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Neoclassical Geek Revival
« on: August 29, 2011, 02:46:22 PM »
So at long last Piecemeal has been released.  Its fully functional and edited, formatted and all the rest as best as a one man show can work it.   As such it was time to drop its working title of "Piecemeal".

Please welcome "Neoclassical Geek Revival"!  Shown below in a glorious action shot!

Because I am going to be honest here.  It is probably going to just sit on your gaming shelf, and I am cool with that.  I just want it to look as damn nice on your gaming shelf as possible, here are a few more shots.

I want to note why I decided to go with the physical construction I did.   This is an heirloom quality book.   This is gold stamped tanotex hardcover.  Each copy has a silk ribbon and banding to act as bookmark.  There is no colour in the book, it is purely gray scale.  The artwork inside only acts as title pages and contains classic works.  I did not choose Public Domain work because it was free,  I picked them because they evoked a timeless image (at least to me) that went with the gaming I like.   There are works from Dorre, Waterhouse, Rackham, DaVinci, and others among the artwork.  The pages themselves are printed on a sturdy linen, both the durability and because of the tactile feel.  Quite frankly I wanted something nice for a book, not just nice for an RPG.

This is a book that will hold up through the years, and will look great doing so.  If you are going to buy another game to just sit on your shelf:  buy a game that will look GOOD on your shelf.

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