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Re: Bloodmoon Legacy: Wolves in the Throne room
« on: August 25, 2011, 07:29:27 AM »
((bout to leave for work so this will be a some what quicker post then usuall. after everyone replys i will re-update :) ))

Brett - Castren
Brett cautiously makes his way off of the frozen lake and over to the tree line. The steam fades into the winter sky and you see the hole is already freezing over again. Neither of you hear any noise besides the howling winter winds whipping through you hair.
Castren holds his position, bow drawn in anticipation. Each passing second seems like minutes and the tension in the air can be felt by both of you.
((your actions))[/spoiler]

Your charge around the tree expecting to crush the hunter for good. But to your surprise he is no where in sight. You can still hear the wolves in the forest, and as you start running towards them it sounds as if they are retreating.
((spot/listen checks dc-20 please, also go ahead and make a knowledge local, or maybe survival check dc 17))[/spoiler]

She dangles in the air behind you, the weight of her slowly pulling you down towards the ground.
((correct me if im wrong but you cant fly with over a medium load? according to your strength thats 80 pounds))
"Wow this is amazing!!... do you think you can really kill the spirit?? We could be friends if you did!" Shes giggling and squirming as your flying along. The childlike nature of hers seems to have returned.
((if im correct then im going to say your dropping a distance of your movement per round. so you can still move foward, but youl also be angling downward. if im incorrect then nevermind :) ))[/spoiler]

You charge in and cut the skeleton in half. Its bones scatter as it falls into a heap. The wolves and the skeletons are still battling it out. The wolves seem to be over whelming these skeletons. You can see further down the ramp into the hole they have been digging. It slightly slopes downward and goes into the earth. You can see buckets and shuvels and some digging equipment laying around. It appears that all the skeletons in the area rushed out and are now being chewed up by the wolfs. But you can smell the rank and decay of death coming from inside the tunnel. There is no natural lighting inside, but you hear clanks and other odd noises coming from inside.
The black wolf breaks off from the fight and heads over to your area, he stands afew feet in front of you at the mouth of the tunnel. He is sniffing it out and trodding back and forth. The wolf seems to be waiting for you to enter with him.
((your action))[/spoiler]
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