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Unbreakable Fighter
« on: August 19, 2011, 05:44:38 AM »
PF Only game, doing Jade Regent, no spoilers plox.  Making an Unbreakable Fighter.  Hope to get Fire Immunity for style points, trying to figure out how.  

Fighter (Unbreakable) 1: Power Attack [1st], Endurance [Fighter 1st], Die Hard [Fighter 1st], Antagonize [Human]
Fighter (Unbreakable) 2: Fortified Armor Training [Fighter 2nd]
Fighter (Unbreakable) 3: ??? [3rd]
Fighter (Unbreakable) 4: ??? [Fighter 4th]
Fighter (Unbreakable) 5: ??? [5th], Heroic Recovery [Fighter 5]
Fighter (Unbreakable) 6: ??? [Fighter 6th]
Fighter (Unbreakable) 7: ??? [7th]
Horizon Walker 1: Favored Terrain (Desert),
Horizon Walker 2: Favored Terrain (Mountain), Terrain Mastery (Desert), ??? [9th]
Horizon Walker 3: Terrain Dominance (Desert)
Fighter (Unbreakable) 8: ??? [Fighter 8th], ??? [11th]
Fighter (Unbreakable) 9: Heroic Defiance [Unbreakable 9th]

Don't have much yet.  Game probably won't get any higher than 12th so that's where I stopped.  Went to Fighter 7 for movement in armor before I went in to Horizon Walker.  No idea what to even do with a Fighter.

Point buy is PF Medium, and leaning STRONGLY toward Human, though I'm open to suggestions I suppose.
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