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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 7!
« Reply #100 on: May 16, 2011, 06:25:44 PM »
We didn't have an update in a while, did we? I'll try to fix that. Footage for the new episode is ready, but I might have went too far in the number of images for this particular one. Oh boy...

I know that feeling. When I started my LP of Alpha Gaiden, I thought 50 Images per update was a lot. Now I find several people can't view the J thread in Firefox because there's so many images. I would try to cut down, but so much of the dialogue is comedy gold, whether intentional or unintentional.
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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 8!
« Reply #101 on: May 16, 2011, 09:29:48 PM »
Wait, so that huge Alpha Gaiden LP, with lots of pictures, was yours?

Kudos for your hard work. Take this as a reward.

Episode 8!
Double Trouble!

No, we're not in Pokemon.

Suspage: This backwater is cramping my style. Blowing up innocent towns is not fabulous if you get stopped every time!
???: Don't whine, Suspage. We will open the gate to Darius world soon enough.
Suspage: Blasted Daiku-Maryu. If only I knew what they're doing right now...

Daiya: Any progress on the gates, Doc?
Sakon: We're getting there. Why don't you check the nearby town in the meantime? Zonnet is supposed to be a huge Domepolis, and I heard your friend already went there to search for the Clawed Man.
Daiya: Oh, right, mr Ban!
Puria: That's Van, you slowhead...

Gainer: Just how huge is this shopping list?
Sara: Can't help it, Exodus needs supplies. As long as we keep King Gainer outside the Domepolis limits and try to avoid attention, we'll be alright.
Gainer: Zonnet... my friend lives there. Maybe we should pay her a visit.
Sara: What did I say about avoiding attention just now?

Shizuka: Professor Sakon search team, get in position.
Kyo: There's only me. But I'm ready.
Shizuka: And... open the door!
Kyo: He's not here... I see a lot of clutter and it stinks to high heaven, but he is not in his room.
Shizuka: Whaaaaat! Sakon, you fool! Aargh, how dare you leave the ship without my permission! I'll suplex you the moment you return!
Kyo: ... Did she just bend a metal bar in half with her bare hands? That's scary...

Van: Ignore shanenigans... must find the Clawed Man... and murder him.
Wendy: Mr Van, please stop! You can't just go around driven by vengeance alone!
Van: Once again. You two kids can't handle the way I do things, get out. This place has a huge train station, use it and go home.
Joshua: Mr Van...
Van: I'm leaving you behind. From now on, I'm working solo.

Van: What do they think they know... young fools.
???: I'd say, you're quite a young fool yourself.

Van: Gadved!

Gadved, Van's mentor

Gadved: Long time no see, kid. In good health as always, huh? Come on, let's talk.

Wendy: Idiot Van doesn't understand a thing... Joshua lost a loved one too, but he's not going around trying to kill people in revenge. Oh brother - will I ever find you? Wait... Is that? No way...

Michael Garret, Wendy's older brother

Wendy: Michael!
Michael: W... Wendy! That's a surprise! What are you doing here?

Sara: I can't believe these Railroad goons recognized us on sight!
Gainer: Let's hide here and wait for them to pass!
Sara: Okay! Wait... Gainer, this is no time to play a game!
Gainer: It's suspicious to enter an arcade and not play anything. Hey, what's this? Queen of Overman Battle, an unbeaten streak of 200 wins? Don't tell me it's...!

Gainer: Excuse me. You're Cynthia, aren't you?
Cynthia: And who are you?
Gainer: It's me, Gainer! Remember, we play together?

Cynthia Lane, Gainer's online friend

Cynthia: The King of Gamers, in the flesh? Wow, what an exciting day! And this must be Sara, right?
Sara: Hello. So, we really met her after all, talk about coincidence...
Cynthia: What brings you here, Gainer? Looking for a challenge?
Gainer: Not exactly...
SR lackeys: I think I see them! Surround the building!
Cynthia: Aha, you're being chased! Let's sneak out - I know all the back alleys, I'll guide you. It'll be an adventure!

Everyone meets people from their past! With so many pleasant surprises around, what could go wrong?

Wendy: I'm so happy you're alright, big brother! You're not even wounded!
Michael: Yes. Wendy, there is something very important I have to tell you.
Wendy: Oh? What is it?
Michael: When I was taken... at first, I was terrified. But I understood that I stand in front of something bigger than me. Our Comrade is a man of great vision.
Wendy: C... comrade? You can't mean... the Clawed Man?
Michael: Exactly him. He wants to make the world a beautiful place, safe for all. Please understand, Wendy - this is very important. I share his mission now, so please return home, to Evergreen.
Wendy: N... no... it can't be...
Michael: I have to go now.

Van: WHAAAT! You bastard!
Van: How dare you take sides with the sonofabitch who killed Elena!
Gadved: Punch me all you want - I have my own reasons! He was the one who killed your fiancee, who wounded both of us to the extent that I had to give you a Yoroi implant just to save your life! And yet, I have my reasons! For helping our Comrade!
Van: ... Traitor. Gadved, you disgust me.
Gadved: The Original Seven serve our Comrade's cause now. The one who betrays them is the one who wants to kill the Comrade - you, Van. But it is not too late. Join us, and together we can create a new paradise for all.
Van: I'd sooner die!
Gadved: Very well. Let's take this outside, then.

Mysterious woman!

Woman: Excuse me.
Carmen: What is it?

Thwack! Schwing! Battle noises!

Woman: You're a strong one, aren't you? Now, I'll be taking the MacGuffin you hold...
Carmen: Tch... she took the Clawed Man's...
???: Hey, are you alright?

Mysterious man!

Carmen: Yeah, I just slipped and fall, that's all...
Man: I overheard you two talk, and then fight. It's about the Claw, isn't it?
Carmen: Who are you, anyway? Well, no matter. The last laugh's on me anyway...
Man: Don't worry. I'm not a bad guy. If you discount a certain chief mechanic's opinion.

Gadved: I saved your life, and now you want to slay my beloved Comrade. You know this will be a fight to  the death, Van. If I lose, it will be the redemption of my act. But if I win - it will be my condemnation!
Van: You talk too much now, Gadved. Hurry up.
Gadved: Wake up, Diablo!
Van: Wake up, Dann!

Gainer: Phew! We made it safely!
Sara: Thanks for everything, Cynthia. You are a really dependable person.
Cynthia: This Overman... Exodus's Overman is Gainer's? I'm really happy!
Gainer: Huh, what do you mean, Cynthia?
Cynthia: It means we can be rivals after all! Isn't it exciting?
Sara: That... sounded less dependable now.
Cynthia: Come, Dominator! Prepare yourself Gainer - let's have fun!

The duel starts! Okay, it's more like a double duel. With extra Siberian Railroad mooks to make things more fun.

Gainer: I don't want to fight you, Cynthia!
Cynthia: Come on. It's just like in Overman Battle!

Mist: Hey, that looks like trouble. So much for our guys' covert approach.
Angelica: Daiku-Maryu, can you hear us? Gainer and Van are in trouble!

Reinforcements will be here soon, but in the meantime:


Cynthia: Show me your best, King of Games!
Gainer: Aah! King Gainer's losing power!
Gadved: Condemnation, or redemption? Which one will it be, Van?! Tell me!

From a player's perspective, this is... not as exciting as it sounds. Diablo of Monday is tough, but I gave Van a barrier generator so he should be alright. As for Gainer, I must remember about two things: his chainsword goes right through Dominator's photon mat, and you can reload the game if you get shot down. Because you really can get shot down here. Just sayin'.

But, with some luck:

Cynthia: This is exciting! The real thing's even better than playing! So that's what the Game Champ can do!

Yeah. Cynthia is not the most stable person around. Or grounded in reality.

SR lackey: I'll get a commendation for shooting down this Armor!
Van: You idiots stay out of this.
SR lackey: Aah, I'm sorry Sir!

At least the mooks are not too troublesome to deal with. Too bad they come with the usual complement of King Gainer bosses - Yassaba, the terrible trio, the usual. Asuham's not around though. Oh, and Kejinan has a new Overman, Blackmail. I forgot to say that. But now you know.

Kouji: Hey-ho! Mazinger Z is here!
Garis: Everyone, move out! Save our friends!

Cynthia: Hey, the odds are kinda bad now, aren't they? But I won't lose! Watch out for this one, Gainer!

Gainer: Aaah!
Sara: G... Gainer! He's hurt!
Cynthia: What? Gainer... got hurt?
Gain: Quick, move King Gainer back on board!
Sara: Easy to say. Don't worry Gainer, you'll be safe soon!
Cynthia: Why did this happen...

King Gainer's out of commission for now. The fight goes to a confused and anxious Cynthia. But watch out, it's not over yet!


Anna: Watch out, Gou-chin! It's the usual rambling madman!
Gou: Don't worry a thing, Anna. I have this one!

Cynthia: What did I do? I'm sorry, Gainer...

Well, one boss is down now. Out of many.

Gain: Tough guy, eh? Taste Brunnhilde's power!
Bello: That sounded like a commercial tagline.
Gadved: This kind of force is not enough to bring Diablo down!

Gadved has some sick levels of Prevail - a skill for tanky robot pilots that increases armor (and dodging, and accuracy, and crit rates...) as health goes down. It's like if the game was telling me to finish him off with Van... and that's exactly what is going on here.

Kouji (Tetsuya): Let's go, Shizuru-san! Double Gunner action!
Puria: Hell yeah, let's show 'em!
Shizuru: These two... it's somewhat annoying, but they work well together.
Gauli: Agreed.

But enough about fighting redshirts. Back to Gadved!

Kouji: Rocket Punch!
Gadved: Fool!
Van: You bastard! CHESTO!

Gadved's a cheater and regenerates when shot down once. That's right - I have the "pleasure" of downing the tough-as-nails Diablo twice. Thanks, game.


I should stop stealing lines from Deceased Crab.

Boss: What's this? Forget angsty cowboys and their stupid plots! Pay attention to the real hero - Boss Borot!

Gadved: Van, it's over. I'll have to split you in twain!
Kejinan: Enough, I'm the new character now! Like my Overman?
Yagyu: Is that... a frog?

Van: Elena... I can't die here... Elena!
Gadved: Soon, you will meet with her peacefully. I really wish we could have remained friends, Van!
Van: Once again, you talk too much!
Gadved: Come! The last strike will decide the victor!

Gadved: So... that's how it is...

Tsubaki: Van won his duel! Ero-Kenji, destroy the frog thing!
Kenji: Ero-? But I only snuck a peek once... okay, whatever! Spin Storm!
Daiya: Lemme help too! Aack, fast!
Kejinan: Ha ha ha! Blackmail cannot be defeated!

Anna: Everyone's down south! Do you expect us to take on the whole army just by the two of us?

Yassaba: Divide and conquer, that's the basics of battle! Take this!
Daiya: Gaiking! Don't go down just yet! Punch Grinder!

Shizuru: I hate frogs, and other slimy things. Sniper Shot!
Kejinan: My indestructible Overman!
Kouji (Tetsuya): So, Shizuru-san has a feminine side too!
Shizuru: Idiot.

Mist: Hey, it's the guy who by chance got me before. Time for round two, jerk!
Kouji: Does this look familiar? Breast FIRE!
Yassaba: Adette, you know the drill by now!

Yagyu: Let's go, everyone! Triangle Attack!
Monko: Try to keep up with the Angels, Kanitank guys!
Yanma: A'right! Kani-tank, go!
Enge: Six on one? What an overkill!
Puria: It's the Bunker Crab, not Kanitank, dammit!

You know what? Shanenigans aside, blowing up the same mini-bosses over and over gets boring after a while. The rest of the story will be told with pictures.

Kenji: Knuckle Bomber!

Asuham: Damn you Gain! This is not the last time - you will die soon etc etc.

Mist: Chaser!
Angelica: Combination!
Zakki: I was in this mission too!

Victory is ours! But for some reason, hardly anyone feels happy today.

Carmen: Van, the Clawed Man really was in this city. But he left already.
Van: Shit! Gadved, you bastard... you only wanted to slow me down, didn't you?

Kejinan: We're kicking you out. Get out of the Overman, old man!
Yassaba: You can't do this, Kejinan! I'm paying you!
Kejinan: Well, not anymore! Die in a ditch, I'm the leader now!
Enge: I think that Cynthia girl will try to kill you if you boss around.
Kejinan: Right, let's listen to her for a while. She's cute, too!
Enge: Yeah...

Band of lolicons, I tell you.

As for the mysterious man who helped Carmen, he turned out to be...

Daiya: Hey, it's Professor Sakon!
Sakon: In the flesh, for a change. Great news, everyone! After a night of non-stop work, and Shizuka punching me in the head...
Shizuka: Uh-huh. That happened.
Sakon: We got the Daiku-Maryu's dimensional drive to work. No gate is closed to us now! That is, if we find enough fuel. The stuff they got here is just too weak. To the west, there supposedly is a continent called Zi, where they have sources of energy just potent enough for our needs.
Shizuka: So, Daiku-Maryu's moving out just there. Thank you, mr Exposition.

Carmen: That woman who fought me must have been the Clawed Man's servant.
Van: Yeah. But you lost her.
Carmen: Ha, don't take me for an amateur, Van! I planted a tracking device on her - and wherever she went, I bet the Clawed Man is, too.
Van: Where is she then? Tell me!
Carmen: Moving over the sea as we speak. She probably went to Zi.
Van: We're going there too then!

Gainer: Ow... my whole body's hurting...
Sara: Gainer! You should stay in bed!
Gainer: I've no intention of getting up...
Sara: And good. How could Cynthia do that to us? I thought she was your friend...
Adette: Make way! I heard one of my precious students got wounded!
Gainer: S... students? How did that happen?
Adette: What, didn't you know? I am now miss Kistler, the teacher of your school. Make sure not to skip class, boy! That would be a terrible waste!
Ana: Gainer! I heard Gainer got beaten really badly! Links, Liese and Linna were really worried, too!

Links, Ana's squirrel-like pets (they dance)

Links: Kii!
Sara: Well, aren't you popular, Gainer.
Gainer: What did I do now?

Bello: Who's this guy?
Gain: It's the enemy commander. They dumped him in trash for some reason. Siberian Railroad has no loyalty whatsoever, I tell you. Still, we better keep him tied up for now.
Adette: Yassaba!

Adette: I know Yassaba is here!
Yassaba: Adette! Don't look! I am a pathetic man now!
Adette: I don't care! Pathetic or not, you are still strong inside! And that's all that matters!
Yassaba: No, all that matters is that you are alive and safe!
Bello: Is this supposed to be a romantic scene?

Garis: Daiku-Maryu will seperate from the Exodus and go west. It's an honor to have you on board, Princess.
Ana: Of course, Captain! It will be a great adventure - I've never been to Zi before, I can't wait to see how it looks like.
Lioubov: But Princess! It might be dangerous!
Ana: Don't worry! The Links will protect me! Oh, and Gainer and Sara said they're tagging along, too.

So, that's that. During the intermission, I find not only no new units whatsoever, but also that I lost the King Gainer pilots - well, except Gainer and Sara as mentioned above. Time to reshuffle the teams - you know what that means, Boss!

Boss: He he he. I like this team best.
Shizuru: Please, someone kill me.

That was a long episode! And almost no new features, either - but worry not, that will change soon enough. Also, Gun X Sword over-saturation shouldn't repeat itself anymore. Hopefully.
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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 8!
« Reply #102 on: May 17, 2011, 02:04:26 AM »
Quote from: Cubey
Also, Gun X Sword over-saturation shouldn't repeat itself anymore. Hopefully.

You say that like it's a good thing.

Just kidding.


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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 8!
« Reply #103 on: May 17, 2011, 02:16:20 AM »
So, how's the image-intensive format I used for this update? How do you like having slightly less videos and slightly more pictures - better than before, worse, makes no difference? I'm interested in your opinions.

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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 8!
« Reply #104 on: May 17, 2011, 02:19:52 AM »
Well, when we're just stomping the SR miniboss horde for the umpteenth time, it's better to just summarize it in picture form. New stuff deserves a video, obviously, but otherwise I think pictures works just as well to a little bit better.


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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 8!
« Reply #105 on: May 17, 2011, 02:21:07 AM »
Kudos for your hard work. Take this as a reward.

This part is worth repeating. Becase I missed the embedded link when I read it the first time.

Boss keeps having the best lines. And apparently Wendy is related to Jesus.


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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 8!
« Reply #106 on: May 17, 2011, 03:06:38 AM »
I didn't find Gun X Sword to be oversaturated this time around.  Not sure why.  Maybe Van's just had more time to grow on me.  Or it's that the storyline has had a chance to take a gripping turn.  I really want to find out what apparently made Van's former allies side with their Comrade.

I do think that more routine things can be summed up well by images.  The only things that really, really need to be on video in my opinion are new animations, important points in fights against significant bosses, and occasional dynamic killshot montages.


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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 8!
« Reply #107 on: May 17, 2011, 03:21:20 AM »
I tend to skip routine attacks outright rather than showing them in any way. But of course, new units, attacks and important events always are and will be documented with videos. Observing animations is half the fun of playing a SRW game, I always say!


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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 8!
« Reply #108 on: May 17, 2011, 04:19:57 AM »
I'm with Neon Knight that we should just use videos to sum up stuff that we know is going to play out.  Like with all the Gaiking filler we'll be running into soon and stuff like that.

And damn, not even a third of the way in the game and we've already covered half of the Gun X Sword plot.
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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 8!
« Reply #109 on: May 17, 2011, 06:04:28 AM »
Are you talking about the Alpha Gaiden LP on Something Awful? No, no, thats not mine at all. I did one for a group of friends, essentially, on a local forum for Irish gamers. I'm no SAer, mainly due to apathy at such a huge selection of forums, and I wouldn't want to take credit for someone elses hard work.
"Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general thing."

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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 8!
« Reply #110 on: May 17, 2011, 03:33:35 PM »
Ah, I see. Still, that's plenty of work. It's not only popularity that makes an LP hard to run - it's all about effort! I could advertise this LP on some places, but I decided: not worth the effort, screw it. I want it to be read first and foremost by people I know and like.

And my photobucket running into its monthly limit has nothing to do with that decision, no siree.

Forget GXS, we're on episode 20 of King Gainer. Out of 26. Talk about insane. Maybe I should keep a plot tally:

Gun X Sword: 50%
Overman King Gainer: 75%
Gaiking: 10%?
Godannar: Has no plot


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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 9!
« Reply #111 on: May 21, 2011, 08:12:27 PM »
First Easter, now Rapture (which didn't happen to the best of my knowledge)... I really should have LPed a game with Evangelion in it. For more religious symbolism.

Episode 9!
In soviet Zi, Pokemon choose you!

The title makes complete sense. I swear.

Carmen: Wendy? Where are you?!
Anna: I found Joshua. He was arrested by the police after looking for you - in the women's bathroom!
Joshua: It was a perfectly logical place to investigate!
Wendy: What is that ruckus? Oh! It's miss Carol, and Anna!
Anna: We won't be leaving you two behind, you know.
Carmen: It's Carmen99, Wendy... okay, let's go. We're off to Area Zi!
Joshua: Zi?! I hear that place developed some incredible Armor designs!
Kameo: Kiii!

??? (but a different ??? than before!): I heard about your many failures, Suspage. Our superior is not pleased.
Suspage: Give me time. I have a perfect plan this time - I'll unleash it beautifully, and Daiku Maryu will be crushed. Crushed I say!
??? (the old one, let's call it ??? #1): We have little patience for your antics this time.
??? #2: Which is why I will take care of the matters personally.
Suspage: What is this, two-on-one video conference? Arrogant jerks... even my genius can only do so much without support from the Darius world.

That's right, it's Suspage again. I hope you didn't get bored of him yet - because I did. Anyway, the action moves to a small, peaceful village...

Raaji: And everyone! Heave!

Raaji Familion, leader of Mirodo Village

Raaji: We did it! Good job, we fished the Zoid out of the sea.
Ruuji: Wow, it's a Liger-type. How rare...
Faaji: Why don't you see if it likes you, Ruuji?

Ruuji Familion, young village boy (and Raaji's son)

Faaji, Ruuji's younger brother

Ruuji: Come on, Zoid... I've excavated you with my own hands - will you let me pilot you?
Liger: ...
Raaji: No reaction. That's too bad.
Ruuji: Aww...
Faaji: Better luck next time!

Faaji: Aaah! Look! What's that huge lizard-thing in the sky?!

I guess the marine journey went without shanenigans for a change.

Gainer: So this is the Zi continent. It feels so different - everything is full of life!
Ana: Not only is it vibrant, but also humid and hot! Gainer, let's play in the sand!
Gainer: Why did you take your winter clothes, princess?

But wait, we didn't come here for fun! Okay, actually we did. As in, the readers. Let's not get too meta.

Rosa: We are in need of your Reggel fuel. Of course, we are willing to make a trade - this place is not too advanced, so whatever technology you need and Daiku Maryu has, it is yours.
Raaji: Reggel is rare and what little we have, we need for ourselves. We are simple people, living happy lives as we are now. So we don't need your technology, I'm afraid there's no trade.
Ruru: Vice-captain Rosa! Some unknowns are approaching the village!
Rosa: Ah, what a convenient deus ex machina.

Zairin: This is the place where my targets are hiding.

Zairin of Zaltz, Digald army commander

Zairin: What a primitive village. It will be better off as part of Digald, so I might as well conquer it. All Bioroids! Attack!

Garis: These dinosaur-shaped robots are hostile. All units, scramble!
Kouji (Kabuto): Dinosaurs? Is it dr Hell?
Sayaka: What, this again? Stop obsessing about him!
Carmen: Remember, try to leave a good impression on the villagers and maybe they'll share the fuel with you.

Gou: They're small, but there's many of them.
Anna: Watch out, Gou-chin! Here they come!
Gou: Don't worry, I got this one Anna!

Kouji: They're tough! That Rocket Punch should've went right through it!
Angelica: Maybe they have some kind of special armor?

Indeed they do! Bioroids are equipped with Hell Armor, that reduces effectiveness of most attacks... slightly. It's more annoying than dangerous, really. Doesn't mean I won't overreact about it though.

Aaah! Our weapons are ineffective!

And they have different Bioroids, which are almost exactly the same, but dark and with slightly more HP!

Zairin: This rag-tag collection of strange units is no match to Digald's army. At this rate, victory is mine... wait, what's this?

Ruuji: Please move, Liger! Please save the village!

Zairin: How naive! Second group, attack from the flank and end this!
Ruuji: Aaah! Liger, I beg you... ! The Murasame sword from our shrine!
Zairin: It flew through the air? What's going on!
Ruuji: You woke up! Let's go, Murasame Ligeeeer!

Zairin: The Zoid moved - but that's not good enough! Take this!


Zairin: Argh! Who is it now?

Ra Kan, wise mentor character

Re Mii, tsundere princess character

Ra Kan: I'm sorry that I had to endanger us by leaving the hiding place, Mii. But we cannot let that boy die.
Re Mii: What are you taking about, Kan? Nobody's endangered - let's kick their butts!
Zairin: It's my targets! I'm lucky today!
Ruuji: Who... are you people?
Re Mii: We're here to help you, boy!
Ruuji: Boy? But you don't sound older than me...
Ra Kan: Let's not squabble now. Sword Wolf, ready!

Re Mii: Lanstag, ready! Everyone, attack with your Zii weapons!

Ruuji: That worked really well!

Zii weapons (marked by the V tag on the attack list, just to be confusing) bypass Hell Armor. It's only a small advantage, and will probably remain that way. What are the odds that improved Hell Armor appears, after all? Yeah, that's not gonna happen.

Van: It's the enemy commander! Show me what you got, tough guy.
Zairin: Don't underestimate the Bio Megaraptor!

Zairin: How's that!
Kouji: The big one's breathing fire! Are you alright, Sayaka?!
Sayaka: I'm still fine! But something weird happened to Diana's weapons!

That's right - anything hit by a fireball loses weapon power... because it melts, apparently. Luckily, the change is only temporary and goes away after one round.

Ruuji: I can't lose! Sword Cannon, fire!
Shizuru: Spiral Stinger!
Boss: More like Boobie Cannon, he he he!
Shizuru: Why am I in this team again...

Zairin: The toed Zoid's at me again? I won't be done for - taste my claw!

This barrier generator really improves Dann's survivability. Which allows Van to face minor bosses alone, just like that.

Kenji: Hey, don't hog the spotlight Van! My turn! Jeeg Breaker!

Zairin: Tch! Tough audience! Time for a change of plans.
Ruuji: Oh no, you won't!
Zairin: Out of my way, pipsqueak! I'll fry you!

Ruuji: Missed me!

Ruuji: Oh no! The Generator got hit! It's all my fault!

Ra Kan: Here's our chance, Mii! Target the big one!

Zairin: Gwaaah! Megaraptor's almost done for!

Suspage: Hoho! What fools - weakened by fighting some insignificant local empire, and now Darius strikes! You will fall before my genius today!

Daiya: It's Darius! Come on mr Lee, let's take them on!
Sakon: Don't rush, Daiya - Gaiking's maintenance was completed only a second ago!

So that's where Gaiking went... by the way, King Gainer was not available either. I guess Gainer and Sara are too busy getting sand out of their own boots.

But suddenly!

Lee: That thing! Move it, Daiya! This is my fight!
Ruru: Mr Lee is acting strangely, Captain!

Lee: It's that turtle, no doubts about it! Die, you bastard!

Lee: Aaah! I can't lose here!
Daiya: What happened? Please tell me!
Lee: That turtle... it's the one that destroyed my village and... killed my brother, Shin! It's the reason I joined Daiku Maryu in the first place - to avenge Shin! But now... I failed...

Mist: Dude, that's not a healthy attitude. You should let it go.
Angelica: Shh, you're not helping Mist!

Daiya: Mr Lee, that's not true!
Lee: Huh?
Daiya: You can't give up now. Even if you fail ten times, you cannot! Because of your brother, but not only him - others can be hurt by this turtle, too. So for them, you must fight, but not just charge recklessly. We gotta fight as a team, you taught me that yourself!
Lee: You... are right, Daiya! Let's do this!
Van: Power to live on comes from avenging loved ones. Yeah, I know how it feels...

After receiving bits of advice of... varying effectiveness, everyone feels fired up! Why, it's enough to spontaneously generate a new ally!

???: Oh great, these jerks again.
Suspage: A bird robot? How unsightly - shoot it down!
???: Hello? Whomever is commanding the large dragon unit, can you hear me? I want to bring the other battleship down. Please assist me.
Rosa: Who are you? Identify yourself!

Kotona Elegance, independent female bounty hunter... wait, that sounds familiar!

Carmen: Hey, it's Kotona!
Kotona: Carmen99? What a surprise! How are you doing?

With this crazy coincidence, Kotona and her Rainbow Jerk (yeah, I know...) are at our disposal.

Suspage: Don't get too cocky! You're going down, Gaiking!
Daiya: Phew! That wasn't dangerous at all!

Ra Kan: All Zoids, attack together!
Kotona: You don't have to tell me that twice, old man!

And, one more.

Ruuji: Ah, I got left behind! Wait for me!
Van: You're not alone with that sentiment, kid...

Lee: The turtle is almost down, time for a finishing hit!

Lee: Not good! Argh!
Daiya: Oh no, the Serpent's almost dead!
Sakon: Daiya, there was a reason we upgraded Gaiking. It's time to use its secret technique!
Daiya: Secret technique?
Sakon: Combine Gaiking and Serpent, and unleash the Serpent Buster!
Lee: Alright!
Daiya: Let's do THIS!

Suspage: My ace in the sleeve!
Daiya: We did it, mr Lee!
Lee: Shin... I avenged you.

Garis: All that remains is the Zerogaia battleship.

Garis: All units, focus fire!
Kouji: Leave it to me, Captain! Strong Buster!
Kouji: And me. RUST HURRICANE!

Guess what, Suspage is a runner again. I have to finish him off in one hit now. Too bad for him that I just got a perfect tool to do this.

Suspage: You bastards! I refuse to be defeated again! This is not over!

Mist: Pfeh, what lame-ass enemies. And here I was worried we'd face someone really dangerous.

Monko: Time to break the 4th wall.
Tatsuko: But not to break the character. We're here to explain about Reggel, so listen closely.
Monko: It's made by those huge trees called Generators. And also in other ways, but who gives shit about that!
Tatsuko: Reggel is used to power Zoids, and other things like Sakon's dimensional engine. But there's one more reason why Generators are important.
Monko: They keep the land stable and green. The Generator goes boom, and the land turns into a wasteland!
Tatsuko: So you should understand why it's important now. And if you don't - too bad. Sucks to be you.

Yagyu: Hey, you two. Keep the 4th wall intact the next time!
Monko: Sorry, capt'n...

Ra Kan: I have a feeling something eerie just happened... that aside, Captain. We are looking for a certain wise man who can help us. I am afraid that's all I can say.
Garis: That's good enough for now. Welcome aboard - you can travel with us as long as there is no trouble.
Re Mii: I promise there won't be any trouble!

Ruuji: Mom, dad...

Min: I understand, Ruuji. I already packed your things.
Raaji: Go with our blessings, Ruuji. I'm sure you will be able to find a mechanic who can fix the Generator.

Min Familion, Ruuji's mother

Raaji: And, one more thing.
Ruuji: Dad? Your binoculars!
Raaji: It's the family keepsake. I'm sure it will be safe with you.
Ruuji: Thanks for everything! I'll be going now - but I promise I will return soon! With a mechanic!

And so Daiku Maryu flies off, in search for other villages with other Generators. But little does anyone know, there is a stowaway!

Zairin: I can't return home empty-handed. Might as well gather some intelligence!


Rosa: Captain, an unidentified robot ahead of us!
Garis: What could it want from us? Is it hostile?
Angelica: Look, Mist!
Mist: That thing... argh, bright light again! Nooo!

??? #2: I've sent them all to the Darius world, just like I was told. Was that a smart move? Well, that's Suspage's problem, not mine. I must consult my superior now.

Ruru: Captain! Everyone's fine, but where are we?
Rongo: Let's find a map!
Garis: There's no need for that. I recognize our surroundings. This is the Darius world.

Angelica: That machine... its design looked just like...
Mist: Yeah. One of those bastards who destroyed Atreem. Do they want Earth next?!

Intermission time! And we are not empty-handed again. I have four new Zoids in the roster.

[spoiler]Murasame Liger: Offensively, the strongest of the bunch. It can dodge really well, and its attacks have very moderate requirements - expect this to be the norm for Zoid units. Its weak point? Lack of a strong finishing hit, I guess.

Lanstag: Pretty similar to the Liger, with an ability to resupply. Which, I remind you, also means some energy regeneration for itself and its partner unit.

Sword Wolf: A bit slower, a bit tougher than the usual. It's still a dodger rather than a tank though.

Rainbow Jerk: Thin armor, but very fast - both in terms of dodging and actual on-map speed. Can also fly, and repair.[/spoiler]

But that's not all!

Other than parts, this game also has pilot parts - items that teach your pilots special abilities. So far I have parts that increase Prevail, ability to fight with guns or melee weapons (these will be distributed evenly among people who get the most out of them), and also offensive and defensive supports. I also have parts that increase SPs, used for spirit skills, and decrease cost of spirit skills. And that's where I want your input!

Should I give these parts to front line characters, to use offensive spirit skills more often - or to support characters, who will be able to bless/cheer/trust more frequently, giving me extra money, experience and healing potential?


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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 9!
« Reply #112 on: May 21, 2011, 08:52:31 PM »
Oh Gaiking mooks, we will never tire of you! He lied. At least Gaiking got a new attack out of the ordeal.

I really like Zoids in this game, especially the theme. It's very different from what other series have, yet works really well.

Rainbow Jerk has to be the most unfortunately named robot ever (but not the most unfortunate name in this game, as we'll see soon). And that cutin thinks we're in Code GeASS, apparently.


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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 9!
« Reply #113 on: May 21, 2011, 11:17:31 PM »
More money -> More upgrades -> MORE POWER

Put the pilot items permitting more frequent spirit skill use on the support units.  The healing will make up for a lot of the damage differential, and the rest is cash in the bank (or experience, whatever you prefer :D).

Also...Rainbow Jerk?  How does that at all relate to being a peacock eagle? :twitch

Cool new units overall, though, and the new Serpent Cannon is pretty sweet.

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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 9!
« Reply #114 on: May 22, 2011, 01:29:08 AM »
I really like abusing Luck and Gain, so I suggest putting the items on the support characters for Cheer/Bless spam and similar support shenanigans.

Also, who are we upgrading? I hope we're keeping Gaiking up to speed, seeing as we're on Darius now. Upgrade it and the DKM.
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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 9!
« Reply #115 on: May 22, 2011, 01:38:37 AM »
Now that was a crazy awesome update!

I guess I'll also vote for sticking the pilot items on the support units.


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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 9!
« Reply #116 on: May 22, 2011, 01:41:38 AM »
I'm keeping the units upgraded, don't worry. Well, maybe I am too conservative with weapon upgrades - but so far everything's going fine, so no need for extreme spendings.


Right, let's upgrade support pilots then. And by that I mean Sayaka's our girl. Her unit might suck, but she's the best support character in this game - and almost every other SRW she's in. Which means... all non-OG Super Robot Wars titles, pretty much.


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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 9!
« Reply #117 on: May 22, 2011, 02:52:24 AM »
Give Sayaka SP boosting items.

Oh, and the captain of the Daiku Maryu, since you'll get Bless soon enough.
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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 9!
« Reply #118 on: May 24, 2011, 10:32:59 PM »
What's this, another update so quickly? That makes it three on this page alone. Madness!

Episode 10!
A new challenger!

Just like suggested, support pilots get the SP parts. And by support pilots I mean those who have Bless, and by that I mean Sayaka. Now she can almost cast it twice in one mission.

Other parts given to those who can make the best use out of them: In-fight for Gou, Van, etc. We don't really have any good snipers yet so the Gunfight parts have to wait. And no, Kouji doesn't count.

Gainer: So... in other words, vice-captain Rosa wanted to tell everyone we're in Darius World now.
Van: No! Damn, this not where the Claw Man is!
Ruuji: We still have the mechanic, and the wise man to find!
Ana: Everyone, please quiet down! It's not Rosa's fault that we are here now, or Gainer's. Remember that!
Gainer: Princess...

And this is how yet another girl was added to Gainer's harem! Just kidding. We don't need even more lolicon in mecha anime.

Suspage: Good to be home. Gaiking has no chance to survive, now that we're on Darius land!
Proist: Strong words for a failure, Suspage.

Proist, robotic general of Darius

Suspage: Please forgive me! You must understand - I lost only because of outside factors, that I couldn't change! Give me one chance and the situation will be reversed!
Proist: Not this time. You are on backup. Nouza will trap the Daiku Maryu.
Nouza: Very well.

Nouza, yet another (rather angry) general of Darius and a master swordsman

Nouza: Sniveling worm. Suspage should accept defeat rather than try to wriggle his way out of consequences time and time again. It will be different with me.
Proist: There is only three of us here. Where is Vestanu?
Nouza: Field operations.

Vestanu: Halt! Stay right where you are!
Lee: Oops. I guess my infiltration gig is up, huh?

Vestanu, lady-general of Darius

Thwack! Crash! Kung-fu kapow!

Lee: Are you alright?
Vestanu: You defeated me... finish me off...
Lee: Hey now, killing people in cold blood? It's not my style.
Vestanu: Typical... lack of honor for a Surfacer...
Lee: That's not nice to say! And what's with the whole Surfacer thing?
Vestanu: Surfacers, people like you. You stealthily attack Darius and stab us in the back!
Lee: Attack? Listen, miss - Darius was the one who attacked first! Hey! She ran away... I guess she was not that wounded after all.

Nouza: Vestanu! What happened out there?
Vestanu: Just a routine inspection of our excavation site. What is Proist digging up here, I wonder...
Nouza: Routine inspections rarely end in you being beaten up and bruised. Well, whatever. I'm sending you a cross gate at these coordinates.

Lee: Ohoh! That sounds like some juicy info.
Carmen: Now, mr Lee. It's not nice to eavesdrop, you know.
Lee: Sorry, but I just couldn't help myself.
Kotona: Listen to that, Carmen. Make sure to double-check before you try changing clothes with this guy around! Anyway, what do you have? It's not good if we return empty handed...

Garis: Do I hear that right? Lee intercepted cross gate coordinates?
Rosa: Indeed, Captain. If we follow them, there is an option to strike the Darius capital directly.
Garis: We have quite a distance to cross, but we should make it in time. Gather the crew - Daiku Maryu, move out!
Ruru: Captain...
Garis: What is it, Ruru?
Ruru: I see... a very powerful, black flame. It's burning! It threatens to burn everyone down!
Garis: Another vision! But what could it mean? We should proceed cautiously.

Nouza: I see the giant dragon. Daiku Maryu fell into my trap!
Garis: Damn! It's the general, Nouza! Everyone, stay back. This is not a fight we're prepared for.
Ruru: Umm, Captain. A unit just launched.

Daiya: Let's go! Give me back my father, Darius general!
Nouza: It's Gaiking! You have guts, young pilot. What's your name?
Daiya: Tsuwabuki Daiya!
Nouza: Daiya... this is where you fall. Prepare yourself!

Daiya: Counter CROSS!
Nouza: Ha ha ha! Not bad, you almost scratched my paintjob!

Rosa: Daiya's in trouble. Scramble!

Kouji: Hold the ground, kid! We're right there!
Nouza: More machines? It's only fair that I bring some of my own, then!

Cain: All armored beasts are ready for combat, general Nouza!
Nouza: Great. I trust you to cover my back, Lieutenant!

Cain, Nouza's second in command

Kotona: It's the Darius commander! Time to act a bit more proactively...

Kotona: Ouch! I really felt that one!
Hacchi: Oy! You alright, miss?

So yeah. Nouza is a dangerous boss - approach with caution.

Suspage: Nouza, that idiot musclehead! Amateur wants to solve all problems with brawn alone, without a shade of tactics. Well, this is why I brought not one, but TWO turtle beasts!

So yeah. Enemy reinforcements, and it's Suspage again. But wait, something's new!

Angelica: That unit, it looks just like Serius, doesn't it?
Mist: And that color... no way, you don't mean!

Input name Sheldia Rouge, Mist's friend from Bezard!

Mist: Sheldia, is that you?
Sheldia: Mist! Wow, am I glad to see you!
Angelica: Who is that girl? Wait... it is your girlfriend from before, right?
Suspage: Less chit-chat with the enemy, more slaughter!

Sheldia: Sorry, Suspage. I joined your little army only to have a roof over my head. But now, it's over - and you know what, you were a really lousy boss, too!
Suspage: Heh heh... mouthy brat. But nobody who enters my force, mercenary or not, leaves!

Sheldia: No good! I can't work the controls... Serius II is moving on its own!
Suspage: Remote control, how do you like it!

Mist: No! What a low trick! I don't want to fight Sheldia!
Sakon: Relax, Mist. You do not have to shoot her down, just don't let her harm anyone while we figure out how to disable the remote.

Sakon has a point here - don't down the purple Serius, or it's game over. The bloodthirsty part of the audience should be placated by like a billion of enemy mooks present in this scenario. Shoot 'em instead.

Nouza: Don't forget that I am still here!
Cain: Sir! I'll assist you - taste my steel, Gaiking!

Cain joins the battle, but luckily he's not as strong as his boss. Still, if both of them gang up on Gaiking (and Serpent), we're in trouble. So best to do something about it.

Ah, and the mooks are here, too.

Re Mii: Watch out! This one's going to hit you!
Ruuji: Not if I hit first! Let's go, Liger!

The above video exists for two reasons. 1 - to show Ruuji's counter ability (though a few other people have it too, like Van). 2 - Zoid. With Kamina glasses.

Gainer: King Gainer's repairs are over, so... Overfreeze Bullets!

Nouza: Not... yet! I'm taking Gaiking with me!

Daiya: Aaaahh! F... father!

Garis: No! Daiku Maryu, full speed ahead! We must save Daiya!
Nouza: You're getting in the way!

Garis: Gwaaah!
Ruru: Kyaaa!

Daiya: Captain! Ruru! Leave... them... ALONE!
Garis: Daiya, no! Don't do that!

Nouza: That power! What was that!
Daiya: I... did it...
Ruru: Captain!
Garis: I wasn't aware he could pull it off - but he did! Gaiking's forbidden attack, Face Open, can be unleashed only by those with the strongest Flame. But even so, Daiya is barely conscious now!

Cain: General! I will stand my ground until you are safe!
Kouji: Sorry, but you're in my sights. All set, okay! Gatling arm!
Cain: I'm sorry, general Nouza! I have disgraced you!

So, that's it for two out of three bosses. And also Gaiking - with minimal energy and will, Daiya isn't going anywhere. Just lie down and let the team handle the rest.

Tsubaki: Watch your step, ero-Kenji! We got hit by covering your butt!
Kenji: Crap, sorry!
Kyo: Some teamwork this is...

Three bosses? I meant four, if by bosses I mean non-mooks, with portraits and personality. One of them is not meant for shooting down, not that it prevents her from picking a fight on her own...

Sheldia: Sorry, I can't help it! Please don't hate me!

Current situation, in case anyone was interested:

Still a crapton of mooks to go through. Welcome to Super Robot Wars K - it loves doing that. Especially if the mooks in question are Gaiking's armored beasts or F... oops. Almost spoiled there.

Kouji: Another evil turtle? Rocket Punch!
Sayaka: Hey, does it mean Lee didn't have his revenge yet? It could be a different turtle.
Kouji: Let's kill them all to be sure!
Kameo: Kiii...
Wendy: Don't be afraid, they weren't talking about you! I hope...

Also, I discover one weakness of my Zoid units: lack of anti-air attacks. Well, we still have some, but that's not good enough on bosses and stuff. Gotta do something about that.

Or just use Rainbow Jerk, since it flies too. Speaking of the unfortunately-named Zoid in question:

Kotona: It's that Suspage again! Start the assault, everyone!
Yanma: Somehow, we always get ordered around by bossy women.
Bubi: Yup, yup...

And for a change of mood!

Gainer: Here's a skill King Gainer unlocked recently! Double-wielding longswords!

Dunno if that's an Overskill, or did Gainer just become a ranger fanboy. Oh, and Suspage does not run this mission, unlike his usual self. I thought you'd like to hear that.

Mist: I'm sick of this guy and seeing him since all the trouble started! I just wanted to live in peace - it is all your fault! Take this!
Suspage: Zerogaia, retreat! Just... don't make me listen to this whine anymore!

Sheldia: Phew! Crisis averted, I can control Serius again. So, whatcha up to, everyone?

Lee: So, this is the secret second girlfriend of Mist?
Sheldia: What! We're just friends, is all. Of course, I did rescue him from his burning wreck of a robot... and in return he helped me build Serius II... and we were pretty close, so...
Mist: Can we stop this for now? How did you end up on Darius World, Sheldia? I really thought you were...
Sheldia: Dead? Nope! Serius II has the same engine Revlius and the mass-produced Seriuses from Etreem have, right? So whatever triggered your jump, so did mine. Can't say I understand it, but I'm glad to be alive!

The newcomer is making Daiku Maryu's atmosphere a bit too happy and energetic. Let's spoil it with some drama!

Ruru: Is Daiya...?
Sayaka: He's sleeping in the ward now. I don't think he's in danger, but... he is very exhausted. I don't know when he'll wake up.

The Captain was alone in his room, talking with memories of a certain person dear to him.
Garis: Nouza is here. No, it's naive to think he wouldn't be - if we attack the capital, most likely we'll have to face all four generals at the same time. Is it the right thing to bring children into this conflict? What about... our own child?

Sheldia: So, I'm telling ya - Mist survived a random jump like this twice already. In fact, he told me the first time he was saved by Angelica's father, who committed a suicide attack just so he could live!
Angelica: ...

Mist: What?
Mist: Ow!
Angelica: You never told me my father died in a self-sacrificing attack! You even told Sheldia... but not me!
Mist: Angelica, wait! Crap, there she goes again!

Joshua: Oh dear, the two are at it again.
Anna: But Sheldia, it's obvious that one way or the other, there was something between you and Mist. Is that even legal?
Sheldia: You're the one to talk, Anna - we're the same age and you're married already!
Lee: What, you're around 17?
Wendy: I thought you were about my age...
Joshua: Well, miss Sheldia's breasts are undeveloped for that age...
Sheldia: Hey, nobody insults my chest like that! I'm following Mist - drama exit, stage left!

And nobody was angstless that day...

Cain: Did you just feel something, sir?
Nouza: My Flame trembled... like if suddenly we found ourselves in a cheap television drama...

Intermission time! The new unit is:

Serius II - except for colors and slightly different animations, it is identical to the first Serius. So, it can repair, resupply, and is terrible in offense. At least Sheldia can contribute with her spirit skills, different than Angelica's. Speaking of which...

We have quite a lot of plot units next stage, among them Mist and Sheldia. And Angelica is unavailable. It's almost like if the game was forcing me to use the two!

We don't get to hear battle themes that often, but that's better than Angelica's BGM, which we don't hear at all - because using her as a frontliner is a monumentally bad decision. But here's a solution! Perhaps you'd like me to shuffle each unit's songs a bit. For example, rather than using Mist's theme, use the girl's with whom he's in a team at the moment. A reminder:
Mist's theme
Angelica's theme
Sheldia's theme - we didn't hear this one yet

Likewise for other units. Although I warn you, as a rule of thumb I don't like giving units themes from shows to which they do not belong. But switches inside a single series? That's fine.


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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 10!
« Reply #119 on: May 24, 2011, 11:06:44 PM »
Is it just me, or are most of those videos Zoids?

Finally we get to see more of Gaiking's amazingly technicolor population, Suspage got boring ages ago. Now, if only the mooks were more varied... Also, dual-wielding King Gainer and Gaiking turning into Shin Getter Robo. Very good.

I like Sheldia's theme most from all three. She's also a refreshing change from Mist constantly whining and Angelica constantly bitching at him.