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Author Topic: Wizard of the Spiral Tower  (Read 6058 times)
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« on: October 13, 2011, 10:06:41 PM »

All books & sources allowed. I’m away from books, and I don’t know the 4E stuff by heart as I do the 3.5 stuff, so I may describe feats rather than use the exact name.

I’d like to play him as an up and close caster. Not a pure gish (I’d go Swordmage then), but more like Gandalf, using sword & staff to smack ‘em in the face when needed.

First off: Race. Doubting between Human & Eladrin. Human has better Fort & Ref, an extra at-will and can take the saving throw improvement feat. Eladrin has Longsword proficiency (cancelling out the Human bonus feat) and better stats.

Stats for Human:

   STR 8   DEX 14   CON 12   INT 18*   WIS 14   CHA 11
4            1   1   
8            1      1
10   1   1   1   1   1   1
12         1   1      
16         1   1      
20   1   1   1   1   1   1
24      1      1   1   
28            1      
   10   17   16   26   18   14

Stats for Eladrin:

   8   14*   14   18*   14   11
4            1   1   
8            1      1
10   1   1   1   1   1   1
12         1   1      
16         1   1      
20   1   1   1   1   1   1
24      1      1   1   
28            1      
   10   17   18   26   18   14

*Denotes racial bonus.

In the end, the Human has just +1 Ref, since the Eladrin can have a higher CON.
I’d go for the Demigod epic destiny, since I feel that’s the only one worthwhile, and I like stat boosts. They would go to INT (duh) and probably WIS.

I’ll take Staff as an implement, for the AC boost, but later on add Orb, for the penalty on enemy saves. Plan is to let the Longsword count as Orb, and wield one of those PHBIII staffs that grant a to-hit bonus.

My two at-wills will be Fire Burst & Thunderwave.

On to feats.
In no particular order, on the Heroic tier: Improved Initiative (later on Superior), Toughness, Astral Fire, Astral Fire for Thunder & Lightning, either Leather Armour or Unarmoured Agility (leaning to this), the feat that gives +1 to all defenses, upgrading it later to the +2 & +3 version, Versatile Expertise (Longsword and Staff), feat to use special Staff from PHBIII.
Paragon: Second Implement, Evasion, Mettle, Arcane Reach, Combat Anticipation, that PHBI feat that gives +2 to a defense when using a Thunder power, Spell Focus.
Epic: War Wizardry, the PHBI feat that reduces enemy fire resistance by 20, the “Improved Critical for Arcane Powers” feat from Arcane Power book.

Skills: Arcane, Diplomacy, Insight, Nature and Perception. (Via Dalelands? Origin in Player’s Guide to Faerun.)

I’d focus mostly on Fire/Thunder/Lightning powers, making my selection as I go. (I.e. I don’t know them well enough to write up a selection by heart. ;-))

For item I prefer things that gives static, straight bonuses. I’m not too fond of all the “once a day” crap in 4E. I’d focus on items that gives bonuses on saving throws, defenses and resistances. My weapons/implements would be just +6.
Head: Ioun Stone of Insight. (Darkvision, bonus on Insight & Perception.)
Neck: Resistance to necrotic, IIRC.
Cloak: Resistance to Fire & Cold.
Armour: Cloth that gives flyng.
Staff & Sword: straight +6, maybe an elemental blade.
Rings: Arcana & Protection.
Boots: Springing & Striding.
Belt: Bonus to Healing Surges?
Arms: No idea.

So, any suggestions on powers, better feats and better items are more than welcome.

Thanks in advance!

P.S.: Due to the lack of 4E knowledge on my part, please mention the source of feats, items,...
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