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Re: Encounter 18 v2
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Encounter 18 v2

You're heading through the woods to check out rumors of a cult. You get to a clearing with a farm. You see two farmers standing near the barn holding tools. As you approach, you realize that the "tool"s are, in fact, serrated glaives, and the "farmers" have green skin and tails!

Initiative rolls:
[spoiler]Aepa -> d20 + 3 = 8
Grizz -> d20 + 2 = 11
Ixen -> d20 + 4 = 22
Serias -> d20 + 3 = 11
Thorden -> d20 + 6 = 13

Monster 1 -> d20 + 6 = 18
Monster 2 -> d20 + 6 = 24

Modified Initiative:
Monster 2 (24)
Ixen (22)
Monster 1 (18)
Thorden (13)
Serias (11)
Grizz (11)
Aepa (8)[/spoiler]


Round 1!

Monster 2 points at you and says something unintelligible to the other, grabs his glaive in both hands and disappears. In an instant, he appears right in front of you with an audible pop! He is standing in R 32, ten feet away from Grizz and Thordon.

Upon closer inspection, his eyes are red and beard is bristly to the point of looking sharp. You smell the distinct odor of sulfur.

Ixen!  You're up!
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