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Statting Baldur's Gate
« on: August 24, 2011, 10:30:51 PM »

The whole discussion on the merits and pitfalls of high level NPCs in the Forgotten Realms got me to thinking about the characters that I've really grown attached to in the setting. That's the characters whose stories I felt a part of, namely those from the Baldur's Gate series of games. I'd love to stat up the various NPCs of BG and its sequels, just for the heck of it. Preferably at multiple levels for the various games (say, 1st-4th or so for the first game, 7th-10 for Shadows of Amn, and maybe around 16th-20th for Throne of Bhaal).

I feel no need to stick to what the games claimed they were when the mechanics acted differently. Jaheira, for instance, was a TN Fighter/Druid, but that multiclass combo mostly amounted to being a full-fledged Druid with armor proficiencies and weapon specialization, so she can probably be mostly (if not entirely) Druid. She also felt more lawful to me than neutral, despite the fact that Druids were only True Neutral back in the day, so if I stat her I'd want to give her a LN alignment. Your milage may vary.

This looks like as good an existing work as any to start from, but far too many of them are based on what the 2nd edition character sheets said, not what the characters actually played like (big difference between a Thief 6 dual classed into Wizard than a 3E Rogue 6/Wizard X, for instance).

Also, if there are any homebrew classes/feats/whatever that really fit a character, use them. This is on the Homebrew forum

Characters (and tentative builds)
Imoen (BG1): Human Rogue, Minor Bhaalspawn bloodline
Imoen (BG2): Human Wizard, no more bloodline
Minsc: NG Human Barbarian/Ranger/Frenzied Berserker. Wild Cohort feat gets Boo, the (optionally miniature) giant space hamster. Pathetic flaw on Wisdom.
Jaheira: LN Half-Elf Fighter/Druid. 1 level of Fighter should suffice.
Khalid: NG Half-Elf Warblade
Dynaheir: Human Wizard (evoker), going into that Rasheman Wizard PrC (Hathran, I think?)
Jan Jansen: Gnome Beguiler, or Wizard 5/Rogue 1/some other Sneak Attacker 1/Arcane Trickster or something. Thief always felt like a secondary thing on him for me.

Sarevok: CE Human Paladin of Slaughter/Barbarian/Doomguard
   or... CE Human Cleric/Prestige Paladin of Slaughter (but, as he's not a spellcaster, I'm hesitant to give him a spellcaster base)
Jon Irenicus: Elf Wizard. I'm dying to make it Spellstitched Necropolitan, though (don't know why)
Amelissan: Cleric with the Trickery domain, not too familiar with what

Bhaalspawn is represented by a bloodline. The main character and maybe Sarevok and the Five from ToB get it as Major or Intermediate, minor Bhallspawn like Imoen only have a Minor.

NG Human Ranger
2E Stats: 18(93)/15/15/8/6/9
Special: Berserk

Human Barbarian 4/Ranger 1/Fighter 1/Frenzied Berserker 10
(Barbarian 1/Ranger 1/Fighter 1/Barbarian +3/Frenzied Berserker 10)
Stats (32 PB): 18/14/16/8/8/8
Flaws: Pathetic (Wisdom)
Traits: Stout, Uncivilized
Feats: Destructive Rage, Power Attack, 1 more
   2 - Track
   3 - Cleave, Improved Bull Rush
   6 - Shock Trooper
Skills: Intimidate, Survival, and a few points in Handle Animal.

The Fighter level is just filler, although heavy armor proficiency doesn't hurt and the bonus feat lets Shock Trooper come at 6th. Spirit Lion Totem Barbarian for Pounce and the usual PA optimization. Wild Cohort can be taken for Boo if you feel the need, but in practice he's just a pet.
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