
Style of Play - mix of combat/social RP interaction
Favorite Game Type - currently on a bit of a dungeon crawl kick, but i so enjoy adventuring and intrigue games
Favorite Class Type - Gish
Favorite Class - any melee
Favorite Prc - Abjurant Champion
Average Posting Rate - easly once a day more when needed easily.


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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #126 on: October 03, 2010, 10:28:40 PM »
Gaming Experience: I've played D&D 3.5 for about 2 years now, though I play as one more experienced (I've been told)
Average level interested in playing: I like starting at levels 6-12 usually.
Favorite System(s): D&D 3.5
Favorite Setting(s): None prefered, though anything viking-flavoured is ++
Style of play: I usually play as a caster, skillmonkey/odd-character, and sometimes gish.
Favorite Game Type: I like some roleplaying, and I do enjoy combat. Anything really, but I like games that move with a pace, lest it stall out and die. Oh, I like managing leadership/buildings.
Favorite Class Type: Full casters
Favorite Class: Factotum (ironically not a full caster)
Favorite Prestige Class: Thief-Acrobat
Average Posting Rate: 1-3 times per day.
Currently DMing: none
Currently Playing: Adventures in Draconium, All Endings Are Merely Beginnings, on GitP
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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #127 on: October 28, 2010, 10:17:09 AM »
Gaming Experience: I've been playing D&D 3.5 for about four years, mostly PbP, with a few face-to-face games here and there. I'm also fluent in Shadowrun 4th, BESM 3rd Edition, and Star Wars Saga Edition, as well as various forms of Final Fantasy-to-tabletop transitions, with about two years worth of experience split between them.
Average level interested in playing: For D&D, I'm split. I like starting at low levels and gradually coming into power, but I also want to get to that power. Everything else, definitely from 1st level (or equivalent) onwards, as almost any other system is better for character development over a period of time
Favorite System(s): D&D 3.5, Shadowrun 4th and Star Wars Saga.
Favorite Setting(s): D&D: Planescape and Spelljammer. Shadowrun: Seattle or Los Angeles. Star Wars Saga: Old Republic.
Style of play: Roleplay 70%, Rollplay 30%. For Shadowrun, though, Pink Mohawk or Extreme Paranoia.
Favorite Game Type: Immersive story and thrilling combat. Also, non-dead games.
Favorite Class Type: Spellcasters, typically, or anything that can do quasi-magical things through technology (like a Technomancer).
Favorite Class: Sorcerer (D&D), Magician or Adept (SR4), Jedi (SWSE).
Favorite Prestige Class: Stranger with the Burning Eyes. Seriously, how can you not love a class named that way?
Average Posting Rate: Average once a day, sometimes more, sometimes less.
Currently DMing: Nothing.
Currently Playing: Fallen Stars (offsite), Tome Savage Tides here.
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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #128 on: October 30, 2010, 03:37:49 AM »
Need more folk whose name starts with K.

Systems Played: D&D, Pathfinder RPG. I'm willing to try out things if they're freely available.
Average Level: I like starting out low-level, first especially, but 1-5 in general.
Favorite Setting: Um... I like Eberron and interesting homebrew.
Style of Play: I like to roleplay, fighting's pretty fun, not quite so keen on puzzles.
Favorite Game Type: One with pressing, personally relevant goals that necessitate world travel, impact entire nations, where the odds seem to be insurmountable, victory hard-won, and at times pyrrhic. Dungeons are not needed, dragons often help.
Favorite Classes: Bards, clerics, psions (shapers particularly), psychic warriors, tome of battle classes, outrageously multiclassed characters who pick up 2 levels of fighter at some point, wilderness rogues, and warlocks hold a special place in my heart. There are many classes that intrigue me but I haven't played around with.
Favorite Class Type: Spontaneous caster.
Prestige Classes: Not... generally something I care for all that much. Warshaper's fun, though.
Currently DMing: None here.
Currently Playing: None here.


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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #129 on: November 15, 2010, 05:36:14 AM »
Gaming Experience: Seven years of freeform, but I'm relatively new to more structured gaming systems due to a lack of opportunity in my area.
Average level interested in playing: Prefer starting before level 14.
Favorite System(s): D&D 3.5.
Favorite Setting(s): Homebrew, with Eberron at a close second.
Style of play: I love political games.  Games that span entire worlds, with the opportunity to shape nations, and hard-fought victories. Dungeons are a nice bonus, but certainly not needed.
Favorite Game Type: One with a strong mix of both RP and combat. Combat is nice and all, but how can you change the world if you never talk with anyone?
Favorite Class Type: Orators capable of talking a kingdom into war - or peace - but are capable and useful beyond that single ability.
Favorite Class: Kyeudo's Truenamer, Factotum/Bard both taking second.
Favorite Prestige Class: Ruby Knight Vindicator
Average Posting Rate: High.
Currently Playing: Not currently playing any campaigns, but remain active as both a player and game master in the freeform RPG I've been playing for the last seven years.


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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #130 on: November 26, 2010, 11:11:49 PM »
Gaming Experience: Been playing D&D for about 4 years
Average level interested in playing: Any
Favorite System(s): D&D 3.5 and Star Wars: Saga Edition
Favorite Setting(s): I prefer homebrews, but have no problem with the published settings I've come in contact so far (Greyhawk, Eberron and Forgotten Realms)
Style of play: Mixture of role-playing/combat... about 70%/30%
Favorite Game Type: A game with goals, where PCs have real in-character reasons to go to place x and kill monster y. Also, I like when PCs motivation and personal goals matter and can leave their mark upon the world.
Favorite Class Type: Gish types, I like being able to do both casting and in-your-face melee.
Favorite Class: Druid
Favorite Prestige Class: Ordained Champion, Bone Knight, Initiate of the 7thfold Veil
Average Posting Rate: I work on a computer with internet access so I can manage regular posts during the work days. Evenings/week-ends  depends on schedule, but should be no problem generally.
Currently DMing: Nothing
Currently Playing: Nothing yet (as in no PbP, I am involved in a weekly RL campaign)
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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #131 on: December 04, 2010, 03:15:19 AM »
Gaming Experience: About 2 years.
Average level interested in playing: Not too low, but not too high. I guess 3-14 might be okay. Minor optimization would be nice, so that everyone has some nice tricks.
Favorite System(s): D&D 3.5 and 4e
Favorite Setting(s): Any really, as long as its not too unreasonable.
Style of play: I like combat in theory. Role-playing is fun when I can identify with my character. I generally like characters with good intelligence.
Favorite Game Type: Where the PCs are important enough to make world-changing decisions with their actions. Maybe not right away, but eventually. I prefer it when 'evil' isn't necessarily evil, but just an opposing ideal that needs to be countered. Enemy PCs should be played smart too and try to subvert the PCs at every step.
Favorite Class Type: Controllers and Leaders. We can't lose, and the enemy cannot win! Anything that can be played with strategy, I suppose. It would be fun to play a gish some time too.
Favorite Class: Cleric, though I think I'd enjoy Factotum and Wizard.
Favorite Prestige Class: None, really. A lot are good, but I haven't had much experience with real prestige classes. So far it's been whatever works with the character's flavor that adds the most power.
Average Posting Rate: I can post very often since I generally always have internet access.
Currently DMing: Nothing
Currently Playing: Nothing, though I'd like to join a game here. (A couple of RL games.)


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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #132 on: January 09, 2011, 04:42:05 AM »
Gaming Experience: RL for last 4 years, plus a couple 1 shots earlier.
Average level interested in playing: I usually like about 5-15 or so.
Favorite System(s): 3.5E
Favorite Setting(s): Homebrew
Style of play: Generally like to play heroes, generally optimize even if it's a RP game and such optimization is unnecessary.
Favorite Game Type: I like either heavy combat games, or RP games with relatively rare combat.
Favorite Class Type: Caster or Tome of Battle; often merging them
Favorite Class: Cleric
Favorite Prestige Class: Probably Ruby Knight Windicator
Average Posting Rate: 1/day; though I usually am absent for 2-3 months each May and June and sometimes July
Currently DMing: I'm DMing a RL game that's been running Friday nights with some friends for 3-4 months. I also DM a PBP on another website that's been going ~4 years now.
Currently Playing: IRL I'm not playing in a game. I am playing in several PBP games on other sites.


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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #133 on: January 19, 2011, 07:40:55 PM »
Gaming Experience: Starting from MERP and Rolemaster, to D&D 3.5, it's probably around 11 years IRL. Online, mostly on MTGS, It'd be 4 years or so.
Level Interested In: Any, going from 1 to epic. I would even be willing to try a lulzy immortals handbook ECL 500 campaign. :lmao
Favorite System(s): Dungeons and Dragons v3.5, I also like E6, which is not really a system of its' own.
Favorite Setting(s): Anything. I like different stuff. If I haven't heard of it, it's a bonus.
Style of play: I tend to think about my character a fair bit, and tend to act like my character would. This probably means that my level 3 wizard might be a coward, rather than the superhero who comes to save the day, for instance.
Favorite Game Type: Anything where I can accommodate my playstyle. Mindless smashing things with no plot attached is the only one that I don't like that much. Heavy combat is fine, as long as there is a reason for that combat.
Favorite Class Type: I tend to prefer versatile classes. Focusing everything into one thing is fine and all, but tends to get boring. I like using abilities in new ways.
Favorite Class: Artificer, because being able to do anything is the epitome of versatility.
Favorite Prestige Class: ... I don't know. Chameleon, probably?
Average Posting Rate: A few posts/day, but as European, these might come at weird times.
Currently DMing: I'm running 3 campaigns in MTGSalvation's Pen & Paper Inn. One level 13-gestalt one and two single-player E6 ones. One more of them is starting soon. I am also the default DM for my IRL group, which gathers irregularly.
Currently Playing: None. I want to play, too. :bigeye


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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #134 on: January 20, 2011, 07:11:46 PM »
Gaming Experience: I have been playing D&D 3.5 for over 5 years now. I have played DM for most of it.
Average level interested in playing: Proficient with the rules, Know how to avoid the stormwind fallacy.
Favorite System(s): D&D 3.5
Favorite Setting(s): All of them.
Style of play: Old school RPG. Almost like a REALLY good text based.
Favorite Game Type: Town/world exploration with a mix of dungeon delving.
Favorite Class Type: I prefer to have a lot of options. Efficiency is key.
Favorite Class: Blue Mage
Favorite Prestige Class: Metaphysical Spellshaper
Average Posting Rate: Daily.
Currently DMing: Origins of a Hero (Recruiting now!)
Currently Playing: Return of the Masters (Waiting to be accepted)


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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #135 on: March 03, 2011, 11:48:43 AM »
Gaming Experience: 4 years of an ongoing tabletop campaign, a few massive weekend events and the regular one shot.
Average level interested in playing: Any.
Favorite System(s): D&D 3.5 and to lesser extend 4E and d20 Modern.
Favorite Setting(s): Love homebrews, but I'm interested in FR and Ebberon if the oppurtunity strikes.
Style of play: Role-playing first, optimizing second. I tend to give my characters at least one weakness, be it RP-wise or mechanical (which doesn't exclude eachother ofcourse).
Favorite Game Type: A good balance of everything with a slight favor towards RP. I love experiments.
Favorite Class Type: Versatility is the key, so skillmonkeys and casters. I tend to favor divine casters.
Favorite Class: Bard.
Favorite Prestige Class: Fochlucan Lyrist, played once, loved it. Besides that, whatever fits, even if that means none at all.
Average Posting Rate: I'm always near a computer or competeresque device.
Currently DMing: None at the moment.
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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #136 on: March 07, 2011, 07:04:51 AM »
Gaming Experience: 3 years of on again off again DMing but only a few campaigns as a player
Average level interested in playing: Any.
Favorite System(s): D&D 3.5 and to lesser extend d20 Modern.
Favorite Setting(s): Any
Style of play: Optimized role-playing, meaning I make my characters to be good at what I design them to be, but not so powerful that they overshadow others
Favorite Game Type: almost any, but mindless combat isn't to my taste
Favorite Class Type: Intelligence based jack-of-all-trades
Favorite Class: Factotum, artificer, erudite
Favorite Prestige Class: I don't really have one, I use whatever I need to make my character concept viable
Average Posting Rate: I'm always at my computer or have my phone on hand, which I can post from too
Currently DMing: nothing at the present time
Currently Playing: nothing here either
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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #137 on: April 08, 2011, 02:48:32 AM »
Gaming Experience: 2 years playing once a month, then 1 year break and now I came back to my hobby.
Average level interested in playing: 8-12 maybe, although I prefer games starting from 1st.
Favorite System(s): DnD 3.5, 3.75 (3.5/Pathhfinder mix).
Favorite Setting(s): Forgotten Realms.
Style of play: ... simple.
Favorite Game Type: Not intrigue and puzzles.
Favorite Class Type: Nothing in particular.
Favorite Class: Probably Warblade.
Favorite Prestige Class: Fochlucan Lyrist.
Average Posting Rate: I'm logging in daily for at least an hour.
Currently DMing: Nothing... yet.
Currently Playing: Nothing.
Quote from: Sephirothsword117
Quote from: Solo
Optimizing is the antithesis of roleplaying because it takes focus away from the important parts of the game.
I'm inclined to disagree. People work hard on there characters, there personality, back ground, appearance, so forth. No one wants there character that they have invested time, energy, thought, and probably emotion in to be killed because they didn't take strong enough feats or skills or spells or what have you.


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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #138 on: April 20, 2011, 05:38:08 PM »
Gaming Experience: Started playing DND in 2004, with several local groups
Average level interested in playing: Don't really care, but I have the most experience with lvl 4-12.
Favorite System(s): 
Favorite Setting(s): Forgotten Realms, although I would love to play Ebberon or a homebrew world.
Style of play: Roleplay but I am a firm believer in practical optimization
Favorite Game Type: Urban campaign mostly because I like the intrigue, also enjoyed playing evil campaigns.
Favorite Class Types: Wizard or something stealthy
Favorite Prestige Class: Telflammar Shadowlord
Average Posting Rate: On the general forums, not so high. PbP almost always at least twice a day.
Currently DMing: No PBP Games. In IRL,
Currently Playing: Starting up a solo campaign soon with a friend. Looking for a PbP game though. In IRL currently none.


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Re: Gaming Profile/Preference Thread
« Reply #139 on: April 29, 2011, 10:34:44 PM »
Gaming Experience: Being playing D&D for maybe 10 years now
Average level interested in playing: 5+.  Had enough level one action to last a lifetime.
Favorite System(s): Paranoia, DnD 3.5
Favorite Setting(s): Homebrew, Eberron.
Style of play: Whatever.  Would like to try political game.
Favorite Game Type: High-power throwdown
Favorite Class Type: Arcane spellcaster, though I will play a divine spellcaster.  No, I don't like fighters.
Favorite Class: Wizard
Favorite Prestige Class: Anima Mage, Incantatrix
Average Posting Rate: 2 posts a day if needed
Currently DMing: Nothing right now, sadly
Currently Playing: Malacarus in FireInTheDusts Pathfinder e20 over on EnWorld.