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[Funny] Some fun links
« on: September 24, 2008, 09:10:50 PM »
Many of you probably have seen some of these but just in case you haven't.

#1: "The Guild" - This is a spoof of a WoW guild. You see the players sitting at their computers and interacting in the RL.

#2: "The legend of Neil" - One of the actors from "The Guild" wrote this. The premise is a guy playing "Legend of Zelda" on his NES. He passes out while pleasuring himself to the fairy princess while asphyxiating himself with the controller wire. He wakes up in the game world.

#3: "Tales of the Left Hand" - My friend writes and narrates this story in a weekly podcast. This is heroic fantasy not a comedy spoof like the first two. The site Area42 is an online gamestore. This is where I purchase most of my gaming materials, I like to support the indies.

Hope you enjoy these,

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