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Well would like some input on a Villain for a sit down game. I am trying to come up with a  Villain in his own Wright but I was looking for a way to use two tv tropes of the punch clock villain and Sliding Scale Of Villain Threat I was thinking of trying for starting up as a City Threat and working up to National Threat

See &

General Campaign out line
The Party are a group of evil characters in the kingdoms Capital and they are objective is to try and take over the kingdom.

Long Fang AKA Robert  AlGhul
Level 10
Psion 5/ thrallheard 5 // Dire werewolf 9(6+3) / Warblade 1

Originally a member of the Shadow moon Clan becomes of his gifts for psion instead of being trained as a warrior he was trained in the use of his power and to be a spy. Then he was sent to the capital to observe. Well there he tuck over a tavern and using his power tricked then (after the paper work was sinned murdered him.  And keep all the money, and do to its location on the edge of the upper class market and court houses turns the tavern in to a strip club, casino and a blacksmith shop on the side. Were all the staff are slaves of various species (he does not care about race as long as they are attractive)  and he also uses them a personal sex slaves (note he does not sell them out for sex he also breaks them with Stockholm Syndrome using  Bondage and rape. Oddly enough he does care about them .and does not beat or whip his slaves were as some other nobles use fear and the whip to get what they want )

As to why he is in the group and in the plot is due to the fact that this is a side project for money and power and he likes the freedom that he gets away from his clan and well his plans hobbies don’t pay from themselves and most of the time he is just breaking just above broke.  And he was wants to expanded to a upper class villa so he need to take out a second job what about card caring Villon ((note no one knows that he is a were wolf and tries very hard to keep it that way))

any ideas on how to improve on it or areas that can be improved on ?
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