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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 11!
« Reply #140 on: June 01, 2011, 03:08:07 PM »
Go with Angelica for this.

Also, I forgot just how amusingly jarring Proist's batshit mode was.  Like it just sorta happened... and I enjoyed how all of her cunning didn't just fly out the window when it did too.
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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 11!
« Reply #141 on: June 02, 2011, 04:15:17 PM »
4-2 for option #2. I am not delusional enough to believe this LP is big enough for 3 more votes, least of all three Sheldia votes. So we'll be going with that.


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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 11!
« Reply #142 on: June 04, 2011, 04:24:32 PM »
Time for insanity. Stage 12 is a two-parter - and I'm doing both parts in one go! Expect this to be the largest update yet.

But each part will be in a seperate post anyway. Just because.

Episode 12 part 1!
We like tha moon!

Mist has to think quickly! And with Mist, it's either think fast or think well. So let's hope his decision is a good one.

Mist: Let's go, Angelica!

Angelica: We'll cover you, Sheldia. Retreat for now!
Sheldia: I'm not that too damaged, I can still fight!
Mist: Alone against what, the whole army?

The Terrible Trio moves out into a safe distance. Fortunately, most of the enemy force is way too focused on watching poor Hatter get executed.

Hatter: Aaaah!
Sheldia: Oh no, they're blasting him! And then they'll blast me too!

Okay, maybe the distance was not so safe after all. Good that Jiggurato's (or is it a Ziggurat?) aim is way off.

Kouji: The heroes are here! Sorry to keep you waiting!
Garis: Daiku Maryu moved as soon as we discovered new signatures. I see it's the enemy! And... what's this in the center?
Sheldia: Captain, it's their prisoner! We gotta rescue him!
Hatter: Yes, please!
Garis: Oh, alright...

Mist: These guys ruined Atreem! I'll never forgive them! Eat Steard's sword mode - here's my chance! Did I do it?
Angelica: No good. There's an energy reaction, looks like a protective barrier!

Say hello to this game's original mooks. Ispeil's soldiers are equipped with barriers - every single one of them. Needless to say, it makes them kinda annoying to fight...

Sheldia: They pack a punch too! But that's no problem, as long as I got my shield!

Gainer: It's similar to Overman Battle - use weapons that pierce barriers. Such as this Chain Sword!

Good advice there, but not all units are equipped with such attacks. As a matter of fact, most aren't. But those who do, well...

Van: Like this? Cheeesto!
Boss: Moon in the background? But... we're on the moon! What's going on!

Yet another of the world's many mysteries.
Also, just because the Jig... okay, it's a Ziggurat. Just because it's busy executing the prisoner (yes, there's a time limit, so hurry!), doesn't mean it cannot continue to harass my forces.

Rosa: We're under attack! The enemy deployed offensive drones!
Garis: As long as the barrier holds... fire the Dragon Cutter!

Gou: If they have strong barriers, then we just have to focus on one target at a time.
Anna: Right! That's the basics of warfare - and teamwork.
Gou: I'll show you Godannar's power. Counter Knuckle!
Sheldia: Speaking of teamwork, I'm next!

Fighting mooks is one thing, but I also have to divert some forces to deal with the boss. Ziggurat has some HP to chew through...

Boss: He he he! Leave it to me!

But being attacked by Boss Borot only further annoys it, apparently. Playtime's over, and my people get hit by something I'm pretty sure we didn't have in this LP yet.

A map attack!

Kyo: No good, Big Shooter is going to crash!
Tsubaki: Stupid Kenji! It's all your fault!
Kenji: Wha... what did I do?

Map attacks hit many units at once, and they can neither counterattack nor defend themselves in any way. They're deadly, whether in my or opposing hands. This also means I lost my first unit in a non-plot event! Good thing repairs in Super Robot Wars K are free...

Sheldia: Uh oh, we better finish this off quickly! Hey, Mist! Let's use our secret attack - Shaker!
Mist: Right! I mean, Combination!

There's a Mist/Sheldia combo attack, just like Mist/Angelica. Who knew! And yes, you can't see that too clearly but Sheldia is making the V sign on the end there.

Anyway, that means all the mooks Metals (that's their name apparently) are down. And right in time, too.

Hatter: Woah woah woah! This is danger!

Kouji: I don't even know what this thing's from! But it's no match for Mazinger Z! Breast Fire!
Soldier: Jiggurato is destroyed! Everyone retreat!

Sheldia: Phew, that's the last of them! Are you alright?

Hatter: Thank you very much!

It's hard to translate, but Hatter communicates almost exclusively in hilarious Engrish.

Hatter: I am Sergeant Hatter! I am from MARZ.
Sheldia: Huh, what's that?

Hatter: MARZ is a group of defenders of justice! People fought automated wars on Moon and other planets for  fun, and now a lot of danger is around. We defend against it!
Garis: That's strange. I never heard about such a group, on Earth or Darius...
Hatter: I was transported from my Earth to yours in a flash of white light. It was a teleport!
Rosa: White? This is new - gates and cross points are always yellow.
Garis: Whatever the case, we should uncover it soon enough. The enemy base is right ahead. Will you join us in our assault, Sgt Hatter?
Hatter: Yes Captain! With pleasure!

Intermission time! This is starting to become my catchphrase. Anyway, I check out Hatter's stats and...

Holy crap! So many upgrades! I'm lagging behind! Let's change this.

All frontliners get 2 dots in their important stats, which includes weaponry. This should have an impact on performance. It had an impact on my funds, that for sure. We're down to almost nothing now.

New unit:
Apharmd the Hatter - he's good. Really good. Can take a hit, but also can dodge pretty well. His attacks are mostly short-ranged, but pretty damn strong. Expect most Virtuaroids to be like that.

So, that's it... wait, no! We still have the second part! Expect it to appear soon.


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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 11!
« Reply #143 on: June 04, 2011, 06:26:12 PM »
While taking a short break, I was informed that I did in fact lose a unit before. And out of all things, it was Revlius.

Episode 12 part 2!
'Cause it is close to us!

Part 1 is right above, make sure to read it first.

Ispeil: Jiggurato was destroyed? Impossible! How will I conquer the Earth now?
???: How competent, Ispeil. Aren't you glad to have us on your side now?
Ispeil: You're not a part of my coalition, but that's better than nothing. Stop the invaders!
???: Ha! You should be happy our goals coincide. We'd talk differently otherwise...

Daiya: Hey, aren't you going to leave your robot, Sgt Hatter?
Hatter: I... can't! This is secret, you see. I must stay inside!
Kouji K: Maybe he's a brain in a jar, and cannot leave.
Kouji T: Or an AI!
Hatter: I am a man, not an AI!


Ruru: Everyone, it's a state of emergency! We have unknowns ahead of us!

Hatter: Virtuaroids! Hello, friends!

Friends, they are not.

Hatter: Goddamn! It's Shadows, evil criminal organisation! Watch out friends! Nobody pilots them but they are stronger than they look!
Ruuji: They have no pilots? That's so weird...
Ra Kan: Remind me to teach you about wild Zoids, Ruuji.

Hatter: It's time to fight, Shadows! YES!

That was a lucky shot. One enemy down, but more are coming our way!

Shizuru: It's ten years too early for you to fight me.
Sara: Gainer, look out! I'll protect you!
Gainer: Sorry, I got distracted by that... last robot. What an unusual shape!
Sara: Geez!

Sheldia: Here we go again! Luckily, my shield will protect me!
Hatter: Great! Now, my turn - they call me Hatter. This is why!

Virtuaroids have several varieties, but there's one thing they have in common: good damage potential.

Gou: Dannar... isn't done for yet!

Lee: Woah, that's quite troublesome now. Are you okay, Daiya?
Daiya: We can still fight!

But while they excel in offense, Virtual On enemies lack toughness. Or maybe it feels easy to kill something without a barrier for a change... so as soon as I get on offense, they're mincemeat.

Daiya: Are you guys ready?
Yanma: Let's do it, Daiya! Kanitank is all set up!
Puria: It's the Bunker Crab, dammit!
Daiya: Diver Gaiking, combine!
Yanma: Storm!
Bubi: Cy...
Hachi: Clone!

Van: Is that all? No. There's more of them.

Sylvie: How unfortunate for you - to face us. Playtime is over, because...

Sylvie, Deborah and Jennifer - evil Virtuaroid pilot sisters

Sylvie: Sylvie Fang!
Deborah: Deborah Bite!
Jennifer: And Jennifer Poison.
Sylvie: Are here! Say your prayers!

Hatter: Oh no! The trio - they are very dangerous. But I will not give up!

Mist: This place never runs out of weirdoes who only want a fight... I'll take you down!
Ruuji: I'll help you, mr Mist! Hayate Liger!
Re Mii: You mean, we will help him! Don't hog all the glory!

Jennifer: Sister's in trouble... isn't she?
Deborah: Bastards! I'll murder you all!

Hatter: No good, I can't reach!
Sheldia: Let's switch places, Sergeant Hatter! I can!

Sheldia: Fire, fire!

Sylvie: Urgh! Stop fooling around! Focus on all target, get Hatter!

Hatter: Aaaah!
Sylvie: And, for the final blow!

???: Wait!

Roll: Dangaioh is here!
Mia: We made it! Just in time...
Sylvie: Who the hell are you now?!

The psychic Dangaioh team! Presenting, from the right:
Mia Alice, the telekinetic leader
Lambda Nom, the shy-and-sheltered energy projector
Pai Thunder, superstrong amazonian ex-pirate
Rol Kran, aggressive in combat (but gentle outside of it) speedster

Mia: I sensed the Earth is in trouble, so we came as fast as we could.
Roll: And trouble we found!
Pai: So, prepare yourselves for a trashing!

Kouji T: Hey, these new people brought another unit... it's the Cosmodiver!
Mia: We found that girl drifting alone in space.
Shizuru: Lou! Lou, are you in there?

Lou: ... Yes...
Anna: She sounds really weak!
Gou: Quick, we must get Lou on board! And what happened to the Cosmo Base?

Woah, it's the Godannar token loli who had a cameo appearance... somewhere around the 4th update! What is she doing here? This question will remain unanswered for now. We have bosses to fight!

Roll: Dangaioh Beam!
Jennifer: That much damage... don't tell me, you seriously want to shoot me down?

Gou: If it's you people who hurt Lou, I will never forgive you!

Gou: Godannar Triple Kick!
Jennifer: Aack! They really wanted to shoot me down!

Sylvie: That's enough for a distraction. We stalled them for longer than that fool Ispeil could hope for, anyway. Let's go!
Jennifer: Yes, sister.
Deborah: You were lucky we didn't play it serious!

Kouji T: Hey, it's not over! I have a new target on my radar!

???: Mia Alice!
Lambda: Is that...?
Pia: It's that guy again!

Gil Berg, vengeful nemesis of the Dangaioh team

Roll: We stopped the Bunker Clan! What are you doing here?!
Gil Berg: I was a part of Bunker, but I had no loyalty to them! No... my only goal is to bring suffering to you, Mia Alice! I will destroy Dangaioh and kill your precious friends!
Mia: We will not let you do as you please, Gil Berg!
Gil Berg: Oh? You are too late for that, I'm afraid!

Ispeil: What's the meaning of this, Gil Berg?! You opened a crossgate without permission and now the whole net is disrupted! A whole Darius strike force just got sent into deep space rather than their destination!
Gil Berg: Ha! Like I give a shit about Darius, or your little alliance. No - all I ever wanted was a chance to destroy Dangaioh! A chance I have now!
Ispeil: Gil Berg, you bastard!

Kouji T: This guy sounds insane! Woah, here he comes! Don't fail me, Strong Buster!

Gil Berg: Did you like that? I have swords, too!
Kotona: What a close call! Swarm him, everyone!

Gil has HOW MUCH HP? And being a super-type boss, he probably has Prevail too. This is the toughest enemy we face so far - even Nouza was easier.
Oh, and he too has a map attack. Just so you know.

Gainer: Showing off your weapons? This is not a game! Who fights with two swords, dies by two swords!
Gil Berg: Smallfry, get out of the way!

Roll: We'll fire the telekinetic punch! Lambda, ready?
Lambda: Yes!
Gil Berg: That's more like it! Come, Dangaioh!

Also, guess what! Giving all the spirit skill parts to Sayaka had some effect.

She finally has enough SP, and Bless is cheap enough, to cast it twice in one mission!

Kenji: Wow, this guy's really gettin' on my nerves! Mia Alice this and Dangaioh that... shut up! Dynamite Kick!
Gil Berg: Mia... Alice...

Gil Berg: Ha... ha ha ha! Fair enough, enjoy your living for a while longer. But it's not over yet!
Rosa: The hostile has retreated. All units, return on board!

Hatter's thoughts: (Wait... I want to return home. I should follow these three wicked sisters. And I need to figure out their evil plot!)
Hatter: It was an honor to fight with you! Thank you. But now - I am sorry, I must go!
Sheldia: Leaving so fast? No, wait! Aww... there he goes...

Garis: Could you explain what you are doing here?
Roll: Certainly, captain. As Mia said already, she sensed that Earth was in trouble. This is why we arrived here as fast as we could.
Pia: Earlier, we were fighting the Bunker Clan - they're an oppressive group ruled by the tyrant Captain Garimoth. Well, that's a thing of the past now. They're all busted up now and Garimoth is dead.
Mia: Gil Berg was a part of Bunker. He is vengeful because our mentor, dr Tarsan, chose me over him as Dangaioh team's leader.
Garis: I see. And where is dr Tarsan now?
Mia: I'm afraid... he's dead.
Garis: That's unfortunate. I'm sorry.
Roll: No need to apologize, captain.

Kouji K: Talk about a chunk of exposition! But there's one more thing - Roll, is it? You sound kinda different now than when you were fighting.
Roll: Ah, yes. Umm, well...
Pia: Roll's personality changes when he pilots Dangaioh. He turns into a really psychotic individual.
Mia: You mean manly, Pia.
Gou: That's interesting. Just make sure not to lose your cool mind under any condition.
Roll: I understand. I'll try to remember that.
Mist: Ha, look who's talking! Like you never lost your cool, Gou... speaking of which, wasn't there someone you should visit?
Gou: Lou! I must talk to the doctor. At once.

Franklin, Daiku Maryu's doctor

Franklin: She is exhausted, but not injured. I can permit a short visit, just make it quick.

Shizuru: Lou! What happened?
Lou: ...
Gou: Please tell us. We must know what happened with the Cosmo Base!
Lou: It was attacked... a while ago. My father... he is still fighting! Please, Gou! Let's go, I must help him!
Gou: That's out of question, you're exhausted. You should rest.
Lou: But... father...

And then!

Ruru: Captain, we have a rogue transmission!
Gil Berg: He he he. Can you hear me, Mia Alice? Here's a little gift from me. I'm sure you're used to this by now, but try to enjoy it anyway!

Mist: We're teleporting again?! Crap, where will we end up now?!
Angelica: This looks like... Earth, actually.

Kiriko: Captain Garis? Daiku Maryu?! I'm so glad you're back!
Garis: Doctor Aoi! So, we really are on Earth now. Please tell us what happened while we were gone!

But that has to wait for the next episode. Yeah, the game is evil like that. Here we go - straight to the intermission.

Hatter is gone, but in his place we have a new unit.
Dangaioh - typical super robot, which means it's tanky, can't dodge, and has strong but expensive attacks. Also, four pilots means spirit skill galore.

A robot like this can use both resupplying and repairs, so...

Sheldia: Aww, let me be with Mist for a change!

What do you think, readers? Shall we put Sheldia in one team with Mist, or is Angelica alright for now?


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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 12!
« Reply #144 on: June 04, 2011, 07:00:45 PM »
Put Angelica with Mist so they can have their combo.

Also, spending so much money is making me worry.  Will we have enough funds for that special secret coming up?
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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 12!
« Reply #145 on: June 04, 2011, 08:47:46 PM »
All I have to say about Dangaoih is: It's the eighties! Do a lot of coke and vote for Ronald Reagan! Also, nice Troll 2 reference.

I think you should keep Mist and Angelica in one squad for now, but switch the music to Angelica's theme because we haven't heard that in ages.

My grief over the fact that Hatter left us knows no bounds. Come back, ingrateful Transformer!
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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 12!
« Reply #146 on: June 04, 2011, 09:39:16 PM »
And here's what I have to say about Dangaioh: it's made by Masami Obari. Yes, the Gravion and SRW OGIN Obari. It was his second third major mecha show, after Dancougar and Iczer-1. And by his I mean he was responsible for mecha designs. Can you see that? I sure can.
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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 12!
« Reply #147 on: June 04, 2011, 09:42:37 PM »
*compares Dangaioh and Dancougar*

Nope. I see no resemblance whatsoever.


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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 12!
« Reply #148 on: June 04, 2011, 11:07:45 PM »
Atsuku atsuku atsuku tatakae!

Oh, and if you think that's bad, look at G Dangaioh.

EDIT: One of Dangaioh's attacks is also worth noting.
(All attacks from SRW Impact)
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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 12!
« Reply #149 on: June 04, 2011, 11:26:49 PM »
The main character of that thing looks like Akito.

Gundam Optimal

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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 12!
« Reply #150 on: June 06, 2011, 12:38:27 AM »
YAY! Dangaioh! Cross Fight is an awesome theme and I'll hear nothing to the contrary.

Dangaioh - typical super robot, which means it's tanky, can't dodge

Then why was it dodging everything in the videos? Were you using Alert?

I'm still shipping Sheldia with Mi....Actually no, thats a lie, I'm shipping Sheldia as the Real Main Character, so I say Angelica can play support. Then again, Dangaioh teaming up with the real main character...That could work as our main unit.

I would like to ask we upgrade Dangaioh some, but priority should go to preventing Big Shooter from being hit again. Jeeg must have its Drills!
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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 12!
« Reply #151 on: June 06, 2011, 02:04:39 AM »
Indeed, I used Alert. Tanky supers or not, getting hit by Gil Berg hurts. Better not risk it.

The problem with Big Shooter was that due to the way partner system works, it is forced to stay on the ground. And it has a B rank there - in SRW K, even a single drop of rank means terrible loss of dodging and accuracy. But guess what! One of the evil Virtuaroid sisters dropped a land module. Guess who's going to take it. This type of modules give only rank A, not S - so it's not a waste on support units.

EDIT: And yes. Cross Fight is an Ichirou Mizuki song. Of course it's great.


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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 12!
« Reply #152 on: June 08, 2011, 01:23:09 AM »
Edit:  On second thought, I suppose the Angelica and Mist combination attack is fine by me.


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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 12!
« Reply #153 on: June 08, 2011, 06:03:26 PM »
Watch out everyone! We will have more Audience Participation(TM) this time!

Episode 13
Why did everything take a turn for the worse!

Yes, all episode titles have to end with an exclamation mark. It's super robot law.

Gou: Doctor Aoi, please tell us everything that happened.
Kiriko: Not going to call me "mom", Gou? Anyway, it's nothing special. Just a giant catastrophe that killed millions.
Gou: Whaaaat!

Gil Berg: That's correct. By the way, I was still on the line! Too bad that only half of this slaughter is a result of my direct actions.
Rosa: A half? That's too high an estimate, but we'll believe you for now. Who did the rest?
Gil Berg: Humans themselves, who else!

Anna: Humans? That can't be!
Kiriko: No, it's true Anna. Someone dropped the colony Junius Seven on Earth and caused horrendous damage and casualties. Naturals blame Coordinators, Coordinators wage war on Naturals, and people are being killed even now. Here's a recording from ZAFT. It was broadcasted everywhere not too long ago.


Durandal: We, the nation of PLANTs, have given condolences to our Earthborne brethren, and offered help. And how do you answer in kind?

Gilbert Durandal, chairman of PLANT colonies

Durandal: You blame Coordinators, start oppressing and murdering them en masse! Don't you see that you are manipulated by the Blue Cosmos racists? ZAFT will not stand idly while this happens. To secure safety of Coordinators, both on Earth and in space, we declare war - not on humanity, but on Blue Cosmos itself. With me is the famous Lacus Clyne, voicing full support.

Anna: What, they have Lacus?
Shizuru: Wasn't she supposed to be neutral?

Lacus Clyne, leader of the independent Clyne Faction, also an idol singer

Lacus: The Chairman's words are true. All Coordinators must stand together now and face the adversity!

Gou: That's strange. During the last war, Lacus was trying to stop both sides from fighting, not support any of them. What changed her mind?
Kiriko: Whatever the case, I don't intend to follow her example. Can you give me Mist for a second?
Mist: Stupid humans, always inventing new excuses to kill each other... Coordinator, Natural, who gives a crap...
Anna: I think he's angsting in a corner. Mom...
Kiriko: Yes?
Anna: Can you prepare something good when we come back?
Kiriko: Heh. Count on me!

Politics, terrible slaughter and cooking aside, it's nice to see Dannar Base again.

Konami: Sir! There's an emergency transmission from Neo UN!

Or not.

Kagemaru: It must be Hestor. What could she want from Dannar Base?
Kiriko: I think I know already.

Hestor Gallop, commander of Neo UN
No picture because meh.

Hestor: Professor Aoi - considering our state of war against the PLANTs, and your current refusal to cooperate with Alliance forces, you obviously know why I am calling you.
Kiriko: Indeed. And before you say anything more, I refuse. Dannar Base was created to fight monsters, not men. It will continue to do so, and I refuse to be a part of your political machinations!

Djibril: Are you sure about that?

Lord Djibril, leader of Blue Cosmos

Djibril: This is a dramatic time, time for fellow Naturals to unite and fight treacherous Coordinators. If you are not with us, I simply cannot guarantee your safety...
Kagemaru: Was that a threat?! If you try to endanger Dannar Base in any way...
Kiriko: Calm down, Kagemaru. I have nothing fellow with your kind, Lord Djibril. My decision stands.
Hestor: You made a terrible mistake.

Oh boy. The sooner Daiku Maryu makes its way to Dannar Base, the better. IF it manages to make it that is.

Gainer: Princess? You look sad - what happened?
Ana: It's nothing. I just... miss my father. That is all.
Lou: Umm... I am sure you'll see him eventually...
Sara: Lou, you shouldn't be up already!
Lou: I'm sorry, but. Can you please tell me about your father?

Daiya: Why the angry face now?
Re Mii: I wanted to cheer Ana up! As a fellow princess, you see.
Ruuji: But Lou was faster. Still, as long as she's cheered up... ow, what was that for!
Re Mii: Stupid!

Shizuru: So, Lou feels better now. How are you going to...
Gou: About her father? I'll have Franklin break the news to her. Gently, if possible.
Shizuru: Poor girl.

Suddenly, alarm! It just so happens that Daiku Maryu flies by an island that just so happens to serve as temporary base for a group of old friends of ours. No, not Suspage. Someone else, who had a cameo appearance in ep 3.

Michio: Remember, our priority is to find Tatsumiya Island. It's cloaked so you can't see it.
Mudie: We all know! Aah, this is so pointless. Let's just fire randomly and see what we find in explosions!
Shams: That's a good idea. Much better than grueling searching mile by mile!
Michio: Yeah... let's not do that. Hey, what is that thing?

Rosa: Captain, there are Alliance troops ahead of us!

Hestor: It's a Coordinator attack force. Stop it by any means necessary!
Kanon: Roger.
Shams: Finally, something is happening!
Mudie: You know what they say - the only good Coordinator is a dead one.
Sven: ...

Rosa: And they do not look too friendly.
Garis: It's an ambush. There's no time to waste by outmaneuvering, we'll have to break through!

So be it. All my units advance forward, and then...

Garis: More hostiles on our back? It's a trap!

But then, an unexpected ally appears.

???: Stop this fighting at once!

Say hello to the Marty Stu extraordinaire, a controversial figure with battleship plating-grade plot armor:

Kira Yamato, independent ace pilot and the Ultimate Coordinator

Kira: I didn't disable any critical systems. You should retreat while you can!
Sven: Freedom Gundam!
Michio: It must be Kira Yamato. This won't be an easy fight...
Mudie: He joined ZAFT? The traitor reveals his true colors!

Murrue: Daiku Maryu, can you hear me? This is captain Murrue Ramius of the Archangel, speaking.

Murrue Ramius, as she just said

Murrue: The Three Ships Alliance will support you.
Cagalli: Kira, Murrue? Is it really you guys?
Kira: Cagalli! So good to see you.
Murrue: Wasn't Athrun with you? Where is he now?
Cagalli: He sneaked out and returned to ZAFT.
Kira: Athrun...

But no time for touching reunions. It's time to fight!

Shizuru: I won't back down just because I'm fighting humans!

Standard mass-produced Dagger Ls are... kinda crappy. One of the weakest mooks in this game, I shouldn't have trouble finishing them off.

Angelica: That looks like an improved version. Watch out, Mist!
Mist: Humans always make the same mistakes. Violence won't solve anything! Take this!

Windams are slightly better but it's still more of the same. Wait, Mist's theme? Weren't we supposed to have Angelica's this time?

Gou: Godannar's power won't be used for evil!
Anna: Nor Okusaer's! Gravity Bomber!

Water is a mixed blessing on this stage. Most of my units perform badly in aquatic environments (unless they have a Screw Module like Godannar - pun not intended). But the enemy is even worse! Most of their weapons deal minimal damage to robots that cowardly hide under the waves.

Lee: Watch out, Daiya! Two beam sabers? What insanity is this?

And finally, the Slaughter Daggers. Possibly the strongest of the mook trio on this stage. Not that it's saying a lot. Okay, actually they can be quite damaging so watch out.

Wait, I said there are three types of mooks on this stage just now, didn't I? I meant three Gundam SEED Destiny mooks. There's more!

Gainer: What are these strange machines?
Sara: Whatever they are, they're coming this way!

Gnosis-model Fafners. Which series are they from? Hint, it's in the name. Anyway, they're not too tough, despite wielding awesome, awesome railguns.

A few kills later, this happens.

Kouji: Woah, what was that?
Cagalli: It's SEED mode! Didn't you know? It can occur in some, very few people. Like Kira.
Kira: I can see you...

Stat-wise, SEED is another Mazin Power-like power. Speaking of which, still no Mazin Power? Bummer.

Roll: Everyone, I need your strength! Spiral KNUCKLE!

Michio: We lost how many units already? That's bad... c'mon Kanon! We gotta give our all!
Kanon: You won't hit me if I'm underwater!

For better or for worse, Kanon copies my aquatic strategy.

Shams: Hey, leave something for me! Verde Buster, engaging in long distance combat!

They think they're so clever, but now it's my time to attack.

The only target Kira can reach is Kanon. He deals pathetic damage, because beam rifles have terrible ranks underwater. But it's more than the minimal 10 damage, because that's Kira for you.

Van: I don't like fighting women... but sometimes there's no helping it!
Boss: Borot's here to save the day! Ah, peace! Peace! I didn't mean to!
Kanon: I can't counterattack! My weapons won't work!

Oops, I guess we'll know better than to go underwater if our attacks don't work there.

Kenji: Dynamite Kick!

Ra Kan: I'll handle this one!

Michio: Damage's on the critical? We gotta retreat!
Shams: Pfeh, so much for Neo UN. Come Mudie, let's show them how Phantom Pain does its job! ... Mudie?

Mudie: I'm in trouble here, Shams!
Sara: Hey, that combination should have finished it off! What's going on?

Many SEED units, this Blu Duel included, have Phase Shift Armors. Non-beam weapons deal significantly less damage to them! Especially if they block, like just now.

Sven: Strike Noir, engaging the enemy.
Daiya: That speed!

Sven's the most dangerous from the miniboss squad. Which is why he attacked last. Why not sooner? He does not care for his friends, I guess.

Murrue: Archangel is ready for action. Is Lohengrin ready?
Mirallia: Yes, Captain!

Mirallia Haw, Archangel's bridge bunny (and an intrepid journalist

There's also more bridge bunnies on board, but screw them.

Murrue: Lohengrin, fire!
Sven: Freedom is attacking me?
Kira: If you continue to fight, I'll have to disable your Mobile Suit!

Shizuru: Kouji! Let's do it!
Kouji T: Okay, miss Shizuru! Strong Buster!
Shizuru: Sniper Shot!

Shams: That power... insane!
Mudie: We gotta retreat!

All's left is Sven now.

Mist: Do you take pleasure from killing innocents? Huh?
Sven: ...
Mist: Let's go, Angelica! Let's teach this jerk a lesson!
Angelica: Alright. It's time for the Chaser Combination!

Sven: Noir is too damaged... I must retreat.
Garis: No more enemies in sights. Very good.
Ruru: Captain, what's that?

Garis: More reinforcements? Wait, I see something more - behind them!
Cagalli: !! No, it can't be! Captain, we all have to run, now!
Kira: What's the matter, Cagalli?

Cagalli: This!

Cagalli: It's a Festum! It can annihilate you in a single attack - or worse, absorb! We don't have weapons to fight it. If we don't retreat, there will be casualties! Lots of them too!

And so everyone flees, as the Festum is busy destroying the rest of the Alliance force.

Festum: [Is anyone there?]
Pilot: Huh, what's going on! AAAAH!

Garis: Thank you for your assistance, captain Ramius.
Murrue: It was almost a coincidence. The Archangel is actually heading towards Europe. Large forces of both ZAFT and the Alliance are amassed there. We hope to prevent any major bloodshed.
Garis: Daiku Maryu could help with that... but that would mean leaving Dannar Base behind. Hmm...

Cagalli: Kira, we have to talk. It is about the Festum.
Kira: The being that scared you earlier?
Cagalli: I'm not scared! Anyway... the Festum are spreading. And no one in the Alliance has weapons to stop them! But there's someone who does. Tatsumiya Island.
Kira: The mysterious cloaked island? How do you know about it?
Cagalli: Not just cloaked, it moves around too. Because it's artificial! I know this because Orb helped create it. Not only that, I was on the island as a guest for a while. So they'll recognize me! We need Tatsumiya's help to defeat Festum - and they'll need ours. I think they might be in trouble right now...

Black clouds rise as everyone is busy planning for grim, future happenings. Okay, almost everyone...

Kouji: Wow, is it really THE Kira Yamato?
Kira: Well, yes. That's me.
Monko: Such a little shrimp? I expected someone manlier!
Kira: Umm...

Lou: Gou. Please teach me how to pilot a giant robot.
Gou: Why?
Lou: To... avenge my father!
Gou: So, you know already? I'm sorry, but the answer is no. It's dangerous out there. You might even get killed! The battlefield is no place for people without years of experience!
Lou: But... father... if you don't want to teach me, I will find someone who will!

Garis: After discussing things, we came to this conclusion.
Murrue: Archangel will travel to Europe to stop the PLANTs-Alliance conflict, and whomever wants to help us is free to join. At the same time, Daiku Maryu will search for Tatsumiya Island and try to enlist its help.
Kiriko: Your return to Dannar Base will have to wait a little, Anna. Don't worry, I'll have an excellent cake ready for when you're here.

Sheldia: I wanna visit Tatsumiya. That sounds really exciting and mysterious!
Angelica: War isn't about excitement, Sheldia. I'm going to Europe - the more of us go there, the easier it will be to prevent bloodshed.
Sheldia: What about you, Mist?
Mist: Humans waging war on other humans... for ideological reasons. How foolish can they be? Give me a while, okay? I need time alone...

One way or the other, Mist, you will have to make a choice!

The options here are:

1. Go to Berlin, with the cast of SEED Destiny, King Gainer, Zoids, Mazinger Z, Dangaioh and Angelica.


2. Go to Tatsumiya Island, with the cast of Jeeg, Gaiking, Godannar, Gun X Sword and Sheldia.

Here's where I want your input, once again. Tell me which option you prefer. But wait, there are also secrets! Important secrets, each exclusive to the route taken.

[spoiler]Taking the first option will unlock Gundam SEED Destiny secrets. To be more precise
[spoiler]Rey and Stella[/spoiler]

The second option unlocks Fafner and Godannar secrets - but they're mutually exclusive, although the choice on which one I prefer comes much later. Anyway, these are
[spoiler]Ken from Godannar, and like HALF THE CAST from Fafner. Seriously - five out of nine available pilots, if I recall correctly.[/spoiler]

Spoilers within spoilers![/spoiler]

That being said, I'll be playing favorites this time. Unless a significant majority of votes goes for the first option, we'll take the second one.


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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 13!
« Reply #154 on: June 08, 2011, 06:42:09 PM »
Hey, another self-righteous jerk yelling at everyone for using violence even though he does so himself! Mist ain't alone now!

The route split is a hard choice. On one hand, the first route has one event that I really want to see. On the other hand, I care much more about the second route, and it actually has series I voted for. Overall, I guess that my vote goes for Seeberg Tatsumiya Island.

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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 13!
« Reply #155 on: June 08, 2011, 09:52:00 PM »
I vote Tatsumiya, because as angst-filled as the Fafner plot is likely to be, I can handle angst much better than stupidity, and dealing with SEED in my own LP has shown me the levels of nonsense we're likely to see.
Also I like the lineup better for Tatsumiya, I'll miss Dangaioh but I think I prefer these guys. Also Sheldia.

Also, did I miss a formative event in Mists character development? He suddenly hates humans, but the last two levels were fighting Ispael robots and Virtuaroids. This change seems to have come out of nowhere.
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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 13!
« Reply #156 on: June 08, 2011, 09:59:01 PM »
Mist hates humans fighting other humans for stupid reasons. Earlier on he was okay with living on Earth because we didn't have that - only Monsters of the Week from various assorted series. But now that Destiny plot started, roll in the angst!


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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 13!
« Reply #157 on: June 08, 2011, 10:11:21 PM »
I'm voting for route 2, Tatsumiya Island. I'm more curious to see Fafner plot, and it makes more narrative sense for the main character to go on the find-the-MacGuffin-island quest than to the battlefield.
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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 13!
« Reply #158 on: June 09, 2011, 03:49:43 AM »
I'll vote for Tatsumiya as well.
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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 13!
« Reply #159 on: June 09, 2011, 05:20:17 AM »
I'll vote for Tatsumiya as well.  I do prefer the cast of the route, though I'll particularly miss the glorious 80's-ness of Dangaioh, and the sweet music and relatively unique mechs of Zoids.  I know that I've made disparaging remarks about Fafner, but it seems like we're due for a fair amount of angst either way, and at least on this route we'll have most of the super robot pilots to counteract it.  Also, as mentioned, Sheldia.