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[Pathfinder] Looking at the Gunslinger
« on: August 08, 2011, 01:03:25 PM »
So here's a look at the gunslinger. I'm not sure if Pistolero is going to be errata'd but the way it is now, the Pistol Training ability that gives dex to damage does not overwrite the gunslinger's 5th level ability as the musket master archetype does. That's what lead me to take a closer look at this class, well that and the image of a gunslinger knocking a giant prone then headshotting him... yeah.

Pathfinder Gunslinger

Archetype: Pistolero
Race: Human
Grit: = to Wis modifier

1) Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Firearms)[Gunslinger], Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot (human)
3) Rapid Reload (Combat)
4) Two-Weapon Fighting
5) Weapon Focus (Pistols)
7) Rapid Shot
8) Improved Critical (Pistols)
9) Double Slice (Combat)
11) Signature Deed (Up Close and Deadly)[Pistolero]
12) Signature Deed (Twin Shot Knockdown) [Gunslinger Extra Feat]
13) Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
15) Desperate Battler (Combat)
16) Deadly Aim  (Combat)
17) Greater Two-Weapon Fighting
19) Improved Intiative
20) Hammer the Gap (Combat)

1) Up Close and Deadly
3) Gunslinger Intiative
7) Deadeye
11) Twin Shot Knockdown
15) Evasive
19) Cheat Death

At 1st level, you can shoot into melee without fear of hitting your allies, yay!
3rd) You can reload as a free action, will always be handy
5th) you get double dex to damage (Gun Training from Gunslinger and Pistol Training from Pistolero)
9th) Amazingly, due to the way this feat is worded, you get to add your strength modifier to your second weapon. Get at least a +1!
11th) You get a good damage boost as every shot now does an additional 1d6 damage using the Up Close and Deadly deed.
12th) Every time you hit a creature twice, they are automatically knocked prone without a save!

Weapon Focus +1
Point Blank Shot +1
Desperate Battler +1

Point Blank Shot +1
Double your Dexterity Modifier +10 (aim for a +5 dex by level 5)
Strength Mod to damage +1 (at least)
Up Close and Deadly every round - +1d6, 5d6 each hit at 20
Deadly Aim - power attack for ranged, +10 max damage at 20
Desperate Battler +1
Total: 1+10+1+1d6+8+1=21+1d6
Max at 20: 1+20(from a 30 dex)+3x3(strength)+5d6x8+10x8(deadly aim)+1=351
(not counting +'s from magical firearms or multiple shots from either a revolver or a pepperbox)

# of attacks:
1-4: 1 attack/round
5: 2/round with -2 to attack from Two-Weapon Fighting
6: 3/round from BAB
7: 4/round (with Rapid Shot)
11: 5/round with another BAB
13: 6/round with Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
16: 7/round with another BAB
17: 8/round with Greater Two-Weapon Fighting

There is some argument as to whether or not pistols count as light weapons. As far as it looks by RAW, they have no category classification. If you can talk to your GM and agree upon saying that they count as light weapons, then TWF is a go.

Also, here's a couple Alternate Gunslinger builds:

Alternate Gunslingers:
Fighter 7/Gunslinger 13
Use the Two-Handed Fighter Archetype so you can add double your strength damage and your dex to damage to all of your two-handed gunslinger weapon attacks

Paladin 2/Gunslinger 18
Use the Holy Gun Archetype of the paladin to get a ranged smite evil

Ranger 4/Gunslinger 16
Uses the Falconer Archetype of the ranger to be able to make touch attacks at anything within 2 ranges of your weapon without using grit against your favored enemy

Feel free to post ideas!

Edit: This character has an an extra feat due to getting ewp(firearms) automatically, I wasn't counting that in. Switched feats around and added in Improved Critical (Pistols)

Edit 2: Switched Weapon Focus and Imp Critical feats around
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Re: [Pathfinder] Looking at the Gunslinger
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2011, 02:06:49 PM »
It would be up to your DM to allow, but Paizo before they did Pathfinder did Dragon Magazine and Dragon Magazine Compedium.  Two options would add to your damage tremendously.

Dead Eye Feat located in Dragon 304 and Dragon Magazine Compedium.
Dex 17, Point Blank Shot, Weapon Focus (any ranged weapon), base attack bonus +1.
If target is within 30ft you can add your Dex modifier to damage, does not work on targets immune to critical hits.  Is a fighter bonus feat.

Targetter from Dragon 310
Pretty much the fighter class but you lose the martial melee weapon proficiencies and instead gain knowledge of two exotic ranged weapon proficiencies.  In addition you can not take a bonus feat at a certain level and instead can take one of three special abilities.
Vital Aim is one of those abilities, it allows you to use your dex modifier instead of your strength modifier for ranged weapons.  You can only do this if your strength modifier is not negative.  Furthermore monsters immune to critical hits are not affected via Vital Aim.


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Re: [Pathfinder] Looking at the Gunslinger
« Reply #2 on: August 09, 2011, 03:48:14 PM »
Here's some good spells/item enchants that would definitely help out the Gunslinger:

Spells to get continous items of: (Note: 14,400gp is with the 30% class specific discount)
Reloading Hands - level 2 - 14,400gp
Ricochet Shot - level 2 - 14,400gp for 1 extra shot

Spells to enchant pistols with: (I'm sure I'm missing some good ones, but here are a couple from the wiz/sorc list)

Level 1 spells:
Ray of Enfeeblement - 1d6+1/2 lvls(max 5) Str pen - 8,000gp
Touch of Gracelessness - Wiz - 1d6+1/2 lvls(max 5) Dex pen - 8,000gp
Magic Weapon - +1 enhancement bonus to weapon - 4,000gp

Level 2 spells:
Touch of Idiocy - Wiz - 1d6 to Int, Wis and Cha, no save - 18,000gp

Level 3 spells: [At this point, I'm going to stop posting gp amounts because it gets astronomically ridiculous if you don't have someone specifically craft it for you for 1 round/lvl spells (aka: 120,000gp)]
Pain Strike - Wiz - 1d6 nonlethal damage for 1 round/lvl
Haste - 1 extra attack/round
Magic Weapon, Greater - +1 bonus/4 levels (max +5)

Weapon Enchants to look at:
You can always get the +1 Corrosive, Flaming, Frost, Shock, Thundering Weapon for +5d6 each shot or you can apply Holy or Unholy depending on your campaign.

With the reloading hands spell made permanent, you don't need to have the Rapid Reload feat as the ghostly hands do it for you. Also, this spell lets you overcome DR/magic and affect incorporeal creatures and gives you unlimited ammunition to boot! The only downside is that you need to have this enchanted per weapon, so it costs you a little bit more money, but that's the price to pay for unlimited ammo!

Post if I made a mistake or you have a comment!


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Re: [Pathfinder] Looking at the Gunslinger
« Reply #3 on: September 06, 2011, 05:43:01 PM »
If using a Pistolero and wanted to increase damage could do Pistolero 5 (double dex before house rules/errata)/Fighter (Weapon Master Variant) X

+1 to hit and damage with your pistols at level 8 (5/3) and every four levels, critical bonuses, more bonus feats for the starved, and weapon specialization.