Author Topic: Bad guys/NPCs for PbP-game FR: The Darkening (My players DON'T READ!!!); WIP!  (Read 842 times)

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This thread will contain spoilers for those people who play or still wish to play in my PbP-Campaign. In your own best interest, don't peek.

Campaign information and houserules can be found here:
There are extensive houserules in this campaign, designed mostly to even out the balance between casters and non-casters without nerfing anything (much).

This is an initial post without much actual information, I am posting away from my material.

Please reply in sblocks, too.


The following Characters want optimisation:

Gubrik: Half-fiend Strong-child (custom template) Bugbear Warcaptain.


Need good classes to finish him, perhaps an initiator prestige class.

Gorbog Bugbear specialist Conjurer

Bugbear3/Conjurer 4-5/MS2-3/Incantatar10;

May shift around Conjurer and MS levels; He's got to be a bugbear.

Arglak Bugbear Clan chief, about ECL 14, no ideas how to build as of yet. Should be mechanically weaker than Gubrik.

Grathok Bugbear shaman (Mechanically a druid), about ECL 14-16

Dostorian Self-indulgent syndicate chief, ex-devil
Levelled/Augmented Paelyrion 22/Vampire Lord 6 (custom epic template/progression)

Tolandra Dravin Human Cleric of Lathander 12, may rise (cloistered cleric, likely as not)

Devanar Human Cloistered Cleric of Lathander 10;
Lvl 1: Able learner;


Yeah there are quite a few, and there will be more :). Not all builds will be complete, it's just too much work, I just need skeleton builds and a preferred mode of operation.

If you have time and suggestions, please post away, and please don't forget the spoiler tags. Thanks.