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The Archivist Handbook v2
« on: October 11, 2011, 11:29:03 PM »
[size=8]3.5 Archivist Handbook

This guide is a remake of Phaxi's original Archivist Handbook and the format is modeled on After Crecent's Cleric Handbook  This is very much a work in progress, and I am open to comments, criticisms, and suggestions.

    Table of Contents
Post 1: Introduction and Party Role
    Post 2: Attributes and Races
    Post 3: Class Features
    Post 4: Feats and Skills/Skill Tricks
    Post 5: Spells
    Post 6: More Spells (and how to get them)
    Post 7: Equipment
    Post 8: Multiclassing, Dips, and Prestige Classes
    Post 9: Sample Builds
    Post 10: Debatable Tactics/Tricks and Credits

Lore-wise, the archivist is the seeker of buried secrets and forgotten lore.  They seek out both obscure divine spells and knowledge about the creatures of the darkness.
Archivists are the divine versions of wizards; they're intelligence based, they have a spellbook (called a prayerbook), and they learn spells as a wizard does, either from scrolls, or off other archivists prayerbooks.  Now, that may not sound very strong, compared to a cleric that automatically has access to their entire list, and can also turn undead, and has access to domains, but the archivist can learn any divine spell: cleric, druid, adept, shugenja, domain spells, you name it - if it can be cast as a divine spell or written as a divine scroll, archivists can learn it.  They also get a few more nifty abilities related to knowledge skills that can buff the entire party, or daze/stun the enemy.  They can even, with the right PrC dips, have the option of using Divine Metamagic and/or access to Domains.  Overall, they are potentially one of the most versatile casters in the game, and I think, the most fun to play.  

      Talking to your DM
      The archivist is not a class to spring on your DM without talking to them first.  The archivist has great potential, but in the wrong campaign, it's going to be a disaster.  Find out the following before deciding to play this class:
      What material will be allowed in this campaign?
        How easy is it to purchase divine scrolls?  Even obscure ones?
        Will there be NPC archivists that you can pay to learn from their prayerbook?

        If the DM is clearly reluctant to let you have access to a wide selection of spells, I would advise picking a different class, or being prepared to re-roll.  An archivist that can only learn their two spells per level is just kind of terrible.  But, honestly, I've never had a problem when I've sat down to talk to a DM beforehand.  Find out how he handles wizards learning new spells, then talk about the archivist.  Walk him through the class if he doesn't know it, and explain what ever your goals are.  I've found that usually some agreement can be reached.  

        Role in a Party
        Here are some of the potential roles that the archivist could fill - I find it's best to choose a primary role and focus on that first; most of the really powerful tricks require heavy feat and PrC level investment.  However, the archivist is still more than capable of filling any of these roles as a secondary function with minimal investment.  

        Healer: The archivist has access to every heal spell in the game, several earlier than the cleric or druid.  So, if that's what you really want to do, the archivist makes a great healer.  That said, like many members of this board, I consider healing to be a sub-par role.  Even without any feats devoted to it, you'll still be able to do the job when needed.  Have a heal or two memorized for emergencies, and call it good.  

        Buffer: Here's an area that the archivist can really shine.  With access to almost every worthwhile buff in the game, and the ability to use Divine Metamagic to Persist or Quicken your buffs, you can either start the day off by throwing up a bunch of 24 hours buffs, or quickly put them up once engaged in battle.  Add in your Dark Knowledge class feature to give them +hit, +damage, and +saves with Move Actions, and the party will love you.  

        Summoner:  This is my favorite role to play, and another real strength of the archivist.  With access to both Summon Nature's Ally and the Summon Monster Series (and the Summon Undead series), along with the Planar Ally/Binding lines, the archivist is an unparalleled summoner.  SNA gives you heavy combat types, while SM gives you utility and a host of supernatural abilities.  Use Rapid Spell and Divine Metamagic Twin Spell for quick deployment, and consider PrCs like the Thaumaturgist or Malconvoker for some decent boosts.

        Battlefield Control: starting out with the old standby of entangle, you have all the tools for the job: divide up your enemies and conquer.  

        Blaster: the archivist isn't quite as good at this as you might think; sure they have access to a lot of the good blasting spells, especially from the druid list, but most of the really good blasting PrCs are arcane-only.  Still, blasting is a crappy job anyway; it's never a bad idea to have a good damage spell or two available as a last resort, but if you have to use them, something has gone horribly wrong.

        Other Roles:
        Melee:  The archivist can gish it up if need be; DMM Persist of Divine Power and other tricks come in handy, but it's probably going to take several levels to come online.  Still, it's certainly doable - if anyone has any suggestions for tips/tricks/builds, please let me know.
        Ranged:  The cleric archer is a standby on these boards, and with good reason: Zen Archery makes clerics very very good.  Sadly, it doesn't really work for archivists.  Archivists run off int more than wis (completely off int with the right feats) and so most archivists will be dumping wis.  So I'm going to say "just say 'no' to ranged archivist builds". (though, if there's a counter argument out there, I'm open to hearing it)

        Color Code:
        Blue = great option, highly recommended.
        Green = a good option, though either less powerful or more limited than a blue
        Black = an average option, not terrible, but either of very limited use or very weak.
        Red = a bad option, do not take.
        To be continued...
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        Re: The Archivist Handbook v2
        « Reply #1 on: October 11, 2011, 11:30:00 PM »

            Str: Only important if you plan on being a gish, for everyone else, dump this.
            Dex: Handy to boost your Reflex save (your one low save) and for ranged touch attacks.  If you play an Illumian, you can also use Dex for your bonus spells instead of Wis.  
            Con: Con is good for every class
            Int: The money stat - all your spell DCs are based on this, plus you'll need some for your Dark Knowledge checks, and with Academic Priest, Int can also determine bonus spells.  Max this.
            Wis: If, for some reason, you can't take Academic priest, this raises in value a lot, as it determines bonus spells per day.  Otherwise, your will save is your best save, and this stat isn't worth putting many points into.
            Cha: Diplomacy is a class skill, and quite useful if you're planning on using the Planar Ally line, or straight cha is useful for Planar Binding, and probably most importantly, since Turning is trivial to pick up with this class, it fuels DMM.  If you're not planning on doing any of that, this drops to a red stat.


        LA +0
        HumanPHB - as always, a strong choice.  An extra feat for a feat hungry class and the extra skill doesn't hurt either.
        Strongheart HalflingFRCS - an extra feat, -2 str, +2 Dex along with small size benefits.  Another strong choice.
        Kobold  - not very good on it's own merits, but with the Dragonwrought feat, +3 to all mental stats, and access to other Dragon goodies.  
        Lesser TieflingPGtF - +2 Int, +2 Dex, -2 Cha, and some other abilities - it's not a bad choice if you aren't going for DMM
        ShifterECS - wait, what?  -2 Int, -2 Cha, +2 Dex and it's a green?  For one reason; it gives you access to the very good Moonspeaker PrC, otherwise, stay away.
        IllumianRoD - has some interesting options, mainly the ability to sub Dex for Wis and the possibility to do some early access tricks for PrCs
        Whisper GnomeRoS - nothing particularly great for archivist, but they're just so all around good; +2 Dex, +2 Con, -2 Str, -2 Cha, small size, 30 ft move, and some SLAs
        SpellscaleRotD - the stats are pretty meh, but it gives you the [dragonblooded] subtype, and a host of changeable skill bonuses and limited use metamagics. 
        Grey ElvesMM - -2 Str, +2 Dex, -2 Con, +2 Int - if you want to be an elf, be this one (but seriously, don't be an elf :p)
        all other +int elves - not really worth it
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        Re: The Archivist Handbook v2
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        Class Features

        Hit Dice: a non-amazing d6.  You beat out wizards... and that's about it.  Staying in the back is a perfectly fine strategy^^
        Skills: 4+Int per level, and given that you should have a pretty darn good int, you make a decent secondary skill monkey.  On the downside, a lot of those skill points are going to be spoken for.  
        Proficiencies: Light and Medium Armor, simple weapons, no shields - break out the light crossbow and stay in the back.
        Spells: Oooh, yeah.  Let's get our spell-freak on.  Cleric spells, druid spells, adept spells, domain spells, shugenja spells, paladin spells, ranger spells, blighter spells, Nentyar Hunter spells - if it can be cast as a divine spell or scribed as a divine scroll, the archivist can learn it.
        Dark Knowledge:  The other part that make archivists cool - starting at 3 times per day as a move action, the archivist can make an appropriate knowledge check against the opponents (arcana for magical beast, dungeoneering for aberrations, religion for undead, the planes for elementals and outsiders) vs DC15 and either grant the entire party a boost or smite the enemy.  The frequency increases by 1/day every 3 archivist levels (4/day at 3rd, 5/day at 6th, etc)
        • 1st Dark Knowledge - Tactics: DC15 - give all party members an untyped +1 bonus on rolls to hit, DC25 increase to +2,  DC35 increase to +3
        • 5th Dark Knowledge - Puissance: DC15 - give all party members an untyped +1 bonus on saving throws, DC25 increase to +2,  DC35 increase to +3
        • 8th Dark Knowledge - Foe: DC15 give all party members a +1d6 on damage rolls, DC25 increase to 2d6, DC35 increase to 3d6
        • 11th Dark Knowledge - Dread Secret: DC15 single target is dazzled for one round, DC25 single target is dazed for one round, DC35 single target is stunned for one round
        • 14th Dark Knowledge - Foreknowledge: DC15 all party members gain a +1 insight bonus to AC, DC25 increase to +2, DC35 increase to +3
        Scribe Scroll: archivists gain Scribe Scroll as a bonus feat at level 1.  This is more crucial than it might seem, as it allows you to scribe scrolls for other classes spells.  From the DMG pg 282 "Note that all items have prerequisites in their descriptions. These prerequisites must be met for the item to be created. Most of the time, they take the form of spells that must be known by the item's creator (although access through another magic item or spellcaster is allowed)"
        Lore Mastery: At 2nd level, the archivist gets a +2 on Decipher Script checks and +2 on the Knowledge of his choice.  Add +2 to a different Knowledge at levels 7, 13, and 17.
        Still Mind: At 4th level, the archivist gets a +2 bonus to his saving throws against the school of enchantment.  One more reason not to cry about dumping Wis.
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        Re: The Archivist Handbook v2
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          General Purpose:
          • Academic PriestLegend of the Twins - Swaps Wis to Int for bonus spells.  SAD makes for happy archivists - always take this, unless your DM doesn't allow it.
          • Mother CystLM - For one feat, you get a lot of nice (well, not nice so much...) options.  Very flavorful for those walking a darker path.
          • DragonwroughtRotD  - Did you choose Kobold as your race?  Yes?  Then this is the reason you did.  +3 to all mental stats for no other cost - check.  Race now effectively "dragon" - check.  Borderline cheesey feat - check.
          • LeadershipPHB  - If your DM allows this feat, take it, no matter the build.  If your DM allows artificers to make divine scrolls, get an artificer for a cohort.  If not, get a warlock.  Congratulations, you now have access to every spell you want.
          • Planar touchstonePlH - a nice set of available benefits, that can be changed
          • Practiced SpellcasterCAr - if you lose a caster level through a PrC or a dip in another class, you must take this, period.
          • Draconic ArchivistHoH - can use Dark Knowledge against Dragons and Constructs with a knowledge(arcana) check.
          • Improved InitiativePHB - Battles often hinge solely on who goes first - be the one that goes first.

          • School Focus (Conjuration)PHB  - On its own, this feat is very terrible, however it serves as a pre-req for several much better feats, along with one of the better summoner PrCs
          • Augment SummoningPHB - +4 str +4 con to all of your summons, very nice.  You can get this from a couple different PrCs as well.
          • Spontaneous SummoningCD - probably worth it even in a non-summoner focused build, there's a lot of sheer utility offered, and it opens up some other options to you as well.
          • Greenbound SummoningLEoF - adds the quite broken Greenbound template to all of your SNA animal summons.  
          • Rashemi Elemental SummoningUE - allows you to turn your air elementals into Orglashes, and your earth elementals into thomils.
          • Summon ElementalCM - Summon a lower level elemental all day - great for scouting, trap bait, etc.
          • Cloudy Conjuration - you can use your summonings as debuffs and short duration LoS/LoE blockers as well.
          • Metamagic School FocusCM - 3/day, lower the cost of metamagic on a spell of the chosen school by 1 (limit of +0) - choose Conjuration, great for getting free Rapid summons.
          • AshboundECS - Free Extend on all your SNA spells, and a +3 luck bonus on their to hit as well.  Only available if you take Spontaneous Summoning.
          • Beckon the FrozenFrost - You can summon you creatures as the [cold] subtype and they gain +1d6 cold damage on attacks.
          • Imbued SummoningPHBII - Cast a quickened low-level buff on your summons; pretty meh.

          • DIVINE METAMAGIC - is it allowed in the campaign?  Then yes, you will take this (you will need a dip in Sacred Exorcist, or another source of turning to qualify, but that's not a big deal) and possibly more than once.  Depending on your primary role, you'll probably choose different feats to apply this to:  Persist is always a strong buffing option, and Quicken is a good option in any build.  For summon heavy builds I like Twin Spell.
          • Persistent SpellCAr - makes any personal or fixed distance spell last 24 hours at a +6 level adjustment.  Even without DMM, this is a pretty great option.  
          • Twin SpellCAr - You cast the same spell twice for a +4 level adjustment.  Great for summonings and Save or X spells.  
          • Rapid SpellCD - Full round cast spells are now a standard action for a +1 level adjustment (longer spells are affected too) - this is fantastic for summoning; summon on a standard action, then Dark Knowledge on your Move Action and your summons get the benefit too.  Not as useful for non-summoning builds.
          • Quicken SpellPHB - one of the best general utility metamagics; casting as a swift action is pretty powerful.
          • Heighten SpellPHB - very handy for making low level spells with unusual effects relevant at higher levels.
          • Reach SpellCD - give any touch spell a 30 ft range for a +2 level adjustment.  Touch attacks become ranged touched attacks, and touch spells now have a fixed distance (and can be made persistent.
          • Extend SpellPHB - kind of handy on it's own, but even more importantly, you need this to get Persistent Spell.
          • Ocular SpellLoM - Cast two spells as a full round action, for a level adjustment of +2 on each.  There are some fun uses for this, but it has a fairly narrow application.
          • Sudden MaximizeCAr - 1/day apply Maximize Spell on the fly with no level adjustment.
          • Chain SpellCAr  - if this could be used to buff without jumping through a ton of hoops, it would be a great feat.
          • Sculpt SpellCAr - meh, in theory there are some decent uses for this, and if you're a primary blaster, go ahead and pick it up.
          • Empower SpellPHB - again, good for offensive spells, less good for anything else.
          • Enlarge/Maximize/Silent/Still/WidenPHB - there are too many good feats to get to worry about these; the level adjustment is simply too high for what you get from them.

          • Seriously, don't take feats to improve this.

          Devotion Feats:
          If you're doing a build that takes advantage of domains, a few of these feats can be pretty nice.
          Knowledge - gain up to a +5 insight bonus on all attack and damage rolls with an appropriate knowledge check - hey, that sounds like something we already do^^  Better for a gish build or a blaster type, but anyone that ends up dealing damage on a personal basis regularly should try to get this.
          Travel - 1/day move up to your speed as a swift action.  You can spend 2 turn attempts to use it again.
          Law  - up to a +7 sacred/profane bonus to attack or AC that you can reallocate on a round to round basis, very nice.  
          Protection  - up to a +7 sacred/profane bonus on AC for you and every ally within 30'
          Animal - 1/day give yourself one of the following for one minute - up to a +8 sacred/profane str bonus, up to a +30' sacred/profane bonus to speed, flight at up to 60' speed, or a terrible bite attack.  More versatile than most of the domain feats, and sacred/profane bonuses are fairly hard to find.  Costs 3 turn attempts for extra uses though
          Strength - overcome hardness, add a decent slam attack, only costs 1 turn attempt to add a daily use; overall useful
          Water - not horrible, summon up to a Huge water elemental as a standard action, only costs 1 turn attempt for extra uses.  It would be nice if the other elemental devotions had this option.  Too bad water elementals are pretty meh.
          Sun - massive extra weapon damage to undead
          Air - it's not terrible, but you have better places to spend feats
          Everything else - just say no


          • Concentration Every caster needs to have this maxed.
          • Craft There are better uses for your skill points
          • Decipher Script If your DM hints that this is going to be an important skill in the campaign, the archivist is a great choice to grab it, otherwise, no.  It's too bad really, it does fit in really well flavor-wise.
          • Diplomacy Again, if the party needs a face, and you didn't dump Cha, you can do a fine job.  Also handy if you are planning on using the Planar Ally line at all.
          • Gather Information  Potentially useful to track down obscure scrolls
          • Heal  You have access to every healing and curing spell in the game
          • Knowledge (all)  You'll want to max at least four of these - arcana, dungeoneering, religion and the planes (you may possibly want rank in nature as well depending on what PrCs you pursue)
          • Profession  Even worse than Craft skills.
          • Search  Hopefully your real skillmonkey has this.
          • Spellcraft  Like all casters, you will be maxing this.

          Cross Class Skill of Note
          • Bluff  Worth putting some ranks in if you are aiming at the Malconvoker class.


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          Re: The Archivist Handbook v2
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          Spells are the archivist's greatest strength, and unless you're playing in a campaign with nigh-unlimited money, you'll want to choose your spells carefully.  Here are some of the more potent and versatile spells that you may want to pick up as fast as you can.
          (For now, I'm leaving out the Divine Bard versions of spells; I'll probably go back and add them later if there's interest)

          0 Level
          You get every cleric level 0, and that covers all of the important ones.

          1st Level
          BlessPHB - +1 morale bonus to all allies attack rolls and saves against fear effects
          CommandPHB - Sleep is generally better at low levels, but this doesn't have a HD cap, so remains useful longer.  
          Divine FavorPHB - +1 luck bonus on attack and damage rolls that scales up to +6
          Entropic ShieldPHB - 20% miss chance for all ranged attacks against you
          Obscuring MistPHB - One of the best early retreat spells, drop this and run away.  Even better later on when you have pets that have blindsight or similar.
          Protection from Evil/Good/Chaos/Law[sup]PHB[/sup] - a very powerful defensive spell
          SanctuaryPHB - there are a lot of non-damaging things you can do and still be effective; this lets you do them safely.
          Shield of FaithPHB - +2 deflection bonus to AC that scales up to +5
          ConvictionSpC - +2 morale bonus to saving throws for one ally that scales to +5, Combine with Dark Knowledge: Puissance against nasty Save or X using foes.
          Summon Monster I - not very useful at first, but at higher levels becomes a very versatile use for a 1st level slot
          Omen of PerilSpC - the first good divination spell
          Lesser VigorSpC - The premiere out of combat healing spell

          Domain: (DomainDomain source)spell source
          Mage Armor (ForceSpC)PHB
          Identify (OracleSpC)PHB
          Sleep (DreamSpC)PHB - the first save or lose spell - also available from the Adept list
          Entangle (PlantPHB)PHB - Fantastic battlefield control.  Also available from the Druid list
          Grease (SlimeSpC)PHB
          Enlarge Person (TransformationRoE)PHB
          Detect Thoughts (TruthRoE)PHB - multiple uses for this, interrogation, intelligence gathering, etc

          Non-Cleric: (ClassSpell Scource)
          Lesser Restoration (PalPHB) - heal ability score damage and cure status effect one spell level early
          Warning Shout (PalSpC) - as an immediate action, all your allies are not flat-footed
          Resist Energy (RangerPHB) - a good defensive spell, earlier than anyone else.
          Lay of the Land (RangerSpC) - another good divination spell, learn about the land for 50 miles around you.
          Embrace the Wild (RangerSpC) - gain low-light vision, scent, or blindsense for 10 minutes/level
          Summon Nature's Ally I (DruidPHB) - really short duration at first, but the wolf is really good - free trip attacks
          Shillelagh (DruidPHB) - makes a quarterstaff a really good melee weapon
          Winged Watcher (DruidCSc) - turn into a bird as a swift action.  Flight at level 1?  Yes, please.  Only lasts 1 round/level, but still, it's nice to have that option.  Great escape spell.
          Camouflage (DruidSpC) - +10 on Hide checks
          Aspect of the Wolf (DruidSpC) - effectively turn into a wolf for 10 minutes/level
          Produce Flame (DruidPHB) - one of the more potent blasting options at this level.
          Barkskin (Nentyar HunterPHB) - scaling natural armor bonus, also available from the Druid list or Plant Domain


          2nd Level
          Bull's Strength/Eagle's Splendor/Owl's Wisdom/Bear's EndurancePHB - these tend to come in handy quite a bit.
          DesecratePHB - vital if you're going to be animating the dead
          Hold PersonPHB - save or lose
          Spiritual WeaponPHB - a tool for dealing with incorporeal foes
          Summon Monster IIPHB - not as good as the other two summon spells available, but decent if you don't have access to them.
          BramblesSpC - a melee buff for wooden weapons.
          Close WoundsSpC - one of the better healing spells - an immediate action spell for those desperate moments.
          Divine InsightSpC - gives a scaling bonus between +8-15 for any one skill check.
          Ghost Touch ArmorSpC - adds the Ghost Touch ability to your armor.
          Living UndeathSpC - makes the target immune to criticals and sneak attacks
          Summon Undead IISpC - the owlbear skeleton is slightly better at combat than the SNA hippogriff
          Lore of the GodsCC - Grants a +5 (+10 if you worship a god with the Knowledge domain) insight bonus on all knowledge checks for 10 minutes/level
          Substitute DomainCC - really great for later on, if you decide to play around with domains.
          DarkboltLoM - 1d8/2 caster levels damage and must save or be stunned for one round

          Magic Missile (ForceSpC)PHB - nothing exciting, but it's a handy spell every once in a while
          Fox's Cunning (BaatorSpC)PHB - the buff spell that you really care about, also from the Divine Bard list
          Locate Object (TravelPHB)PHB - a solid divination spell, and at a lower level than usual
          Cat's Grace (CeleritySpC)PHB - and just to round the buff list out, also off the Adept list
          Ghoul Glyph (HungerSpC)SpC - gives you something to do in your downtime (when you're not learning new spells :p)
          Magic Circle Against Evil (ExorcismECS)PHB - in addition to being generally good defense, these are also vital to several higher level spells.
          Invisibility (LustSpC)PHB - also off the Adept list
          Alter Self (TransformationRoE)RoE - one of the most versatile spells available, boost your AC, grab bonuses to skills, fly, etc.  
          Summon Dire Hawk (SkyRotW)RotW - not as powerful as the other summons at this level, but this spell is minutes/level instead of rounds/level, making it an interesting option.  Also off the Druid list.
          DemoncallFCI DemonicFCI - a +10 profane bonus to knowledge arcana, religion or the planes for any one check.  Great for use with Dark Knowledge.

          Summon Nature's Ally II (DruidPHB)- Hippogriff is the strong one here, a good combatant and some flying powah.
          Mass Snake's Swiftness (DruidSpC) - all of your allies make one melee or ranged attack.  If you did nothing with your second level slots aside from memorize this spell, you would probably be fine.
          Blinding Spittle (DruidSpC) - Blind a target with no save, lasts until they rinse their eyes out.
          Mass Camouflage (DruidSpC) - +10 Hide for the whole group
          Bite of the Wererat (DruidSpC) - another close combat buff
          Creeping Cold (DruidSpC) - 6d6 over 3 rounds, extend it at higher levels for 21d6 for a 3rd level spell
          Heart of Air DruidCM - +10 on jump checks, +10 fly speed, swift action feather fall
          Splinterbolt (DruidSpC) - not quite as good as Scorching Ray, unless you're fighting immune to fire types.  It's ranged attack instead ranged touch, and is affected by DR.  It does have a crit range of 18-20 though.
          Scorching Ray (AdeptPHB) - probably the best blasting spell of the level, 4d6 on a ranged touch attack, no save
          See Invisibility (AdeptPHB)
          Mirror Image (AdeptPHB) - one of the best defensive spells in the game
          Web (AdeptPHB)
          Tremorsense (RangerSpC) - gain tremorsense 30'
          Primal Instinct (RangerDM) - 24 hour buff, gain +5 competence bonus to Initiative and Survival.  When stacked with another Primal spell, gain Uncanny Dodge.


          3rd Level
          Animate DeadPHB - start that undead horde up!  (Or, if you're smarter, a small group of elite undead)
          Dispel MagicPHB - magic is where the power is; make sure that you can fight back when the other side has it.
          Magic Circle Against Evil/Good/Chaos/LawPHB - in addition to being generally good defense, these are also vital to several higher level spells.
          Magic VestmentPHB - never spend money upgrading your armor enhancement bonus.
          Protection from EnergyPHB - damage absorption for an energy type chosen at cast time.
          Summon Monster IIIPHB - this one is where SM starts to get good.  Most of your animals should have DR 5/magic, and you get your first demon, who can cast stinking cloud for you.  
          Mass ConvictionSpC - boost your whole party's saving throws
          Mass Resist EnergySpC
          Mass Lesser VigorSpC - a favorite of DMM Persist, the ultimate in out of combat healing.
          Sonorous HumSpC - no need to stop casting when you have a concentration spell up.
          SpikesSpC - the next upgrade of the wooden melee weapon line
          Summon Undead IIISpC - the troll skeleton is a decent beatstick, if he can get a full attack in, he's better than the dire wolf from SNA III

          Anyspell (SpellSpC)SpC - for those going into Domain shenanigans.
          Blur (CeleritySpC)PHB - another 20% miss chance spell, this one works against melee as well
          Fly (TravelPHB)PHB - real flight
          Haste (TimeSpC)PHB - haste is really, really good; and it affects 1 creature/level, so even when you fist get it, you can likely haste your entire party
          Gaseous Form (AirPHB)PHB - good escape spell
          Suggestion (DominateSpC)PHB
          Displacement (IllusionPGtF)PHB
          Distilled Joy (JoyBoED)BoED - creating scrolls takes money and XP, this can help offset some of the latter.
          Plant Growth (PlantPHB)PHB - not very good on it's own, but needed to get into the Holt Warden PrC
          Vampiric Touch (NecromancyECS)PHB
          Divination (OracleSpC)PHB - more useful Divination^^
          Dimensional Anchor (PortalPGtF)PHB - stop teleporters cold.  (also really important when binding)
          Tongues (CommerceECS)PHB
          Recitation (PurificationSpC)SpC
          (BlackwaterStorm)PHB - only useful for a couple levels, after that, your better off with summons doing your grappling.

          Spike Growth (DruidPHB) - put a real crimp in a charger's day.
          Summon Nature's Ally III (DruidPHB) - the dire wolf is a toss up with the undead troll, the wolf hits harder on a single attack and has a higher move, and like the smaller version, can trip for free.
          Wind Wall (DruidPHB) - Completely shut down archers, swarms, and tiny fliers.
          Bite of the Werewolf (DruidSpC) - another melee buff, hopefully by this point you aren't having to use these much any more, but they're a nice stat boost when you think you might have to get close to the enemy.
          Crumble (DruidSpC) - destroy objects, this spell ignores hardness
          Icelance (DruidSpC) - 6d6 damage and they have to save or be stunned for 1d4 rounds.  Not great, but when you need to blast, it's not bad.
          Spiderskin (DruidSpC) - Barkskin + saves against poison and racial bonus to Hide.
          Arctic Haze (DruidFrost) - Obscures vision and does damage.  
          Venomfire (DruidSK) - seriously, just say no to this spell if you want to avoid books being flung at your head.  The most broken damage spell in the game.
          Primal Senses (RangerDM) - 24 hour buff, gain low-light vision and +5 competence bonus to Spot and Listen.  When combined with another Primal spell, gain Uncanny Dodge.
          Lightning Bolt (AdeptPHB)
          Charm Monster (Emissary of BarachielPHB) - more enchantment cheatery - so fun^^
          Lesser Geas (Emissary of BarachielPHB) - for those pesky Planer Bindings that just won't give in.
          Scrying (Emissary of BarachielPHB) - the gold standard of long distance problem solving.
          Freedom of Movement (Nenytar HunterPHB) - critical to stop grapples and other nasty effects.
          Death Ward (Consecrated HarrierPHB)
          Restoration (HealerPHB) - cure permanent ability drain
          Greater Magic Weapon (PalPHB) - never pay for weapon enhancements again


          4th Level
          Air WalkPHB - a very good way of getting over larger obstacles.
          DismissalPHB - get rid of a single outsider.
          Divine PowerPHB - What was your BAB?  Doesn't matter, now you have the BAB of a fighter, and extra hit points, and +6 to strength.  
          Imbue with Spell AbilityPHB - a lot of useful tricks with this one.
          Giant VerminPHB - makes some pretty decent beatsticks
          Lesser Planar AllyPHB - a fairly bad spell by itself, but you need it to qualify for Thaumaturgist
          Spell ImmunityPHB - really good if you're going against known enemies, or to stop some of the more common nasties.
          Summon Monster IVPHB - some decent SLAs and the Howler makes a good debuffer against tougher opponents.
          Mass Shield of FaithSpC - scaling deflection AC bonus for the whole party
          PanaceaSpC - cure almost any status
          Sheltered VitalitySpC - several good immunities
          Summon Undead IVSpC - pretty lackluster.  The zombie has a lot of hps, but that's about it, the ghast and allip might as well just be an aoe spell (and not a very good one)
          Greater ResistanceSpC - 24 hour duration, +3 to all saves
          Planar ToleranceSpC - ignore negative effects of other planes.

          Leomund's Secure Shelter (CavernSpC)PHB - this isn't a good spell at all, but it's one that I really like anyway^^
          Chaos Hammer/Order's Wrath/Holy Smite/Unholy Blight (Chaos/Law/Good/EvilPHB) - damage + effect to appropriate outsiders
          Good Hope (CharmSpC)PHB - 1 target/level gets a +2 morale bonus to every action for 1 minute/level
          Glibness (CommerceECS)PHB - +30 to non-combat Bluff checks
          Enervation (DecayECS)PHB - target loses 1d4 temporary levels
          Dominate Person (DominationSpC)PHB - Take control of a humanoid for 1 day/level
          Wall of Fire (FirePHB)PHB - not nearly as good as some of the other walls, but it has it's uses.  It's probably best at burning down wooden structures.
          (ForceSpC)PHB- multi-use spell, it's a great defense for yourself, or it's a good way to take one enemy out of the fight.  
          Modify Memory (MentalismSpC)PHB - oh, the number of problems this spell has solved for my group over the years...
          Dimension Door (TravelPHB)PHB - the first really solid teleport spell.  Limited distance, but still solves a lot of problems.
          Explosive Runes (RuneSpC)PHB - a good spell for casting on off days; get creative with its uses!
          Shadow Conjuration (ShadowECS)PHB - like all of the shadow spells, extremely versatile.
          Slow (SlothSpC)PHB - one of the standard "save or suck" spells

          Bite of the Wereboar (DruidSC) - high +Con and + Nat. Armor
          Blast of Sand (DruidSand) - a solid spell against creatures with SR
          Boreal Wind (DruidFrost) - solid damage + knockback effects and persists without the need for concentration.  Also has a huge range.  
          Flame Strike (DruidPHB) - good damage, and half of it bypasses immunity/resistance to fire.  
          Vortex of Teeth (DruidSpC) - really nasty if you can drop it on slowed/immobilized enemies.  Works against incorporeal creatures as well.
          Greater Creeping Cold
          Heart of Earth (DruidCM) - gain CLx2 temporary hit points and a +8 bonus against trip attacks, bull rush, and overrun.  As a swift action, activate a stoneskin effect that last for rounds/level and ends the entire buff when finished.  No component.
          Summon Nature's Ally IV (DruidPHB) - this is a really great level for this spell line - brown bear and croc are great grapplers (bear for more damage, croc for better lockdown), the tiger is a pouncing damage machine, and the unicorn is a mini-healer that can also dish out some decent damage.
          Primal Speed (RangerDM) - 24 hour buff, +5 to Ref saves, +10 to move.  When combined with another Primal spell, gain Uncanny Dodge.
          Animal Growth (RangerPHB) - one of the best buff spells in the game.
          Legend Lore - Consecrated HarrierPHB - divination
          Break Enchantment (PaladinPHB) - good for getting rid of some of the more unusual curse types.
          Wall of Thorns (Nentyar HunterPHB) - solid battlefield control.
          Polymorph (AdeptPHB) - so abusable, but so nice.
          Stoneskin (AdeptPHB) - expensive, but effective when you need it.  Heart of Earth is probably more effective though, if Complete Mage is allowed.
          Telepathic Aura (PaladinSpC) - telepathically communicate with all your allies.
          Summon Giants (Disciple of ThrymFrost) - wait, what?  Summoning CR11 monsters?  Prepare to dodge thrown books, but damn, that's sexy.


          5th Level
          Plane ShiftPHB - yay, the first interplanar travel spell!
          Righteous MightPHB - it's like Enlarge Person, only much better
          Spell ResistancePHB - Annoyed by your spells fizzling against outsiders?  Now let them feel your pain.
          Summon Monster VPHB - some solid SLA's, probably the best choice against large groups of mooks
          True SeeingPHB - I really can't emphasize enough how useful this spell is.
          Wall of StonePHB - good battlefield control, or use it for building your new doom fortress
          Swift EtherealnessPH2 - pinned in by enemies?  swift action turn ethereal, and then move out of danger.
          Divine AgilitySpC - it's not a huge improvement over Bite of the Wererat - this really should have been insight instead of enhancement.  But, if you or a party member really need that little extra, it can be useful.
          RevivifySpC - resurrect a fallen comrade within one round and they don't lose a level.  It's worth carrying around the 1000g in components.
          Righteous Wrath of the FaithfulSpC - +3 morale bonus to attack and damage rolls + an additional attack on a full attack.
          Summon Undead VSpC - and the last of the Summon Undead line goes out with a whimper.  1d3 brown bears from SNA V destroys anything on this list.
          TriadspellSpC - A really great spell.  Cast it during downtime, and effectively triple your lower level spell slots.  Ok, that may be an exaggeration, but it doesn't go away unless you cast the spells, or prepare another spell in the slot.  And there's no limitation on how many slots you can cast it on.
          Surge of FortuneCC - gain a +2 luck bonus on just about everything - end the spell early to get a natural 20 on a roll.

          Control Winds (AirPHB)PHB - absolutely wreck things with this spell.
          Fabricate (ArtificeECS)PHB
          Passwall (CavernSpC)PHB
          Valiant Fury (CourageSpC)SpC - morale bonus to Str and Con and Will save + extra attack when using a full attack
          Major Creation (CreationSpC)PHB
          Hallucinatory Terrain (GnomeSpC)PHB - these are neat, but only if there isn't another illusion caster in the group, otherwise, don't bother.
          Persistent Image (IllusionSpC)PHB
          Wall of Iron (MetalSpC)PHB - like wall of stone, only potentially more profitable, if the DM lets you get away with that sort of thing.
          Prying Eyes (OrcSpC)PHB - little spies scout out the surrounding area and report back to you
          Teleport (TravelPHB)PHB - and now we have real travel.  
          Lesser Planar Binding (RuneSpC)PHB - And, probably my favorite line of spells in the game.
          Shadow Evocation (ShadowECS)PHB - the shadow conjuration/evocation line is just so handy at increasing the types of tricks we can do.
          Permanency (TimeSpC)PHB - there are some pretty handy things you can do with this.

          Commune with Nature (DruidPHB)
          Awaken (DruidPHB) - a neat way to get some additional cohort-like creatures; be sure to clear this with your DM first, though.  It's annoying to spend the xp, and then have the DM say "and then the animal goes on it's merry way without you".
          Baleful Polymorph (DruidPHB) - turn your enemy into a harmless little bunny.  Hugging, squeezing and calling him "George" are optional.
          Bite of the Weretiger (DruidSpC) - large Str boot, and Power Attack
          Summon Nature's Ally V (DruidPHB) - The elemental has some uses, especially if you have Rashemi Elemental Summoning, but for combat, the 1d3 brown bears are probably the best bet.
          Owl's Insight (DruidSpC) - best Wis buff - insight bonus equal to 1/2 caster level
          Phantom Stag (DruidSpC) - a really fast mount with some nice extra abilities
          Cloak of the Sea (DruidSpC) - mandatory if there's any underwater action in the campaign.
          Heart of Fire DruidCM - +10 to land speed, 10 fire resist, and as a swift action can give you flame shield.  If two or more Heart spells are up, gain light fortification.  If all four are up, gain heavy fortification.
          Heal (AdeptPHB) - the most (only?) useful in-combat healing spell.
          Antilife Shell (BlighterPHB) - keep out all living things
          Forbiddance (BlighterPHB) - Permanently seal off a space from planar travel.
          Find the Path (Nentyar HunterPHB) - never, ever get lost again.


          6th Level
          Greater Dispel MagicPHB - a much higher limit on the caster check; a must have.
          Heroes' FeastPHB - it's basically a 12 hour version of Aid with immunity to fear added.  It's move of a convenience spell than anything else.  Get it, but at a fairly low priority.
          Planar AllyPHB - in theory, this can come in handy.  Honestly, I usually pick it up just so I have all the summoning/calling spells; I don't think I've ever used it.  The cost, even with thaumaturgist, is just too bloody high.
          Summon Monster IVPHB - from here on out, the difference between SM and SNA is basically the same at every level - SM has the better survivability and the better SLAs, SNA has the better beatsticks; especially if you have elemental boosting feats.  It's really handy to have both.
          Word of RecallPHB - not super important if you have teleport, really nice if you don't.
          Energy ImmunitySpC - complete immunity from one energy type for 24 hours.
          Superior ResistanceSpC - +6 to all saving throws for 24 hours
          Stone BodySpC - gain construct-like immunities and DR
          Spiritual GuardianCC - either gain a +6 deflection bonus to armor, or have another creature attacking on your side.  A good spell to cast right before going into battle, when you're not sure what's waiting for you.

          Greater AnyspellSpC - SpellSpC - if you have real domain spell slots, with this you can cast any sorc/wiz spell up to 5th level.
          ContingencyPHB TimeSpC - there are a lot of possibilities with this.
          Magic JarPHB EnvySpC - Possession
          Chain LightningPHB AirPHB - it's blasting, but less bad than most at this level.
          Greater HeroismPHB PassionECS - +4 morale bonus to attacks, saves, and checks, 1/level temporary hps, and immunity to fear.
          Antimagic FieldPHB MagicPHB - sometimes the bad guys have the better magic; shut them down when they do.  
          Probe ThoughtsSpC MindSpC - great interrogation spell.
          Eyebite NecromancyECS - long lasting debuff on 1 enemy per round as a move action.
          Shadow WalkPHB ShadowECS - take a walk in the Plane of Shadow
          Force ShapechangeRoE TruthRoE - force shapechangers to stay in their true form; great for stopping a druid.
          CloudwalkersSpC WindstormSpC - 1 person/level gains flying 60' (perfect)
          Planar BindingPHB - again, my favorite line of spells in the game; incredibly powerful.

          Bite of the WerebearSpC Druid - the last of the Bite line, this one is a massive Str and Con and Natural Armor boost.
          Enveloping CocoonSpC Druid - effectively turns a Fort or Will save into a Reflex save.  Situational usefulness, would be better if it affected creatures over large size.
          Greater ScryingPHB Druid - longer lasting than Scrying.
          SpellstaffPHB Druid - unless you're fighting every day, this is effectively an extra spell slot of your highest level.  A must have.
          Tortoise ShellSpC Druid - a +6 -9 enhancement to natural armor.  Acts as heavy armor though =/
          Summon Nature's Ally VIPHB Druid - Huge Elementals, Large Storm Elementals, Dire Bear for tearing non-grapplers to little bits, OreadFF that can cast earthquake(!) - there's lots to like at this level.
          Mephit MobSand Druid - summon 2d6 mephits for 10 minutes/level; you choose type.  
          Transport via PlantsPHB Druid - like word of recall, mostly useful if you haven't learned teleport yet.
          Greater RestorationPHB Healer - only use to fix permanent level loss; everything else can be taken care of without the xp loss.
          RegenerationPHB  Healer - again, a rather specialized spell, but really good to have when you need it.
          AntipathyPHB Blighter -
          Finger of DeathPHB Blighter - save or die; save vs fort.


          7th Level
          Blasphemy/Holy Word/Dictum/Word of ChaosPHB - a no save area effect spell, with various penalties depending on HD difference.  A great mook killer.  Also banishes outsiders (Will save allowed vs banishing)
          Ethereal JauntPHB - hop over to the Ethereal Plane either to deal with an ethereal creature or to avoid something on the Material Plane.
          ResurrectionPHB - even if there's a cleric in the party, it's nice to have this.  Combine it with Cocoon when you get it to have true resurrection one spell level early.
          RefugePHB - nice for letting the non-casters in the party have a way of teleporting home.
          DestructionPHB - save or die, and even on a save, the target still takes 10d6.
          Summon Monster VIIPHB - some nice SLAs here - Wall of Ice at will, Dispel Magic at will, Major Creation (vegetable matter is permanent - lots of ways to abuse that)
          Greater Consumptive FieldSpC - a nasty spell, but with some pretty huge benefits.  Gain up to half again your CL by killing everything around you with 9 hps or less.  For true Evil Overlord tactics; persist this and walk through towns.
          Holy StarSpC - a good multi-use spell - gain either spell turning, +6 circumstance bonus to AC, or do 1d6 damage for every 2 levels.  The spell lasts 3 rounds and you can choose which effect each round.
          Holy TransformationSpC - take on the aspect of a hound archon; you become an outsider and gain several abilities.
          Greater Plane ShiftSpC - like plane shift, without the random arrival point.
          Fortunate FateSpC - a contingent heal, that goes off if the target is about to die.  

          Animal ShapesPHB AnimalPHB - polymorph for the whole party; animal only, and it lasts for hours/level
          HardeningECS ArtificeECS - increase the hardness of an item permanently by 1 point per 2 levels.  Otherwise known as the "sunder this, bitch" spell.
          DisintegratePHB DestructionPHB
          Earthquake*PHB EarthPHB - a great spell, but I almost never memorize it since it can be cast by a summon from SNA VI.  So, not worth getting.
          PHB FeastECS - a much more elaborate rope trick, it doesn't see much use, but every once in a while it can come in really handy.  I usually carry a scroll of this.
          ForcecagePHB ForceSpC
          ScreenPHB GnomeSpC - good protection against scrying.
          Project ImagePHB IllusionSpC create a quasi-real duplicate of yourself
          StarmantleBoED JoyBoED - non-magical weapons are destroyed when they try to touch you.  All attacks with magic weapons are halved in damage if you can make a reflex save vs DC15
          Spell TurningPHB LuckPHB - bounce back 1d4+6 levels of spells back at the caster.
          Brain SpiderSpC MindSpC - mentally eavesdrop on up to 8 creatures.
          EtherealnessPHB PortalSpC - turn ethereal, can take others with you.
          PHB RunePGtF - summon a marked item to you from anywhere in the multiverse.
          Greater Shadow ConjurationPHB ShadowECS
          Reverse GravityPHB SkyRotW
          Limited WishPHB EnvySpC
          Bigby's Grasping HandPHB StrengthPHB
          Moment of PresciencePHB TimePGtF - gain an insight bonus equal to CL on any one roll. I love this for making difficult binding checks.
          Greater TeleportPHB TravelPHB - like teleport but no range limit and no chance of missing the target.
          Illusion PurgeRoE TruthRoE
          Acid FogPHB WaterPHB - like solid fog, but everything takes 2d6 per round.
          Tenser's TransformationPHB HeroOA

          Summon Nature's Ally VIIPHB - 1d3 Huge elementals or a huge storm elemental.  
          Master EarthSpC Druid - druid teleport, without the teleport; which means it's not blocked by the usual anti-teleport measures.  Incredibly useful.
          Storm TowerSpC Druid - a solid defensive buff, if excessively flashy.
          Teleport ObjectPHB Shugenja - why carry treasure when you can just send it back to your base?


          8th Level
          Dimensional LockPHB - have this readied when using binding spells on creatures with teleport.
          Discern LocationPHB - locate any creature or object, the only things that stop it are mind blank and the direct intervention of a deity.
          Greater Spell ImmunityPHB - now be immune to certain spells of up to 8th level.
          Cloak of Chaos/Holy Aura/Shield of Law/Unholy AuraPHB - party wide SR 25, along with protection from evil-type effects.  Anyone that lands a melee attack on someone guarded by this spell has to save or be afflicted by a status effect.
          Greater Planar AllyPHB - still expensive for what you can get with it.
          Summon Monster VIIIPHB - a whole host of new SLAs to choose from
          Summon GiantFrost - repeating this on the list since, while you can technically get it at 4th level, no sane DM would allow that, and this is one of the few summon spells that will do a decent job if you haven't been concentrating on summoning.
          Mass Death WardSpC
          Heat DrainSpC - deal 1d6/level to everyone in a 20' radius, gain 2 temporary hps for every creature effected.
          StormrageSpC - gain flying and immunity to ranged attacks; every round you can deal 1d6/level lightning damage to a single target with no saving throw.  

          True CreationPHB ArtificeECS
          Greater BlinkSpC CeleritySpC - like blink but with much more control over the effects.
          Analyze DweomerPHB CommerceECS
          Iron BodyPHB EarthPHB - gain several construct immunities and DR
          Mind BlankPHB ProtectionPHB - almost complete protection against scrying and mind affecting spells.  This is a must have, or an item with this effect up permanently.  (ideally both)
          Incendiary CloudPHB FirePHB - use this as battlefield control.
          PHB ForceSpC
          PHB GnomeSpC - no save debuff, basically a "you lose" button.
          Polymorph Any ObjectPHB TrickeryPHB - powerful enough to be banned in a lot of campaigns.  
          Greater Shadow EvocationPHB ShadowECS
          PHB StrengthPHB - the hand of force automatically attacks and stuns each round.
          ForesightPHB TimeSpC- never be caught flat-footed, gain warnings of what to do to avoid immediate danger.
          Phase DoorPHB TravelPHB - create invisible passages through walls, etc.
          Greater Planar BindingPHB DemonicBoVD - bind up to 18HD.
          Giant SizeOA HeroOA

          Summon Nature's Ally VIIIPHB Druid - the elementals continue to be the powerhouse choices. 1d3 greater, or 1 greater storm are the best options.
          WhirlwindPHB Druid - remove enemies from the fight while dealing damage.
          FrostfellFrost Druid - area effect save or turn to ice, on a successful save, still take 1d6/level.
          Leonal's RoarBoED Druid - holy word + damage.
          CocoonSpC Druid - combine with resurrection to get true resurrection, ie no level/Con loss.
          Mass HealPHB Healer


          9th Level
          Astral ProjectionPHB
          Energy DrainPHB
          GatePHB the big brother of the planar ally series, this one at least can call creatures big enough to make the xp hit worthwhile.  
          MiraclePHB - the most versatile spell in the game, like wish but the spell replication costs no xp and there are fewer limitations.  
          Summon Monster IXPHB - and this may run fairly close behind it; almost 100 SLAs available, and they bring their own beatstick with them.  
          Summon Elemental MonolithSpC - remember back in the level 3 spells when I told you to get sonorous hum?  Yeah, this spell is why.  Summons a CR17 elemental, requires concentration for as long as it's up.  
          Greater Visage of the DeitySpC - really good if you can persist it, this spell offers several untyped and racial bonuses.

          Prismatic SpherePHB SunPHB - a powerful defensive spell
          Time StopPHB TrickeryPHB - another "so powerful it's often banned" spell.  
          PHB StrengthPHB
          PHB MagicPHB
          Teleportation CirclePHB RuneSpC
          ShadesPHB ShadowECS - just like shadow conjuration, but up to 8th level spells and 80% real.
          Summon Devoted RocRotW SkyRotW - this summon isn't particularly powerful unbuffed, but it lasts for hours/level.
          Mass True SeeingRoE TruthRoE

          ShapechangePHB Druid - like polymorph on crack, shapechange gives you the extraordinary and supernatural abilities of the form along with the physical stats.  And, you get to still cast spells in quite a few of them.
          Summon Nature's Ally IXPHB Druid - fairly disappointing; though still not bad for summoning a horde of greater storm elementals
          TsunamiSpC Druid - 1d6/level every round and huge modifiers for those caught in the wave to do anything.  Anything Huge or smaller is pretty much dead unless they can teleport out.  The component is super-expensive though; best when used as an SLA.  
          ShamblerPHB Druid - handy to have as guards for the home base, or when you need a few extra disposable bodies.

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          Re: The Archivist Handbook v2
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          Ways of getting non-cleric divine spells:

          If you're in a "Magic-Mart" kind of world, then it may be as easy as tossing down your money for any scroll you want.

          Find a member of the class in question and pay them to help you scribe a scroll (barely cheaper than just buying a scroll)

          Find an archivist NPC to trade spells with or pay to borrow his prayerbook (50g x spell level) + (100 x spell level to scribe into the spell book)

          12th level+ Warlock can scribe divine scrolls of any divine spell after making a DC 25 + spell level UMD check.  

          A Chameleon can prepare spells and therefore make scrolls from any divine list up to 6th level.

          Research: First of all, let's just accept that spell research in 3.5 is poorly written and ill-defined and move past that.  What we want to do as an archivist is research existing spells, and since we're pointed to the wizard section on learning new spells, and wizards can research existing spells, we should be able to as well.  With me so far?  Good.  So, the only rules for researching existing spells are given on page 198 of the DMG - it takes one day and costs (10 x spell level x caster level x2), so about a 20% savings over buying a scroll, before we count scribing the spell into the prayerbook.

          No matter what method you use, expect to spend at least half of your WBL on getting new spells.  Flexibility comes at a price.

          Sources for non-divine spells as divine:

          Domain Spells - all domain spells are fair game; and with the huge number of domains throughout the books, that's a large percentage of the sorc/wiz list right there.

          Divine Bard (UA Variant) - if these exist, that's the entire bard list as divine.

          Divine Magician (CM acf) - can get all divination, necromancy, and abjuration sorc/wiz spells as divine.

          Various Initiate-type feats add spells to divine lists.

          Hexer (MotW PrC) - a 3.0 class, but not updated so should still be fair game.  Can learn any sorc/wiz spell as divine.

          Favored Soul of Bahamut/Tiamat (DrM acf) - can learn any sorc/wiz spell up to 6th level as divine.

          Southern Magician (RoF feat) - allows any arcane spell to be cast as divine (and vice versa).  It is slightly questionable how useful this one is, since it technically says nothing about scroll creation, and as far as research goes, it explicitly doesn't change the underlying spell.  So this one is kind of in the DM's hands. - This (and the Alternate Spell Source feat below) is one of the few ways to get access to the Wu Jen's spell list, and other more obscure arcane lists.

          Alternate Spell Source (Dragon 325 feat) - Similar to Southern Magician, but much more explicit in it's use.    

          Several PrCs add spells to divine lists:
          (more to add here)

          Practical Guide to Prayerbook Expansion:
          Adding spells to your prayerbook is mostly going to be limited by three things: 1. Money, 2. Availability, and 3. Time.  So, let's look at ways that we can minimize the impact of each one.

          So, now you've looked at the list of recommended spells and are going "how the %^&$ am I going to afford that?".  And, yeah, it's expensive being an archivist, let's just get that out of the way; be prepared to drop some cash.  First of all, craft as many scrolls as you can yourself.  The xp loss is laughable compared to the power increase you get from more spells and/or more wealth.  Craft them as archivist-only and (some skill)-only to reduce the base cost by 37%.  You'll still have to buy some full price most likely, but this should at least ease the cost considerably.  Secondly, if you have a DM that strictly enforces the spellbook scribing rules, that's going to be painful. It costs 25g for a 1st level scroll, it cost 100g to scribe into the spellbook.  So, at first, go easy on the scroll making/purchasing, until you can afford to get an Aureon's Spellshard or Boccob's Blessed Book.  Either of those will turn scribing costs from 100/level to 12.5/level.  Be sure to scribe all of your old spells into your new prayerbook (for free) and then sell the old one to recoup some of the loss.

          But that money saved doesn't do much if you can't get access to the spells you need.  Thankfully, you only need to find someone who has access to the spell list you need, and they can provide the spell for you to craft the scroll.

          Relevant section (DMG 215):

          So, you just need to find a source to supply the spells.  Now, the ideal method for this is access to a 12th+ level warlock who can emulate any divine spell in existence for the purpose of item creation.  It's completely worth taking Leadership just for that purpose.  But, this method isn't available until later, so what to do until then?  Well, you can get help from any other divine casters in the group, of course.  But if that's not an option, there are a few other tricks you can pull.  One of my favorites, is to planar bind an outsider with full spellcasting and making the deal for them to hang around for a few days making scrolls with you.  The first day, you're stuck with whatever they have listed as memorized, but after that, just have them prepare whatever spells you want to learn.  A completely safe task, very limited; it should even give a bonus to the charisma check.  (you can even fluff it with "I need this to smite the forces of evil, blah blah blah".  If spells are in really short supply, it's probably worth it even to buy a scroll of planar binding earlier than you could cast it, although obviously the risks are greater.  And that's an easy way to get access to the cleric list; the druid list is a bit harder though.  You can do it, but it requires using a spell line from Oriental Adventures called spirit ally.  It's like the planar ally line, except instead of an xp and gold cost, you exchange favors.  One of the options for calling with that line is a nymph, who has full druid spell casting as a 7th level druid.  Don't bother paying an NPC to cast for you to create scrolls though, you end up paying almost full scroll price + the xp.  

          Also, Holt Warden + any Domain + domain substitution gives you access to a lot of domain spells (how many, is, of course up to your DM) and an excellent argument for not choosing a particular deity.

          The biggest pain in the ass for scribing scrolls and learning spells is the time, though.  For the scrolls, there are a few tricks to use - the Quill of Scribing from Complete Mage can scribe for you while you do other things.  Also, the time listed to craft a scroll is 1 day per 1000g - so what you want to do at lower levels, is make scrolls with several spells on it at once.  On the other hand, the rules for learning spells and scribing it into your spellbook suck.  (granted they are better than they were in 3.0, but still...)  Sadly, I don't know of anyway to speed that part of it up.
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          Re: The Archivist Handbook v2
          « Reply #6 on: October 11, 2011, 11:32:04 PM »

          Mithril Breastplate - get this as soon as you can.
          Armor Spikes - enchant it with +1 defending and then cast Greater Magic Weapon on them for a nice +5 AC
          Magic Vestments - with an hour/level duration, you can save a whole lot of money by keeping your actual armor enhancement as low as possible and boosting it with this spell (and you'll need the extra cash^^)
          Bracers of Armor - most of the time, too expensive for what they offer.  
          Called (MIC - 2000g) - no more worrying about being caught without your armor.
          Fortification (DMG +1, 3, 5) - Negate some or all of critical and precision damage
          Ghost Ward (MIC +1) - add your armor enhancement bonuses to touch AC - very, very handy.
          Soulfire (BoED +4) - Immunity to death effects, energy drain, and all negative energy effects
          Death Ward (MIC +1) - once per day, ignore a death effect
          Energy Immunity (MIC +2) - once per day, gain immunity to an energy of your choice for 1 minute
          Restful Crystal (MIC 500g) - sleep in your armor with no penalty

          Buckler - You don't have proficiency, but make it masterwork and it doesn't really matter.  And now you have a platform to toss a whole new suite of defenses on.
          Shield Spikes - enchant it with +1 defending and then cast Greater Magic Weapon on them for a nice +5 AC
          Fortification (DMG +1, +3, +5): Just like on armor, probably better on the shield, since armor has a wider choice of other abilities.
          Ghost Ward (MIC +1): Again, just like the armor version; and together you can add up to +10 to touch AC
          Animated (DMG +2): not 100% needed unless you're doing something that requires attacking with your off hand, but potentially useful.
          Wand Chamber (Dungeonscape 100g) - useful to have a wand at hand if it's needed.
          Arrow Deflection (MIC 500-5000g) - up to a +5 deflection bonus against ranged weapon attacks.  Would be nice if it worked against ranged touch attacks too, but at 10% of the cost of a Ring of Protection, it's hard to argue.

          Light Crossbow - this is the weapon for the back rank fighter; can fire once a round, decent range increment, no penalty on damage for low Str.  
          Gauntlet - another target for the +1 defending Greater Magic Weapon combo
          Morningstar - if, for some reason, you end up wanting to mix it up in melee (with Divine Power up, hopefully) this is a solid weapon to use.
          Quarterstaff - another solid option, since you have access to druid spells to buff it up.  Once you have access to 6th level spells for spellstaff, this is your weapon of choice.
          Warning (MIC +1) - a +5 insight bonus to initiative?  Yes, please.  Add it on to the gauntlets so it's always on.
          Sure Striking (PGtF +1) - really good for the cost
          Smoking (LoD +1) grants concealment
          Return, Least and Lesser (MIC 300, 1000g) Now, one interesting thing about rods is that they are usually considered weapons, so you can attach these crystals, store your Metamagic rods in a Quiver of Ehlonna and then draw them as a free action.  

          Bracers of Armor
          Bracers of Repulsion (MIC 4000g) - 3/day as a swift action, push all enemies within 10 ft back 5 feet.  Good for creating some breathing room.
          Armband of elusive action (MIC 800g) - 1/day avoid 1 AoO

          [spoiler] Most likely will be taken up with armor, if not here are a couple other options:
          Robe of mysterious conjuration (MIC 10,000g) - 3/day spontaneously cast Summon Monster by sacrificing a spell slot of the appropriate level
          Robe of Eyes (DMG 120,000g) - constant see invisible, darkvision 120 ft, +10 Spot and Search, can't be flanked and retains Dex bonus even when flat-footed.  Expensive, but potentially useful.

          Crystal Mask of Languages (MIC 2500g) - speak up to 5 additional languages - this is handy to have for the more obscure summons you might want.  
          Third Eye Clarity (MIC 3000g) - 1/day immediate stun/daze/confuse/fascinate negation - for the price, incredibly good at low-mid levels.  
          Mask of the Tiger (MIC 4000g) - low-light vision for races taht don't have it.
          Blindfold of true darkness (MIC 9000g) - 30ft blindsight
          Hathran Mask of True Seeing (UE 75,000g) - Continuous True Seeing
          Third Eye Conceal (MIC 120,000g) - Continuous Mind Blank

          [spoiler]Anklet of Translocation (MIC 1400g) - 2/day teleport 10' as a swift action
          Quicksilver Boots (MIC 3500g) 2/day take your move speed as a swift action


          [spoiler]Gauntlets - as mentioned above, a good enchantment target
          Glove of the Master Strategist(Ghost, 3600g) - like Gloves of Storing, only cheaper and allows you to cast True Strike 1/day

          Circlet of Mages (MIC 5000g) - functions like a multi-use pearl of power, only more flexible. Retain up to 3 1st level spells, 1 1st and 1 2nd, or 1 3rd level spell.  
          Circlet of Persuasion (DMG 4500g) - gives you a +3 circumstance bonus on all Cha checks - great for planar binding or Malconvoker builds.
          Headband of Intellect (DMG 4000-36,000g) - add this on to another item with the MIC rules.


          Ring of Freedom of Movement (DMG 40,000g) - yes, you can cast the spell, but this completely shuts down attempts to grapple you, along with many other nasty effects - it's worth having it all the time.
          Ring of Blinking (DMG 27,000) - Blinking at will, lots of uses for this
          Ring of Mighty Summons (CM 14,000g) -   3/day, your summons can have max hit points, but half duration; great for summoner builds
          Ring of the Beast (CC 8,000g) - treat all of your SNA spells, except for the highest you can cast, as if they were the next rank (SNA III is cast as if it were SNA IV, for example) - great way to make your lower level spell slots more powerful.
          This is also a great slot for custom items

          Scry Shroud (MIC 4000g)  +5 on saves against divinations; if you detect scrying sensor, become invisible for 10 rounds.  Useful if your DM starts the divination war at lower levels.
          Cloak of Resistance (DMG 1000-25,000) - mildly useful until you get Greater and Superior Resistance
          Cloak of Displacement, minor (DMG 24,000) - Continuous 20% miss chance
          Cloak of Charisma (DMG 4000-36,000) - go ahead and remake this one according to MIC rules

          Chronocharm of the Horizon Walker (MIC 500g) - 1/day move half your move speed as a swift action.  Great for the cost at low levels
          Chronocharm of the Uncaring Archmage (MIC 500g) - 1/day cast as spell of 3rd level or lower as if it had Rapid Spell applied.
          Reliquary Holy Symbol (MIC 1000g) - extra turning charges for more DMM fun
          Ankh of Ascension (MIC 9000g) - +4 caster level 3/day
          Amulet of Health/Periapt of Wisdom (DMG) - like most of the stat boosters - make new versions with the MIC rules

          Bolt Shirt (MIC 5000g) - 1/day teleport 60' as a move action, not that great, but probably the best shirt item available
          Tunic of Steady Spellcasting (MIC 2500) +5 to concentration checks

          [spoiler] Belt of Battle (MIC 12,000g) - +2 initiative and daily charges that you can spend for extra actions; so good.
          Healing Belt (MIC 750g) - daily charged item of healing, super cheap and frees up those couple spell slots for something actually useful
          Belt of the Wide Earth (MIC 8000g) - 2/day can burn a 5th level spell slot to teleport.

          Scrolls of Uncertain Provenance (MIC 8000g) - For LG, LN, LE, and N characters, they give a constant +5 competence bonus on all knowledge checks.  The relic power is pretty terrible though, making the price a touch high.

          Pearls of Power (DMG 1000-81,000g) - more spells?  Oh my, yes.
          Metamagic Rods - I have a huge love for these, as mentioned above, I put them in a Quiver of Ehlonna so I have speedy access.
          - Extend - Lesser Extend should probably be your first rod, keep your buffs going and make your summons worth using.  Still good even at higher levels.
          - Quicken - expensive as heck, but really, really great.
          - Rapid* - has to be a custom item, sadly, but for summoners, this is really great.
          - Twin* - another custom item, should be the same cost as Quicken - ie. crazy expensive - probably not worth it unless you're playing with higher WBL than normal.
          - Chain - situational, but decent.
          Heward's Handy Haversack (DMG 2200g) - never leave home without it; the best of the general use dimensional bags.
          Heward's Fortifying Bedroll (CM 3000g)
          Metamagic Wandgrip (CM 6000g) - if you like using wands, this tends to make them a lot better.  
          Summoner's Totem (MIC 3100g) - Like Imbue Summoning, but no level adjustment, and works on any level summon.
          Nightstick (LM 7500g) - 4 extra turning attempts; even if you don't try to the "bag full of nightsticks" trick, it's still a very good item.
          Strand of Prayer Beads (DMG 25,800g) - the Bead of Karma is the interesting one, +4 CL for 10 minutes a day.  For the cost, you might as well get the full strand, and get slotless healing and blasting along with it.
          Tomes and Manuals - Save up for the +5
          Tome of Worldy Memory (MIC 1500g) - 3/day gain a +5 competence bonus on a knowledge check.
          Special Holy Symbols (CC 350g) - depending on your deity, you can gain various benefits, usually increased CL for certain types of spells.  Almost certainly worth it.  


          Magic/Legendary Locations
          Frog God's Fane (CS) - bonus knowledge skill focus
          Otyugh Hole (CS) - Iron Will is the best of the bonus feats; useful for getting a couple of the prestige classes without wasting a precious feat slot.
          Worldmeet Glade (CM) - convince your DM to allow it to apply to non-arcane spellcasters :p  

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          Re: The Archivist Handbook v2
          « Reply #7 on: October 11, 2011, 11:32:23 PM »
          When multi-classing with an archivist, there are a few common opt-out points - 1, 8 and 11.
          At first level, you really have the core of what makes the archivist great, the spell list.  If you're not interested in anything else, get out as soon as you qualify for something else.
          By 8th, you have the best party-wide Dark Knowledges and enough daily uses to be fine.  This is probably the most common point to leave.
          11th level isn't bad either, you get a bonus feat and the very nice no-save stun ability of Dread Secret.  After 11 though, there's nothing worth hanging around for.  

          Single level dips
          BinderToM - necessary if you're going for Anima Mage (Divine Variant) and it has some interesting abilities on it's own.  

          Cloistered ClericUA - if you're really hot and heavy into DMM, this will give an extra pool of turning/rebuking attempts.  That + the 3 domain powers makes it one of the few classes I would consider almost worth dipping.

          Dread NecromancerHoH - if you need some arcane spellcasting for a PrC (like dweomerkeeper), it can help to grab one that comes with DMM fuel.  

          Prestige Classes  

          Sacred ExorcistCD - the entry into the beauty of DMM.  Requires a good alignment, and the ability to cast dismissal or dispel evil.  Hit dice bump up to d8, fort save drops to poor.  Earliest Entry - 8

          Holt WardenCC - if you want to mess around with domains, I highly recommend this class.  At first level, you gain bonus domain spell slots just as a cleric does for the Plant Domain.  If your DM allows other rebuke/turning to fuel DMM, grab the second level as well for the rebuke plants ability.  After that, it's just a handful of druid abilities and some divination until level 7, where you get the ability to allow every divine caster around you, as well as yourself, to get 1d4 spell levels per day back after casting them.  Earliest Entry - 6

          MoonspeakerRoE - a good summoning PrC, though you do have to be a shifter to qualify.  The first four levels give you free Augment Summoning, Extended Summoning, and an expanded SNA list, including some nice utility.  But the real interesting ability comes at 5th level, where you gain Wild Shape, making this one of the few ways for a non-druid to qualify for Planar Shepard.  Earliest Entry - 9

          Planar ShepardFoE - even with delayed entry, this class is still disgustingly good.  You can't pull off some off some of the usual tricks, like Efreeti wild shape, but you can still get planar bubble for some 10 rounds for every 1 of the enemy silliness.  Earliest Entry - 15

          ThaumaturgistDMG - Ok, back to classes that I would really play; thaumaturgist is really nice, over four levels it gives you Augment Summoning, Extended Summoning, and best of all, Contingent Conjuration.  Take 10 minutes between battles to set it up to trigger on "when I'm attacked" or something similar, and open every fight with an extra summoning.  The fifth level gives you a planar cohort, which honestly, I've never really looked at.  Earliest Entry - 8

          MalconvokerCS - another summoner PrC, you lose a level of casting on this one, but gain all sorts of nice abilities when summoning evil creatures.  The first 5 levels mostly boost the Summon Monster line, with the level 5 ability allowing you to summon in an extra copy of evil creatures.  The last four levels mostly boost the Planar Binding line (which are added into your prayerbook automatically)  For more info, check out Treantmonk20's Mastering the Malconvoker.  Earliest Entry - 6

          Anima Mage (divine adaptation)ToM - One of the very few dual casting classes that are worth anything. You only need one level of Binder and one feat, so you don't fall far behind in your casting. In exchange, you gain a host of really useful abilities (really, too many to list here, check out Sobolev's guide for more Binder info.  But, along with the Binder abilities, you also get extra spell slots, and starting at 5th level, you can spontaneously add any metamagic you know to a spell on the fly.  Earliest Entry - 5  (you will need to clear the divine adaptation with your DM first though)

          Sovereign SpeakerFoE - Jealous of the clerics domain abilities?  Then pick up this class and get a bonus domain every level.  You lose out on two caster levels if you take all 10 levels (at 1 and 6) so feel free to swap out at 5.  For best results, be sure and take at least one level in Holt Warden before you enter this class.  Earliest Entry - 6 (this requires a little trickery though - you'll either need to dip a level of some flavor of cleric, or do an early entry into the Church Inquisitor PrC to qualify)  

          DweomerkeeperCD (web) - a full casting PrC - it adds more spontaneous casting, allows you to cast spells as SLAs, and the capstone reduces the cost of all metamagic by 1.  Incredible class for the non-summoner.  

          ContemplativeCD - a full casting PrC that a one level dip in will get you a bonus domain (any available by deity or alignment) and immunity to disease.  If you stay in, you get a second bonus domain at 6th, and immunities to poison and aging, and also gets SR of class level +15 and DR 10/magic.  Not terrible as a one level dip, but I think there are better choices.  Earliest Entry - 11

          Mystic WandererMoF - It's a bummer that with all the amazing buffs and spells that you have access to, you still can't get a familiar to share it with... oh wait, yes you can!   Mystic Wander is a full casting PrC that gives you a familiar at second level.  The entrance requirements are kind of crappy (Iron Will, and some wasted skill points) but easy, and when you're not wearing armor, you get a sacred bonus to AC equal to your charisma bonus.  The rest of the class is kind of shitty though (centers on potion making and gem magic, with some minor SLAs), grab the familiar and get out.  Earliest Entry - 6

          Knight of the Raven - an interesting option for the more gish oriented archivist.  This is a 9/10 casting class (lost level is 1st) with full BAB, grants undead turning, the Sun Domain (unlike other Domain adding PrCs, this one specifically adds the spells to your normal spells known if you don't have domain spell slots), and a familiar-like companion.  Earliest Entry - 9 (for the straight archivist; you need +4 BAB to qualify)

          More to come...
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          Re: The Archivist Handbook v2
          « Reply #8 on: October 11, 2011, 11:32:47 PM »
          The Summoner: Archivist 7/Sacred Exorcist 1/Thaumaturgist 4/Archivist +1/Holt Warden 1/Contemplative 1/Archivist +3/Paragnostic Apostle 2

          The Dweomerkeeper: Archivist 5/Some Arcane Class 1/Holt Warden 1/Singer of Concordance 2/Sacred Exorcist 1/Dweomerkeeper 10

          The Malconvoker:  Archivist 5/Malconvoker 5/Thuamaturgist 4/Archivist +6

          "The JaronK Special":  Binder 1/Archivist 3/Anima Mage 10/Tainted Sorcerer 1/Tenebrous Apostate 5

          caveat: I almost always play summoners, so my knowledge of non-summoner builds is mostly theoretical, or from watching other players in my group.
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          Re: The Archivist Handbook v2
          « Reply #9 on: October 11, 2011, 11:33:36 PM »

          Thanks to Phaxi for the original guide; I know it helped me out the first time I ran an archivist.  Hopefully my guide can do the same. 
          Thanks to After Crescent for the formatting of his excellent cleric guide; it was a big help in organizing mine.
          Colm_l and DM_Awaken_Golem for their work on the lowest level spell lists

          Everyone that originally contributed to the old archivist threads both here and on the WotC boards.
          Everyone that posts in this thread - your comments are much appreciated!

          Still to do:
          Sample builds and tactics
          Fleshing out the spell lists, and ranking spells
          Finishing the equipment section
          Guide to Scroll making
          Also, races, feats, and 100 other things, I'm sure

          Most importantly, my complete list of divine spells by level and source; but that is going to continue to be on the back burner for a little bit.
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          Re: The Archivist Handbook v2
          « Reply #10 on: October 13, 2011, 10:16:56 PM »
          For armor section:
          BOED has a +3 Bonus armor enchantment that makes the wearer immune to a LOT of negative energy/death/level drain type effects.  Essential for higher level characters.
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          Re: The Archivist Handbook v2
          « Reply #11 on: October 13, 2011, 10:43:22 PM »
          It's probably worth writing out the research rules.  You need to cross reference between the DMG and PHB, but basically it takes one day and some money to research a copy of any spell that already exists somewhere (as opposed to researching new spells, which is a DM fiat thing).  That's the single easiest way to get new spells as an Archivist.



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          Re: The Archivist Handbook v2
          « Reply #12 on: October 13, 2011, 10:50:37 PM »
          Why is dread secret not blue?  It's save-or-suck without the save, at higher levels.
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          Re: The Archivist Handbook v2
          « Reply #13 on: October 13, 2011, 10:56:52 PM »
           :clap ... very nice, to Mooncrow and JaronK.

          Chameleon Crafting feat in Dr#349 can get psi onto scrolls.
          All for just one prereq and at a slight price increase.

          Party of Archivist + Wizard + Warlock + Mantled Erudite = just about everything.


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          Re: The Archivist Handbook v2
          « Reply #14 on: October 13, 2011, 11:21:22 PM »
          It's probably worth writing out the research rules.  You need to cross reference between the DMG and PHB, but basically it takes one day and some money to research a copy of any spell that already exists somewhere (as opposed to researching new spells, which is a DM fiat thing).  That's the single easiest way to get new spells as an Archivist.


          Yeah, the spells and items are keeping me busy right now while I try to get them filled in, but that is on my list to do.

          For armor section:
          BOED has a +3 Bonus armor enchantment that makes the wearer immune to a LOT of negative energy/death/level drain type effects.  Essential for higher level characters.

          Yep, it's actually added on my current version (slowly working my way through items right now^^)

          Why is dread secret not blue?  It's save-or-suck without the save, at higher levels.

          The only reason it's not blue is that while on it's own it's great, I'm not convinced that it's worth staying in the class an extra 3 levels, when you can be grabbing PrCs that give you DMM and the like.  I will add a note to that effect though.

          edit: on second thought, you're right.  Corrected.

          And thanks for the comments, I'm an average COer at best, so I definitely welcome any and all advice =)
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          Re: The Archivist Handbook v2
          « Reply #15 on: October 15, 2011, 08:18:25 PM »
          I would put a note in the DMM writeup that you need a PrC or dip to qualify... I know you reference that fact later but the feat section comes first.

          Also, if you can find a wizard with the Alternative Source Spell feat, theoretically they should be able to scribe divine scrolls of wizard spells... similarly a divine magician cleric.
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          I'm not just a druid -- I'm a singing, dancing, Broadway druid.

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          Re: The Archivist Handbook v2
          « Reply #16 on: October 16, 2011, 02:51:29 AM »
          I would put a note in the DMM writeup that you need a PrC or dip to qualify... I know you reference that fact later but the feat section comes first.

          Also, if you can find a wizard with the Alternative Source Spell feat, theoretically they should be able to scribe divine scrolls of wizard spells... similarly a divine magician cleric.

          Good call. 

          Also expanded the "divine spell source list" quite a bit.


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          Re: The Archivist Handbook v2
          « Reply #17 on: October 16, 2011, 03:02:41 AM »
          Also, if you can find a wizard with the Alternative Source Spell feat, theoretically they should be able to scribe divine scrolls of wizard spells... similarly a divine magician cleric.
          Any arcane caster with Alternative Source Spell, really. This can get you Wu Jen spells, some of which are very hard to get otherwise.
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          Re: The Archivist Handbook v2
          « Reply #18 on: October 16, 2011, 04:00:35 AM »
          Knight of the Raven (Expedition to Castle Ravenloft) should be mentioned for any Lawful Good Archivist... Gets Full BAB, a Raven which is almost a familiar, Turn Undead, Smite Undead, Sun Domain and some minor bonus feats. Looses one caster Level, though.


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          Re: The Archivist Handbook v2
          « Reply #19 on: October 16, 2011, 04:06:46 AM »
          Knight of the Raven (Expedition to Castle Ravenloft) should be mentioned for any Lawful Good Archivist... Gets Full BAB, a Raven which is almost a familiar, Turn Undead, Smite Undead, Sun Domain and some minor bonus feats. Looses one caster Level, though.

          It's "any" good, and if the raven got Share Spells like a real familiar, man, that would be my new favorite class...  But even as is, it probably deserves a spot on the list, especially for those inclined to gish.  

          Added to the "to do" list^^

          edit: hrm, but now that I think about it, you should still be able to pull the polymorph tricks and whatnot with it still; and with no risk of losing xp.  

          edit2: whew, spells are done through 5th - I'm hoping that these next few levels take a little less time :p 
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