Author Topic: Villain Idea: Critiques/Advice Wanted  (Read 584 times)

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Villain Idea: Critiques/Advice Wanted
« on: March 29, 2011, 08:18:52 PM »
I wanted to make a resiliant and hard to kill villain while at the same time keeping things somewhat simple. I was hoping for some critiques on my build and his strategies.

Race: Human
Class: Transmuter 5/Red Wizard 10/War Weaver 5

Banned Schools: Necromancy, Evocation, and Enchantment

1. Extend Spell, Tattoo Focus*, Scribe Scroll*
3. Invisible Spell
5. Spontaneous Divination
6. Item Familiar
9. Versitile Spellcaster (Using Spontaneous Divination to qualify.)
10. Enlarge Spell
12. Mobile Spellcaster, Scribe Tattoo*
15. Occular Spell
18. Craft Contingency Spell

Item Familiar
Invested Skills (All max ranks): Concentration, Decipher Script, Knowledge Arcana, Religeon, The Planes, Spellcraft, Spot, and Listen.

Special Abilities: Increased Sapience x2, Special Purpose/Dedicated Power (True Ressurrection 1/month)

Strategy Ideas
1. Making several level 10 simulacrums and using a scroll/item/purcahse a Psychic Reformation on each of them to re-tune their feats and skills to suit particular needs.

2. Making liberal use of Circle Magic on both himself and his simulacrums.

3. Connects his simulacrums to himself via Eldritch Tapestry. Fights with one of his simulacrums pretending to be the actual one while he himself and the rest use magic to hide/alter their forms.

4. Makes liberal use of Craft Contingent Spell mainly to insure his survival.

5. Should he perish, his item familiar waits for the opportune time to use its True Ressurrection power. It uses his simulacrums to keep it safe and prepare for his rebirth.

6. Thanks to versitile spellcaster, he can leave spell slots open to effectively cast any spell in his spellbook on the fly. This also opens up the potential to cast metamagicd spells spontaneously.

7. Occular Spell shinanigans.
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