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Barrett L-50 Series (PL 6)
« on: August 04, 2008, 03:34:52 AM »
At PL 6 the price of the venerable Barrett Light Fifty drops to PDC 20, and its ammo drops to PDC 4 for a box of 50 rounds. This makes the 1980s-era weapon a cost-effective alternative to new weapons such as the charge rifle or laser rifle. This also makes it an excellent base for the gadgets system from d20 Future (It's been said before, but - WARNING: Do not let your players design their own weapons using the gadget system. Design stuff you won't hate to see in your campaign, then let the PCs buy it if they can afford it.).

L-50AV (Anti-Vehicle)
Damage 4d12+2 Ballistic (Critical 20)
Range Increment 120'
Magazine 11 Box
Size/Weight Huge/35lbs
PDC 32
Restriction Lic (+1)
Ammunition PDC 16 for 50 (PDC 18 for armour-penetrating rounds [+2 v armour])
Notes - The L-50AV is chambered for a longer round than its predecessor, and that round is fired using an improved (And extremely expensive) chemical propellant. It's pricey at ~$13 per single round, but this is a popular police Tac-Team or SWAT weapon. It's easier to convince city council to spring for an 'improved conventional rifle' than it is for a fancy high-tech laser sniper rifle or electroplasma-launch charge rifle. And it'll kill pretty much anyone who steals a construction exoskeleton, bolts on a few armour plates, and starts thinking they're indestructible.

L-50AP (Anti-Personnel)
Damage 2d12 Ballistic (Critical 20)
Range Increment 480' or 360' (See notes)
Magazine 11 Box
Size/Weight Huge/35lbs
PDC 24
Restriction Lic (+1)
Ammunition PDC 9 for 50 (PDC 11 for armour-penetrating rounds [+2 v armour])
Notes - The L-50AP rifle incorporates smart sighting electronics and micro-electromechanical systems that automatically adjust the barrel to smooth out any vibrations or jitters. The L-50AP gives a +1 equipment bonus to hit.
 - The L-50AP and its ammo both have the extended range gadget from the Future Tech book. RAW doubles the range increment for both uses of extended range (120 x2 x2 = 480), but you may want to limit it to x3 (120 base +120 for modified rifle +120 for modified ammo).
 - For obvious reasons, snipers love this rifle. The logistics officers love this rifle as well. It has more bang and better range than the charge rifle, in a pinch it can fire standard .50 rounds (But only gets a range increment of 240') and it costs about the same (Both are PDC 24). The laser sniper rifle is cheaper (PDC 21) and has slightly better average damage (3d8 v 2d12), but requires specialized power packs.

L-50F (Flechette)
Damage 2d12 Ballistic (Critical 19-20)
Range Increment 120'
Magazine 22x2 Box (See notes)
Size/Weight Huge/35lbs
PDC 25
Restriction Lic (+1)
Ammunition PDC 10 for 50 (PDC 6 for non-flechette rounds, but reduce critical range to 20)
Notes - This is an autofire version of the L-50, firing flechette rounds as its standard selection. The flechette bundles are a little less accurate than a standard bullet (-1 to hit), but offer improved flesh-rending capabilities.
 - The biggest change with the L-50F is in its ammunition capacity. Not only does the L-50F use extended box magazines (22 rounds as opposed to 11), it has an additional box mounted bullpup-style along the rifle stock. This gives the L-50F a full load of 44 rounds.
 - The L-50F: When you absolutely positively have to turn an entire herd of cattle into hamburger with nothing but a conventional rifle...
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Re: Barrett L-50 Series (PL 6)
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That's actually a pretty good idea.
I like flechettes. Especially .50 cal flechettes. :D
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