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Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K! Now up to ep 15!
« on: April 18, 2011, 02:27:43 AM »

It is time to start another LPing project of mine! And hopefully not abandon it in the middle like the last one, but anyway...

Super Robot Wars! A series of turn-based strategy games, known for its two quirks. One - it takes existing mecha anime shows, grabs their characters, machines and plots and mashes them together to create a debatedly coherent but obviously awesome gestalt! And two - this series is almost exclusively Japanese only. Few titles were ever translated, and Super Robot Wars K is not one of them!

And this is the title that I am going to LP. I know there are more popular titles, like W or the Alpha series, that one would expect to see LPed instead - but to quote Deceased Crab, what is the sense in let's playing something everyone already knows! So instead, I'll focus on this. It is a controversial installment of the series, with some questionable decisions done as far as the plot and mechanics are concerned... but also with many awesome decisions. I hope to show you more of the latter and warn of the former.

So let us begin. This LP will be a mixed one, with occasional images for visual aid and mostly text to let you know what the hell is going on now. But it will also have videos. Expect many videos. After all, a huge part of SRW's charm are awesome, beautifully animated attacks of both your and the enemy's robots.

Update list
Update 1: You can't spell wedding without "ding"!
Update 2: The Gaiking plot starts (and never stops)!
Update 3: Go Nagai strikes!
Update 4: Where we meet an old "friend" from two missions ago!
Update 5: Panther power!
Update 6: Tuxedo-wearing Dumbass!
Update 7: Moment of glory!
Update 8: Double Trouble!
Update 9: In soviet Zi, Pokemon choose you!
Update 10: A new challenger!
Update 11 part 1: What a D*ck!
Update 11 part 2: A simple rescue operation!
Update 12 prologue: The most important choice!
Update 12 part 1: We like tha moon!
Update 12 part 2: 'Cause it is close to us!
Update 13: Why did everything take a turn for the worse!
Update 14: Crisis on Sameface Island!
Update 15 part 1: Routine mission - from Hell!
Update 15 part 2: There goes Ryouma-chan!

The Prologue

Hold your horses, no plot yet! Meet our protagonist, Mist Rex.

A young man with a mysterious past and... questionable reputation among Super Robot Wars fans. He has some character traits that make him as well-liked as a certain other character from a totally different medium.

But let's not spoil too much. You'll see soon enough! In the meantime, I present Mist's machine of choice, the Revlius.

This too we will see in action soon enough. But enough of the non-interactivity! It's time to make an important choice.

From all the series included in Super Robot Wars K, we must pick three favorites! Units from our favorited series will have more upgrade options available, and their pilots will receive more experience and gain levels faster. So it's an important choice and must be done with utmost strategic importance.

Or alternatively do what everyone else does and just pick the series you like best. Other than the aforementioned Mist and other SRW K-specific originals (yes, there is more than just him! Spoiler alert!), the roster is as presented in the spoiler below:

(Presented with openings (where I could find them) and short descriptions. Also enjoy this video of all the series' main robots in a circle. ENJOY IT)

[spoiler]Gun X Sword: The story of a lone man obsessed with vengeance on his wife's killer, this is easiest (but not necessarily best) described as Trigun Meets Cowboy Bebop. With giant robots. There's not a lot of GXS units in SRW K, but they are mighty.

Shinkon Gattai Godannar!: This series exists only for fanservice. Whatever plot exists is just an excuse for more fanservice, be it giant robot goodness or the more conventional kind. Just... watch the opening. Still, it works. Godannar units are glass cannons, not being able to withstand many hits but they dish out pain like nobody's business.

Dangaioh: A short OVA series. Four psychics - three girls, one guy, their moderately abusive professor/father figure, and a giant robot. All so 80s it almost hurts. Dangaioh has only the titular robot at your disposal, but it's quite a powerful unit. Once again, having 4 pilots helps.

Gaiking: Legend of Daikyu-Maru: Modern reimagining of a classic Super Robot show, Gaiking. This is a tribute to olden titles, with the kid hero and his friends fighting an evil alien empire. But things aren't as black-and-white as they seem at first... Gaiking has typical Super Robots: strong and tough, but on the slow side and slurping juice like there's no tomorrow, supported by less combat-capable but utilitarian units.

Kotetsushin Jeeg: Once again a modern production based on an old title, but this time it's a direct sequel and not a reimagining. A crew of badass bikers are the only ones who can stop an evil army of... aliens? Mythological creatures? Whatever they are, they are EEEVIL. Jeeg is small and dodgy, but packs quite a punch.

Mazinger Z: And now a classic itself! Mazinger Z is THE giant robot. After all, it was the first (pilotted) mecha show ever. I really don't think any introductions are necessary here. I'll just say this: in SRW K, Mazinger is post-plot, all of it happened in the backstory. Also this is just Mazinger, not Great - so don't expect to see Tetsuya around.

Zoids Genesis: One of many installments of a popular series (not just anime, but also models) of animal-shaped mecha. The young hero joins a resistance movement to defend his country against an invasion of supposedly well-meaning but ultimately EVIL (seeing a pattern yet?) imperialists. There is quite a lot of Zoids units in this game, with dodging over armor and sustainability over raw power as their general rule. With some exceptions.

Virtual-On MARZ: Wait a second! This is not an anime, this is a video game! A video game about robots fighting each other, controlled by brainwaves of distant people (read: the players) rather than being pilotted directly. MARZ was not as well received as earlier installments, but nevermind that - enjoy the catchy music. GET READY. Virtuaroids are dodgers and unleash devastating combos, like you'd expect from fighting game characters.

Fafner in the Azure: Haters describe it as Evangelion mashed together with Gundam SEED. Fans respond that it's more than that, with characters that do not have to be dysfunctional to create drama. One way or the other, two things are sure: this is a very polarising series, and its teen heroes are in for a serious, dramatic fight. A fight not all of them may survive. Fafner units are plentiful (although you may not get to keep them all, spoiler alert!) and pretty damn strong, with good options for close and long combat range.

Overman King Gainer: A series by classic Real Robot creator Yoshiyuki Tomino. But while early Tomino was rather depressed and tended to load drama on his characters with homicidal glee, this is a late Tomino show - where he is relaxed and happy, and it shows. The story of a whole city of migrants, as they move from frozen Siberia to find more pleasant lands may not be all smiles and happiness, but it is a pretty light, comedic setting. Not very Real though - expect some weird elements. King Gainer units appear in large numbers, so large I was surprised on my first playthrough. Their usefulness varies, but the main ones are definitely good.

Gundam SEED Destiny: Whoo boy... SEED itself was controversial already, but Destiny is pretty much universally disliked. Whether it is characters acting wildly OOC or old guard trying to steal the show, everyone can find something in this series that is not to their taste. Needless to say, each time Destiny appears in Super Robot Wars, the writers are trying to find new ways to improve this series' plot. And they succeed! SEED Destiny units are your Reals in this game: dodgers with energy- or ammo-efficient attacks, although with some deadly finishing hits too.
Note: This entry also includes Gundam SEED Stargazer, a short side-story focusing on scientists that try to create a non-violent space exploration project, and a group of special agents sent to seize it - by force if necessary. It is universally considered levels better than Destiny itself.[/spoiler]

These are our choices. Remember - we can pick three series as our favorites. There is still time before the first, real update. In the meantime, I am waiting for your suggestions. Give me a lot of suggestions and other comments. Or else.
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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2011, 02:43:20 AM »
Hmmm, I'll vote for Gun X Sword (because I liked that show), Gundam SEED Destiny (because I like Reals, and also CONTROVERSY!) and Fafner in the Azure (because.. um... CONTROVERSY!).


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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
« Reply #2 on: April 18, 2011, 03:02:20 AM »

I vote for Gaiking, Gundam SEED Destiny, and Originals (that's an option, right?)
My work
The tier system in a nutshell:
[spoiler]Tier 6: A cartographer.
Tier 5: An expert cartographer or a decent marksman.
Tier 4: An expert marksman.
Tier 3: An expert marksman, cartographer and chef who can tie strong knots and is trained in hostage negotiation or a marksman so good he can shoot down every bullet fired by a minigun while armed with a rusted single-shot pistol that veers to the left.
Tier 2: Someone with teleportation, mind control, time manipulation, intangibility, the ability to turn into an exact duplicate of anything, or the ability to see into the future with perfect accuracy.
Tier 1: Someone with teleportation, mind control, time manipulation, intangibility, the ability to turn into an exact duplicate of anything and the ability to see into the future with perfect accuracy.[/spoiler]


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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
« Reply #3 on: April 18, 2011, 03:05:37 AM »
Indeed Originals are an option.


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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
« Reply #4 on: April 18, 2011, 04:33:30 AM »
Let's see...

I'm going to vote for

Not a Sequel to Mazinger Z Not Made by Masami Obari (Godannar)
The Good, the Gun, and the Sword (Gun X Sword)
Dances with Dreadlocks (Overman King Gainer)


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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
« Reply #5 on: April 18, 2011, 08:50:25 AM »
I'll go with Overman, Gundam Seed Destiny and....originals I guess.
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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
« Reply #6 on: April 18, 2011, 01:48:28 PM »
Gun X Sword looks entertaining, King Gainer has dancing squirrels, and Godannar appears to have Fate. So, those then.
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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
« Reply #7 on: April 18, 2011, 03:25:18 PM »
*comes into existence* It's a-me, Tengu!

Okay, I'm gonna go with Gun x Sword, because it's awesome, and Zoids Genesis, because I really like all the themes it has in this game. I need to think about my third choice, but I'll probably pick either the show where Shinn is whining and then goes berserk and destroys everything, or Gundam SEED Destiny.

Gundam Optimal

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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
« Reply #8 on: April 18, 2011, 03:56:51 PM »
A Rival Appears!! Blazing LPer Duel Among The Boards!!

Looks interesting, I'll follow this, and probably donate some snarky commentary if I have any left over after J.

As for favorites, K is full of series I haven't seen yet but that everyone tells me are awesome. I can appreciate that, but I'll stick with series I know and wish to see for my own votes. I choose Dangaioh, Jeeg and Gaiking for my choices. Screw the originals, from what I've heard I'll want to use them as little as possible.
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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
« Reply #9 on: April 18, 2011, 04:30:31 PM »
*plays the aloof rival role*
*drops it, it's totally out of character*
'Course, our LPing styles are different. That means people can read both without feeling much redundancy.

And trust me, there will be a lot to snark about in this game. Oh yes.

Here are the favorite series votes so far. I'll keep this updated as votes keep rolling in.

Fafner 5
Gainer 4
Original 4
Jeeg 3
Gaiking 3
Godannar 2
Zoids 1
Virtual-On 1
Dangaioh 1
Mazinger 0
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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
« Reply #10 on: April 18, 2011, 06:36:16 PM »
Yeah, let's go with my first pick for the third favorite series, aka Fafner. Now the competition for the third place is even more tense!


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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
« Reply #11 on: April 18, 2011, 06:45:21 PM »
Pretty sure you know mine since you just checked, but I'll post them here for posterity's sake.

Original, Jeeg, and Fafner.
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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
« Reply #12 on: April 18, 2011, 06:51:15 PM »
I'll change one vote from Godannar (now that I've googled it, good grief) to Fafner. It looks interesting.
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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
« Reply #14 on: April 19, 2011, 05:32:44 PM »

Did you mean Gaiking or King Gainer?


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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
« Reply #15 on: April 19, 2011, 07:04:13 PM »
Okay, votes are over! After disputing the tie with third parties, we have determined that the three series favorited for this LP will be:

Gun X Sword

Fafner in the Azure

And lastly,
Overman King Gainer

Say hello to the overjoyed winners, everyone!

I will be taking footage now so expect the first episode to appear in a few days.
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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
« Reply #16 on: April 19, 2011, 07:07:47 PM »
Getter Robo Armageddon, Gundam SEED Destiny and Gundam 00? I thought this is SRW K, not SRW Z2.


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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
« Reply #17 on: April 19, 2011, 07:08:39 PM »
So our favorite leads range from a batshit widower to a bisexual stoic and lastly an enthusiastic gamer.

Gonna be a fun ride, this one is.
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"Alcohol is humanity's friend.  Can I abandon a friend?"
"Even if people think so, what about the alcohol?"
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Re: Let's Play - Super Robot Wars K!
« Reply #18 on: April 21, 2011, 04:17:39 PM »
Slightly delayed, but never late! Whatever sense that sentence made... nevermind. This is the first update! And as first updates go, this will have a long, long introduction. Endure Enjoy it.

Mist: Urgh... my head. Wait, where am I? This is not the street gutter!

Nanae: Hey, are you okay now? Everyone, he woke up!

Nanae, Tonko and Morimoto - Dannar Base's grease monkeys

Morimoto: You fainted from exhaustion on a street. You should be happy Nanae found you.
Nanae: Yup! And brought you right 'ere! This is the Dannar Base's medical ward. We have giant robots and stuff!
Mist: Giant robots, huh...
Doctor cameo: Try to rest for a while. You were malnourished but you should be fine now.
Tonko: Now, I don't want to rain on everyone's parade, but who will pay the medical expenses?

Shibakusa: Don't worry a thing. I already have a solution for that.

"Old Man" Shibakusa, Dannar Base's chief mechanic

Morimoto: Boss!
Nanae: Old Man! You're here?
Shibakusa: Don't call me old! Anyway, I brought a guest.
Mist: Wow, it's a pair of giant breasts attached to a woman!

Professor Kiriko Aoi, leader of Dannar Base's R&D

Kiriko: Very clever. I see this guy you picked up is not the sharpest knife in the drawer... what's your name? Can you remember that at least?
Mist: Urm... it's Mist. Mist Rex.
Kiriko: Alright. Listen up, mr Rex. Dannar Base is always short on hands, so we want to hire you. This way you will be able to repay your debt, and maybe earn some money of your own. What do you think? It's not a hard job, especially for a muscular hunk like you.
Nanae: Yes! We need more hunks!
Morimoto: Nanae-san, you break my heart...
Mist: Okay, I accept!

Mist's inner thoughts: So they don't know who I really am? Good. I guess it's alright to work as dumb muscle for these people, at least for a while...

Time for the backstory! Blah blah, humans develop, blah blah giant robots, blah blah colonies in space blah.
A few years' back, space colonies declared war on Earth and created their own independent nation of ZAFT. The war was long and bloody, and technically the Earth Federation won. Actually, the ones who stopped the conflict was a rogue party known as Three Ship Alliance. ZAFT remained a nation, but its independence is questionable. And it looks like it's going to start some trouble again...
Also, an insane mad scientist by the name of Dr Hell tried to destroy and/or take over the world (OF COURSE!). He was stopped by a brave man named Kouji Kabuto, and his giant robot Mazinger Z. Oh, and Kouji's friends I guess. Dr Hell's Mechabeasts weren't the only menace to Earth. There was an infestation of giant, biological monsters known as Mimetic Beasts. They are mostly destroyed but some still remain. Also, terrifyingly powerful, mysterious golden creatures known as Festum appeared recently, and they seem unstoppable. And who knows what other baddies may appear?
And that's just the Earth...

Few months pass peacefully, and then...

Episode 1!
You can't spell wedding without "ding"!

Gou: So, this is finally the day.

Gou Saruwatari, Dannar Base's ace mecha pilot

Gou: Watch over us, Mila. And give us your blessings.

Indeed, it was one of the trickiest days in Gou's life ever. Forget fighting monsters, today... he was getting married.

Shibakusa: Move it, guys! Everything's gotta be in top shape in three hours!
Mist: Old Man, where do you need this crate carried?
Shibakusa: Argh, don't make me fire you Mist! Ah, right. Mist. Drop that thing, I got a special assignment for you.
Mist: Huh?
Shibakusa: See this present? You gotta carry it... there. But it's a secret, so keep your mouth shut on where you're going.
Mist: What, a church?
Shibakusa: I said, keep your mouth shut!

Anna: I'm happy you guys could make it here, Sayaka.
Sayaka: Don't mention it. Just because we're heroes doesn't mean we got no time for friends like you!

Anna Aoi, bride-to-be (and Professor Aoi's daughter)

Sayaka Yumi, giant robot pilot (and Kouji's not-girlfriend)

Kiriko: Indeed. Keeping this marriage a secret from the whole base and their gossiping mouths AND securing special invitations for you two was quite a pain in the ass. Okay, you're ready Anna. Looking good - make your mother proud.
Voice from the outside: Umm... may I come in?
Anna: Shinobu? Is that you? You know you can't get in here yet... okay, okay! Just for a second.

Shinobu, Gou's younger brother

Shinobu: Wow, Anna. You look beautiful!
Anna: Do you think so?
Shinobu: Will you... marry me?
Sayaka: ... What's with this comedic timing?

Speaking of comedic timing.

Kouji Kabuto, pilot of Mazinger Z!

Kouji (Kabuto): Hey, who is this guy?
Mist: Special delivery!

Anna: Someone's knocking to the door again?
Mist: Special delivery! Here you go, professor Aoi!
Kiriko: Urgh, it's all covered in mud! What is supposed to be in this box anyway?
Mist: I don't know. It's supposed to be a secret!

Further shanenigans have to wait, because a red alert went off in Dannar Base proper.

Kagemaru: What's going on? Give me a situation report!

Kagemaru, Dannar Base's commander

Konami: Mimetic Beast detected off the shore!
Momochi: And Gou has a day out! What should we do?

Konami and "Momochi" Momoko, Dannar Base bridge bunnies

Kagemaru: Keep your cool! We still have our backup unit. G Gunner, do you read me?

Kouji (Tetsuya): Yes, boss!
Shizuru: We're ready to take off!

Kouji Tetsuya, G Gunner's idiot hotblooded pilot

Shizuru Fujimura, Core Gunner's pilot and expert sniper

Kagemaru: Your mission is to intercept and destroy the enemy. There is no backup available. Use extreme caution!

Unbeknownst to all, one more robot was standing between the Mimetic Beast and the helpless, undefended heartland of Japan.

Boss: Damn that Kabuto! He gets the invitation to a fancy wedding and I don't? I was much more of a hero than he ever will be!

Boss, comic relief delinquent

Boss: But I have a plan!
Nuke and Mucha: What's the plan, Boss?
Boss: I brought Boss Borot here, and we'll crash the wedding! This will be my vengeance! Muahaha!

Nuke and Mucha, Boss's useless toadies

Nuke: Brilliant!
Mucha: You sure this is a good idea?
Boss: Don't doubt me! Or else... hey! What's that?

Shizuru: We have the Mimetic Beast in visual.
Kouji (Tetsuya): What's this? HQ, I see some funny-looking robot!
Kagemaru: That's not ours! Is it aggressive?
Boss: An audience! Change of plans, guys! See the big ugly? Wreck it and I'll prove how much of a hero I am!

Boss: Shi shi shi! Okay, here we go!
Nuke: Boss! We're going down!
Boss: Aah! That didn't turn out so well!

Kouji (Tetsuya): That funny thing attacked the Beast and got destroyed!
Shizuru: Watch out Kouji! It's going for us now!

Kagemaru: Minor damage! Counterattack from outside its distance!
Shizuru: Yes, sir!
Momochi: Sir! We analyzed the Beast's appearance. Look at this!
Kagemaru: These parts? It looks like... the Clubmariner?!

And finally, finally the interactive part of the mission starts. The G Gunner is out of its league here, so the best I can do is retreat to a better position.

Shizuru: Here it comes again!
Kouji (Tetsuya): I won't let you! Wing Cannon! What! It's got a shield!

Back to the church.

Priest cameo: Anna, do you take this man, Gou, as your husband?
Anna: I do!
Priest cameo: And you, Gou, do you take this woman, Anna, as your wife?
Gou: I...

Shizuru: Gou!
Gou: Shizuru! Not now... this is the worst possible moment!
Shizuru: We're in trouble... aah!
Gou: Shizuru!
Anna: What's going on!
Kiriko: Gou, we have to go!
Gou: Right! I'm sorry Anna... there are giant beasts to fight!
Anna: Left at the altar... I can't believe it...
Kouji (Kabuto): Giant beasts? This is our cue! Let's go Sayaka. Our bikes are just outside!
Sayaka: Good thing we parked Mazinger and Diana not too far away, Kouji!
Anna: No, wait. This is not it! Gou-chin went away to protect me (even using our "just married" car...). That's right! And as his bride, it is my mission to help him! Wait for me, Gou-chin!
Shinobu: Everyone is leaving...
Mist: I'm still here.

And, back to the battlefield!

Kouji (Tetsuya): Argh! We're getting clobbered!
Shizuru: It's too close to use anything but Gatling Arm! At this rate...


Anna: Aah! A stray explosion! My wedding dress... it's all ruined now... hey!
Anna: This giant robot? It moved on its own! Okay, I'm not my school's top mecha player for nothing. Please, lend me your power!

Mimetic Beast: *rip*
Kouji (Tetsuya): AAARGH!
Shizuru: Kouji!
Konami: G Gunner, destroyed! Core Gunner is still operational!
Mimetic Beast: *Not if I can help it!*


Gou: Sorry for taking so long. They've stripped you naked, Shizuru.
Shizuru: Gou, you made it!
Gou: How's Kouji?
Shizuru: He's dead.
Kouji (Tetsuya): I'm not dead!
Gou: You two retreat. I'll handle this... aargh!

Momochi: Sir! Why is Gou not giving his all!
Kagemaru: It's the Clubmariner and Gou knows it. It reminds him of five years ago!
Momochi: That means... Mila?!

Swoosh! Block again!

Anna: I won't let you!
Gou: Anna! Are you inside? What are you doing there?
Konami: Neo Okusaer? Who is inside?
Kiriko: That would be my daughter, Anna. She pilots the unit with my blessings.
Gou: Anna, stay back! An amateur like you will only die here!
Anna: I will defend you if you can't defend yourself! That's because you are... my husband!
Everyone: HUSBAND!?
Anna: Gou-chin, please let me help you!
Everyone: GOU-CHIN?!
Kiriko: Ah-ah... So much of the secret...

Now we have two units ready to beat the crap out of the enemy. The advantage is on our side, so let's go!

As veteran SRW players (or readers of my previous LP) may have noticed, I used spirit skills to help my cause a bit. Their use is rather straightforward - you activate a skill, pay some SP, and receive an effect. In this case, I used Alert for Anna (the next enemy attack automatically misses), and Invincible for Gou (the next enemy attack that hits deals only ten damage). Godannar units aren't that heavily armored, so defensive spirit skills like that help. A lot.

It looks like the good guys have the advantage now!

Or not. Smaller mook Mimetic Beasts appear to rip us to shreds!

Fortunately, they are not the only backup that arrives.

Kouji (Kabuto): Plider On!

Kouji: Mecha Beasts or Mimetic Beasts, no difference - all will get their asses kicked! Mazinger Z is here! Sayaka, follow me! We'll teach these guys a lesson!
Sayaka: Kouji, wait! Diana A cannot fly, you're leaving me behind!

Anna: Sayaka and Kouji! They came to help us!
Small Mimetic Beast: Gao!
Anna: Ah, can't get distracted! Angel Wall!

That's right, Neo Okusaer has a barrier-like ability. It only protects against weaker attacks, but that's still something.

Kouji: This is it. Time for the finishing blow! BREAST FIRE!

Yes, I used another spirit skill - Sayaka's trademark Bless, which you can use on anyone, not just her, and it doubles the funds you get for the next attack. Useful for finishing off bosses. Speaking of bosses, downing the huge Mimetic Beast did not end the stage yet. We still have the mooks to finish off.

Mist: I... changed my mind. Hold the fort, Shinobu!
Shinobu: Now really everyone left...
Priest cameo: ...

Mist: Is it time for history to repeat itself? Whatever the case, I can't just stand aside while these people fight! You were hidden too well for anyone to find you. Crystal Heart, activate! Let's go! Revlius!

Kouji: What's this, more enemy reinforcements?!
Mist: Not if I can help it!

Anna: What was that! Mist, is that you? Why are you in a mecha?
Mist: It's... a long story.

What you witnessed now was a Combo Attack - the SRW K-only version. Mist technically doesn't have the skills to perform an advanced 3-unit one yet, but eh. Cutscene power.

Mist: It's not over yet. These guys... I won't let them disturb the peace like that! Groovine Buster!

Unlike other units we have so far, the tough-but-clumsy (or clumsy but not so tough in case of G Gunner) super-types, Revlius is a real-type. Which means it's pretty good at dodging, and Mist shouldn't get damaged even if he is ganged up on by enemies! Cool, huh?


Mist: Uh oh! Better finish this quickly!

And so we did. With dynamic kill animations! That is, a different attack animation if it deals the finishing hit.

Mist: Did we do it?
Anna: Mist, look out!

Mist: Aaaargh!
Gou: The Clubmariner!
Anna: Gou-chin, quick! We gotta finish it off!
Gou: ...
Anna: What's the matter, Gou-chin? Gou-chin! Snap out of it! What's wrong?
Gou: Five years ago...
Anna: Yes, remember five years ago? That's when we first met, when you protected me from the monsters!
Gou: No, that's not it... That's not all...
Anna: Snap out of it, Gou-chin! We gotta do something right now or Mist dies!

Gou: Twin Drive, Engage!
Anna: Twin Drive, Engage! (?)

Gou: Anna, help me here! Fire when I say so!
Anna: SOUL!
Mimetic Beast: Gyaooo! *iz ded*

Anna: Are you alright, Mist?
Mist: Yeah, somehow...
Kiriko: Good job, everyone. I will have some questions for you, Mist Rex...

The battle was won! But what's this! There was a spectator!

Daiya Tsuwabuki, son of a lost-at-sea fisherman

Daiya: The giant beasts... they really are back... that can only mean!

Meanwhile, at Dannar Base.

Anna: Gou-chin, we did it!
Kouji (Kabuto): Yeah, we kicked ass! Mazinger didn't go rusty in the slightest! Wait a sec... Gou-chin?
Mist: Let's ignore it, I'm sure nobody will notice...

Kiriko: Like nobody will notice your mecha, Mist Rex? Why do you have one? Tell me.
Mist: It's a... long story.
Kiriko: And we have all the time in the world. Come with me to the headquarters. But first...
Mist: Gulp.
Kiriko: I want to give you a raise. Under condition that your unit will help Dannar Base in various operations. We're short-handed when it goes to fighting Mimetic Beasts, too. Not just in engineering.
Mist: You want me to fight, again? I guess I have no choice, now that the secret is revealed...

Shizuru: Hey, what are you doing Kouji? The doctors told you to stay in bed and rest!
Kouji (Tetsuya): It's ok! I feel just fine and dandy! Soon I'll be back to pilo... ow ow ow.
Shizuru: See, I just told you - stop moving!
Anna: Kouji, is he okay?!
Kouji (Tetsuya, again): I'm ok! Ouch.

Still, unlike canon, Kouji will find himself checked out of the hospital soon enough. I guess there was a mixup between him and Kabuto.

Kiriko: Now, Mist. Tell me how you got this robot.
Mist: I was a guardian of...
Kagemaru: Professor Aoi! Come here quick. This is extremely important!
Kiriko: Your secrets remain hidden for a bit longer, Mist. You are lucky.
Mist: Yeah... really lucky...

Kiriko: What is it, Kagemaru?
Kagemaru: Take a look at this. The Mimetic Beast really did control the Clubmariner. And inside, we found...
Kiriko: Impossible! After five years, she is still alive?

Kiriko: That woman! Mila Ackerman...


Intermission menu time. This is where we upgrade units, give pilots extra training, organise two-people squads... but since it's only mission one, we can't do much of anything yet.

Well, at least we can see who the top aces are. Or browse through the unit list.

Speaking of the units, here's what we have so far! Organized by series.

[spoiler]Revlius: The original unit! And as far as originals go... it's really not that good. It's a dodger, but it cannot dodge TOO well, and its weapons are not that powerful. Fortunately, it gets better later. Much better.

Mazinger Z: The super robots' super robot. It is tanky, with lots of armor and HP. Weapon-wise... it is nothing special. Its most useful attacks and even Mazin Power are locked away. How disappointing! Luckily, later they get unlocked and then Mazinger becomes a powerhouse.

Diana A: Mazinger's support unit. Sayaka can use it to repair people. Offensively, it sucks. Simple as that. It's not too good in defense either.

Boss Borot: We're not getting rid of Boss that easily! As usual, he is a joke. The Borot is weak and its armor might as well be made of cardboard. At least it can resupply/refuel energy, and since it has three pilots (Boss and his flunkies), we can get some mileage out of spirit skills.

Godannar: Gou's unit is decently strong, but its range is criminally short. It has pretty good HP, but its armor is lackluster and dodging skills are terrible. Definitely a glass cannon.

Neo Okusaer: Anna's unit is not much weaker than Gou's, and Angel Wall provides some defensive options. Still, the real power of these two units is their ability to combine into...

Godannar Twin Drive: Now we're talking! This unit packs some serious punch, and its defensive abilities are somewhat increased. It is still a glass cannon, just glassy and more... cannon-y. Very cannon-y indeed.

G Gunner: Long-ranged combat is this unit's forte. Kouji (Tetsuya, not Kabuto) can deal some pretty good damage. Defensively, it's worse than Godannar. Ouch.

Core Gunner: Pretty similar to G Gunner, albeit with slightly better dodging abilities and slightly worse armor. Also, its final attack is close-ranged. Shizuru pilots a glass cannon, just like her partner friend colleague.[/spoiler]

That's it for update #1. Tell me how you like the formatting I use. I tried to make it a bit more concise than my previous LPs, but the post is a long one anyway. I guess the episode just had a lot of talky bits. I'm motivated by attention, being the shameless beast I am, so if you have anything to comment at all, speak up. I'm looking forward to all input.


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You're making Mist sound too nice.

Otherwise, ah, SRW K.  How long ago it's been since I've played you.  Fond memories of sitting in engineering classes, fifteen feet away from the teacher and playing you in plain sight, his sheer incompetence and inability to pay attention to whether or not we were paying attention on full display.
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