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Looking for a Linux dude...
« on: September 30, 2011, 03:07:06 AM »
Ok, I've been looking for help getting Linux setup on my Mac, but apparently I haven't been looking in any of the right places.  After a day, my initial cry for help on one forum has gone completely unheeded (even after 100+ views, blah), and my attempt to ask for help on another forum has resulted in me waiting for a mod to approve my post before anyone can even look at it.

So, I'm going to post the short version here.  I want to dual boot OSX and Fedora on my MacBook (hardware version 6,1 if you must know).  I would like my drive to be partitioned into the necessary bootable stuff (about 1 gig combined), a little swap space (4 gigs), small partitions to hold the respective OSes (25 gigs each?), and the vast majority of the disk space to be common files readable from both OSes (the remainder, about 200 gigs).  I have no idea how to format each of these, though (I know Apple has their own format that does what they want, and that there are about a half-dozen Linux-compatible formats, but I don't know what works in both or which tool I should use to format the drives; neither my OSX disk nor my Linux disk seem to be all that hot at partitioning drives for this purpose).  The only website I found with any information whatsoever on my hardware was written in Italian for veteran Linuxers (or at least not beginners), so even with Google translate I'm barely making anything out, although I can probably get the required drivers for my hardware from this site.

The thing is, this doesn't seem like it's going to be a simple installation, and I'm not comfortable just screwing around with my one computer just yet.  I want individual, bootable, stable OSX and Linux installations first, before I feel like I can screw around with Linux.  Hell, if I can just copy/paste those command lines from that Italian website to setup Linux with the necessary drivers burned to a CD, then I'd be fine with that, but I'm not confident that it's that simple.

EDIT: Actually, it looks like that forum that pre-moderated my post actually moderated it out of existence.  I can't tell for sure, though, because the moderator that did the moderating didn't send me a PM... apparently because there are no PMs on that forum.
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