Author Topic: Wall of Limbs + Entangling Status ...  (Read 603 times)

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Wall of Limbs + Entangling Status ...
« on: September 09, 2011, 05:24:10 AM »
My 9th level wizard has Bracers of Entangling Blast (MIC) and the evocation 5th level spell, Wall of Limbs (SpellComp).

I'd like to activate the bracers when I cast this Wall spell ... as I think I see some synergy with the targets of the Wall getting "stuck" by the entanglement status and having a lot of difficulty getting out of it.

My problem, is that I am not quite understanding the sequence of effects that occur when a victim is in contact with the wall.  Specifically, how this interaction to move away from the wall occurs with the added penalties of the Entanglement status are in effect.

Can anyone simplify the staging effects of what happens?

Is this a decent combo in your opinion?